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Posted in: Biden warns Putin of 'severe costs' of Ukraine invasion See in context

Russia can have as many troops on the border within its own territory as it likes. Doesn't mean they are going to invade. The West especially the US are the ones almost willing a war to take place. All Russia has wanted for hundreds of years is a secure eastern border, something the west seems reluctant to acknowledge...

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Posted in: Biden announces Indo-Pacific alliance with UK, Australia See in context

What is the purpose of the nuclear subs? Doesn't the US already have hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at China? What good could a few more possibly do?

It is my understanding from other media reports that the UK was heavily behind this as they seek some kind of international relevance in a post Brexit world. This pact also gives Australia a reason to get out of a stupid agreement they made with France to buy a fleet of diesel powered submarines at a ridiculously high price.

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Posted in: Israeli strike destroys Gaza building with AP, other media See in context

you would think that after everything Israel has been through in it's history that they would be able to show some empathy for others. That doesn't seem to be the case though.unfortunately

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Posted in: Iran vows harsh response to U.S. killing of top general See in context

and so the US opens it's 2020 account in it's greatest export - war

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Posted in: Trump denies instructing Navy about McCain ship, but says he is still angry at late senator See in context

"I was not a big fan of John McCain in any way, shape or form."

And many, many people are not fans of you in any way, shape or form yet they have to put up with you and your childish tantrums

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Posted in: Trump says impeachment is 'dirty, filthy, disgusting word' See in context

"It's a dirty, filthy, disgusting word ... It's a giant presidential harassment."

It's all fiction isn't Mr Trump - just like the birther campaign you waged against Obama for years

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Posted in: Boehner raises possibility of Homeland Security shutdown See in context

Compared to what Obama has done to the entire country. What Boehner did doesn't even come remotely close.

You are so right... what Boehner has done is nothing compared to what the unhinged loons to his right have done and will do once they get back in control... Boehner is a moderate compared to them....

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Posted in: Romney rocked by secret film of pep talk to rich donors See in context

Mitt needs to look at the role call of major US corporates that pay no federal tax despite banking billions of dollars in profits not to mention government support when their corporate gambles fail....

A very good point - Mitt is always happy to focus on the lower rungs of society - how about he asks a few questions about the banking industry (for a start) that does all it can to avoid paying federal taxes and then demands government money when they stuff up?? Sorry, I forgot - profits are privatised - losses are socialised....

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Posted in: America at the breaking point See in context

The TRUE solution to EVERYTHING would be totally free and unfettered capitalism with NO government intervention. That way, businesses, corporations, etc would be limited by the products they sell to voluntary buyers.

this is just hilarious .... even with current regulations, corporations have to be dragged kicking and screaming into courts to be held accountable when they are caught lying and cheating to boost their profits... let me guess, these same companies should be allowed to regulate themselves if there is no government oversight??...

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Posted in: Japan sends cargo to space station See in context

Japan sends cargo to space station

so thats where my furniture went...

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context

Let them in, filter out the possible terrorist links and march them straight to the mines. Force Gina and Clive to train them up. They've mostly come from hot desolate countries, no? Straight out to the Pilbara. Perfect! It's the answer to the labour shortage. Two birds and all that

this sort of comment adds nothing to the discussion.....

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context

Nobodies 'entitled' to humanity regardless of the conditions they are trying to escape are they?

Cletus - it is a heavy burden you carry - always being so right and righteous....

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context

You are also comparing Vietnam to now which is incorrect. More "boat people" now than ever before.

sorry - this is the statement which is incorrect - there were far more 'boat people' in the 70's than there are now and in those days Australia accepted them

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context

what would you have us do as a nation open our doors and let them all in?

It's ironic that during the Vietnam war (and on many other occasions) thats exactly what Australia did. Things seem to have changed in the last 15 years and alot of the change I think goes down to John Howard and his pals who continually demonised the refugees, claiming they were not 'entitled' to enter Australia. Unfortunately this sense of 'entitlement' pervades the Australian mentally at the moment despite the country being one of the richest in the world....

Refugees seek refuge first to preserve their lives, and secondly to improve their station in life. It only stands to reason they would aim to find refuge in nations with better human rights records

a point that many people dont seem to understand.

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Posted in: 123 rescued after asylum-seeker boat capsizes en route to Australia See in context

If these people are so desperate to get out of Afghanistan or where ever else they come from then they shouldnt be so picky about where they end up. The reason they target Australia is because we are to gutless to stop them, oh we mustn't offend them and we must be nice to them and bend over backwards for them

a statement just bursting with humanity.... sorry - I forgot, they are 'queue jumpers'.....

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Posted in: Italy beats England on penalties to reach Euro 2012 semis See in context

england out on penalties - nothing new there...

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Posted in: Australia calls for refugee deal with Malaysia after boat tragedy See in context

What difference does it make whether I am from Australia or not? Oh, I know - if I am not from Australia then I shouldnt be commenting on other countries business. On the other hand, if I am from Australia then I should know better and if I dont like the way the system is, then I should leave (another great cliche used when all else fails)

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Posted in: Australia calls for refugee deal with Malaysia after boat tragedy See in context

Yeah right, try again. The Australian media and public get fed up because these people are jumping the queue, they are taking spots away from others (even from their own country) that go through proper channels. Given Australia takes in around 165,000 immigrants a year maybe these refugee's who mind you can afford to pay a fortune for their trip should join the queue like everyone else

'jumping the queue' - now theres a media created cliche if ever there was one....

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Posted in: Australia calls for refugee deal with Malaysia after boat tragedy See in context

We await your wisdom gramme.

I am not the dog whistler standing on my soap box claiming to have solutions to the problem. I simply see cynical Australian politicians using this as a tool to make themselves seem 'tough' and 'hard' to the voting masses. This problem has been around for nearly 25 years yet no solution has been found. Its interesting that alot of these refugees are coning from Afghans - a country who Australia is fighting in to bring 'democracy' to. Its funny the way Australians always bleat about a couple of thousand illegal boat people 'jumping queues' yet at any given time there are close to 30,000 visa over stayers from western countries (ie: UK, US, Canada etc) trying to wangle permanent residence in the country. I wonder why you never hear about that in the Australian media....hmmm, maybe because they are caucasian backgrounds and are thus perceived to pose less of a 'threat' to white bread Australia

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Posted in: Australia calls for refugee deal with Malaysia after boat tragedy See in context

as always this is an ongoing political football at the expense of the refugees.... neither party has any interest in solving this issue as both can then claim to be 'hard' on the issue of people smuggling without making concrete 'humane' efforts to solve the problem.... as always, a gold medal to australia - this time for stupidity (australians love gold medals - anything will do so long as it adds to the overall count...australians are always 'punching above their weight')

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Posted in: Australia, Japan draw 1-1 in World Cup qualifier See in context

But Honda, who scored three goals in Japan’s 6-0 win over Jordan last Friday, and Kawaga were more dangerous at the other end, providing opportunities that went begging.

the same old story for Japan - frontline players who have trouble converting

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Posted in: Tokyo projects economic impact of 2020 Olympics to be nearly Y3 tril See in context

the Olympics should be abolished... they are nothing more than a steroid fueled festival of sporting banality that lines the pockets of corporate sponsors and Olympic committee officials...

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Posted in: Kagawa backed to shine for United See in context

I hope Kagawa does well, I just wish the rabid Japanese "fans" would not be so annoying

I know what you mean about Japanese soccer 'fans'... I was living in Japan during the 1986 and 1990 World Cups and nobody showed any interest in the tournament.. you were lucky to see more than 30 seconds of any game (including the finals) on television...

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Posted in: Reshuffling the deck See in context

they look like a bunch of real go-getters (not)....

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Posted in: Japan bets on overseas 'Japantowns' to boost economy See in context

great idea - why have foreign tourists visit Japan?? uummmmm (not sure about that one)

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Posted in: Romney clinches Republican nomination with Texas win See in context

If he does win the presidency it will be open slather for private equity and corporates to carve up whats left of the economy for themselves... (all in the name of "free enterprise market economics" and "job creation" and whatever other mangled euphemisms these banksters use to gloss over their theft)...

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Posted in: Model citizens See in context

certainly a Triumph of an image

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Posted in: Gov't turns to AKB48 to sell bonds See in context

and so the bank of japan continues to inflate its bond bubble.... this isnt going to end well for japan

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Posted in: Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid a symbol of recovery: Noda See in context

the olympics should be abolished... its simply an over priced, over rated orgy of steroid fueled sporting banality....

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Posted in: Australia denies Corby deal with Jakarta See in context

and the circus continues....

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