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Posted in: 12,500 police to be deployed at Olympics as UK learns from riots See in context

perhaps people should just wear togas and sandals when attending Olympic events.... this would facilitate body searches and give a traditional long lost feel to the games...

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Posted in: Tourism Australia to target Asia with new marketing fund See in context

the unfortunate thing about tourism in Australia is that its cheerleaders only see things through their eyes - not those of the visitng overseas tourists.... the things these people want to see are frequently different to what local Australians assume they want to see... if they are visiting for a few weeks, its much easier to get out and see different things but when you have only a week in the country, you can only cover a limited amount.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context

she's rather dull actually - nothing that hasn't been done being in other guises...

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Posted in: Kagawa tight-lipped on future after Ferguson visit See in context

you watch - he'll go to Man U, get crushed by the weight of expectation in Japan, get loaned out to another EPL team before ending up in the Championship league if he's lucky. He'd be better off going to a lower ranked EPL team, getting the experience and then moving up another step...

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Posted in: Japan could face day of reckoning if tax plans fail: Moody's See in context

Moody's, Standard & Poors and their other rating agency pals were the same people handing out 5 star ratings to the bogus products being sold by Wall Street prior to the financial meltdown. They have little or no credibility and are in no position to be telling others what to do....

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Posted in: World’s first snaggletooth girl group formed See in context

nothing suprises me any more when it comes to the japanese 'entertainment' industry...

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Posted in: Why you must learn kanji See in context

if you really want to learn japanese then it is essential that you find a way that works for you to learn at least 1000 Kanji characters - both the onyomi and kunyomi readings. Your vocab will increase along with your general understanding of the language.

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Posted in: Australian billionaire to build Titanic II See in context

lets see if Clive actually completes the ship.... this isnt the first fantasy of his to go nowhere (or have the pin pulled half way through when he changes his mind)

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Posted in: Japan needs bigger sense of crisis See in context

“We have to make it attractive for women to get back in to jobs. This is a priority for Japan.”

this assumes that 'real' jobs exist for women which they never have and never will unless you run your own company

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Posted in: Photos of U.S. troops abusing corpses fuel anger, NATO exit from Afghanistan See in context

and these are troops from a country that continually claims the higher moral ground in its dubious efforts to bring 'freedom' to the rest of the world....

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Posted in: What differences have you noticed in the movie-going experience at cinemas in Japan compared to cinemas overseas? See in context

End of the day, there are so many more important things to be concerned about that effect society so I try to get bent out of shape if my local theater isn't showing exactly the movie I want to see at exactly the time I want it. Just live, let others live and try to focus on the positives of the situation instead of always the negatives. Try and endure the small inconveniences that go with living in Japan. No point in being stressed out and uptight about every little thing all the time. You cannot ever be in total of the control world around you so sometimes you just got to go with the flow

thanks for the philosophy 101 lesson

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Posted in: Looking good See in context

Hilfilger fashion is the poor mans/wanabe mans Ralph Lauren Polo

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Posted in: U.S., Africa in unprecedented race to head World Bank See in context

to my knowledge, a non American has never been president of the world bank.... it would be nice if the next leader came from another country so the focus is more on the countries needs rather than those of american banks

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Posted in: Australia's most wanted fugitive captured See in context

According to earlier reports, before he disappeared he lived behind a locked bedroom door where he read the Bible, encyclopedias and survival manuals

oh dear - you mean he didnt show any interest in sports??... thats rather un- Australian isnt it?

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Posted in: Romney tightens grip on Republican nomination with 6 wins, including Ohio See in context

Hey Serrano, Im not sure why you are so keen on another Obama win. I mean, hes just gonna keep taking everyone`s freedom, bankrupt the country, master the the art of being a puppet and start more wars.

and the Republicans would be any different??.... either way, they are both at the paid service of the corporations who run the country in their own interest anyway

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Posted in: U.S. urges probe into Putin's victory See in context

Its got nothing to do with the US ... I dont recall Russia demanding a recount of the Bush vs Gore election fiasco

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Posted in: Obama confident of keeping to Afghan pullout timetable See in context

good idea to bring them home - he's going to need them to be well rested before invading Iran....

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Posted in: Foreign staff at Tokyo brokerages find flattery gets them everywhere See in context

If the tabloid is to be believed, the foreign staff at securities firms in Japan are “second-rate sycophants” who couldn’t make it in their own home countries.

This doesnt apply to just the securities industry. Japan is full of foreigners who couldnt cut it in their own country and leech off the 'gaijin' image in their chosen 'profession' while living in Japan - just look at the English teaching industry....

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

Ishihara believes that it would have been physically impossible for the former Japanese army to kill so many people in such a short period of time, Jiji press reported him as saying

perhaps Nagasaki and Hiroshima weren't as bad as the japanese claim.... perhaps the numbers and effects were overstated??.... I wonder how Ishihara and his pals would feel if the foreign press start spouting this line...

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Posted in: Rudd to challenge Australian PM Gillard See in context

yaaaawwwnnnn...... they both come from a party that is only interested in ruling - not governing .... it makes little difference who wins as the Labor Party are dysfunctional loosers whose only interest is themselves and their petty factional bickering.... not sure who is worse - these clowns or mad monk Abbott...

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Posted in: Obama apologizes over Koran burning at U.S. base in Afghanistan See in context

Tried it. The Taliban got into power and were impossible for Halliburton to deal with when building pipelines

Exactly - this is the whole crux of the matter.... who Halliburton, Bechtel and other multinationals can deal with - simply establishing the most stable and pliable government these companies can work with....

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

NOISE - i second that comment. i even third and fourth it. the absolute NOISE that is japan. everywhere and anywhere you go.

I agree - for a nation supposedly in harmony with nature, it never ceases to amze me the way Japanese 'create' noise when it isnt needed... I suspect many Japanese are actually uncomfortable with silence

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Posted in: Child porn cases on the rise, NPA says See in context

along with Russia, Japan is the biggest producer of child pornography ... until they enact and actually enforce legislation that prohibits both the production and possession of this material, nothing will change in this country..

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Posted in: Welcome See in context

while she is undoubtedly beautiful and has operated 'outside' of the 'talento' system, that doesnt mean she is actually a talented actor... in fact I recall her appearance in Last Samurai as being described by some reviews as perfect in casting terms but her acting as somewhat wooden (that was in the reviews where she was even mentioned)...

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Posted in: Welcome See in context

one has real 'talent' while the other is a "talento'.... she probably doesnt even know who he is

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Posted in: J-League vows to keep yakuza out See in context

stay away you naughty Yazuka, just stay away or we'll huff and puff and...... do very little

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Posted in: JFA plans to hold Under-20 Women's World Cup match in Fukushima See in context

while its a nice gesture, I think the stadium will be empty of spectators...

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Posted in: Israel blames Iran for series of blasts See in context

Israel blames Iran for series of blasts

of course they do - simply looking for reasons to justify their upcoming strike on the country and the ongoing series of assasinations of Iranian scientists

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Posted in: Australian man found dead at Niseko ski resort See in context

In my experience Australians are generally nice and easy going until they get drunk. At this point they seem to feel that everyone should be dubious beneficiary of their boorish behaviour...

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to start domestic flights in July See in context

Japan needs these cheap fares so that people will get away from their stupid tour groups with their stupid little hats and flags and start seeing the world like other tourists do.

not going to happen - its a cultural thing...

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