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Posted in: 67-year-old man arrested after body of his mother found at home See in context

I never knew this was a 'thing' till I came to Japan. Seems to happen so often. Gross, weird and disrespectful to the deceased all at the same time.

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Posted in: Tuna sells for ¥16.88 mil as pandemic dampens New Year auction See in context

Man buys fish. Can see why such an amazing event is headline news.

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Posted in: Kyoto police using targeted YouTube ads to warn would-be voyeurs See in context

Any advertiser, large or small, can target any user by their Google search history. Google makes this available to advertisers.

If I wanted to target men ages 34, who live in a certain ward in Tokyo, who have recently typed into Google 'best ramen shop' I can.

And I can serve them an ad of my ramen shop. Note: this is just for example, I do not own a ramen shop nor live in Tokyo.



Like it or not , this is 100% legal and designed to give people ads they want to see.

Big companies do not do this level of targeting, hence all the ads on YouTube you are not interested in.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

It 'decreased' to get the Olympics and now we have an election soonish.

Ironic timing on both counts.

So predictable.

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Posted in: Newcomers Brentford beat Arsenal to make flying Premier League start See in context

I've seen my team win and lose at the old Griffin park when I used to go home/away in the 90s. Never thought I'd see the Bees in the premier league. Well done to them and a good example to all lower league teams that it can be done with the right backing.

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