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Gravitybrakes comments

Posted in: Cowell says he's leaving 'American Idol' See in context

dude this show has been way over due on being cancelled, hopefully this completely digs its grave. Yes, I freaking hate AI

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Posted in: JAL, Mexicana to increase code share routes See in context

love Mexico...20 years ago though

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Posted in: Cost-cutting hits TV stations See in context

thats ok the programming sucks anyways even when they had money :P Im not gonna miss out on anything

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Posted in: Sexless in Japan See in context

I feel sorry for these guys, might as well donate them some KY jelly, a sock and a dirty mag

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Posted in: Obama wants record $708 bil for military next year See in context

I didnt vote for him, I wanted McCain (less of 2 evils) but everyone bought into lies. Now ride the wave of the man you thought was gonna change the world, Yes we can!!! hahaha

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Posted in: Some see racist theme in alien adventure 'Avatar' See in context

The movie was freaking awesome! Loved it and will buy the DVD or BluRay. I saw this for pure entertainment value. If you wanna start attaching tree hugger, anti-war, racism meanings to the movie, you are lame. Its just a movie, get over it and dont dig into it. BTW "paranormal activities" sucked!

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Posted in: Man, 33, who posed as schoolboy, arrested for indecent behavior See in context

so ummm, how could she not tell the dude was way over 16yrs old???

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Posted in: 2 men decapitated, 2 women killed on Mexico border See in context

If the US legalized drugs in the US and monopolized it then there would be no need to get that crap from Mexico

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Posted in: Julio Iglesias to tour Japan in April See in context

I prefer his son's music over Julio

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Posted in: Australia invests in whale research to challenge Japan See in context

While I was in Shizuoka, I had whale meat, I liked it pretty tasty. If I can I will have more again when I visit there. I they want to hunt so they can eat it, I am all for it. If they are just going to store it then thats wrong.

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Posted in: NHK casting for foreigners for drama See in context

The reason they didnt want a an African-african or west indian is because you guys are normal size. it seems to me most of our african-american women are ..."large physique"

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Posted in: Nagoya man arrested for indecent behavior with 10-year-old girl See in context

I agree this man is sick and should be punished for it. I have to disagree with "HaroldSteptoe's" comment of Japan becoming perverted like America. Obviously you don't know anything about America except what you see on the tele. Compare it to your own country, I'm sure it has the same perverts you find in Japan or any other country. Besides, Japan is not perverted it just has a large number of perverts.

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Posted in: U.S. congressman warns of Obama dictatorship See in context

powderfinger: I beg to differ, the majority did not vote the republican way.

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Posted in: Japan to be known as 'Samurai Japan' at WBC See in context

The American team will easily be beaten. I noticed our team does not care to play hard on the international level. They make no money out of it. If its not MLB they are just gonna send out the bench warmers. Sad, I would love to see them play hard against international teams. :(

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