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**As we know that far left or right politicos in any country tend to get everyone in trouble when they have total control. This is how the war criminals were allowed to function in the first place. History shows us that these nut jobs can lead us down a path of extreme pain in the long run....Beware is my advice

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****If in fact it happens and Japan's researchers are right?? What difference is it going to make if we are all crispy critters??

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Justice seems to be slow in all countries of the world who subscribe to " lets decide in favor of the accused" policy. It is fortunate that in Japan there is Justice and it appears to being served with the death sentences. I would suggest that when all the legal begals have totally exhausted their channels and have run out of money and fame, Justice will be served. Remember the Judges are lawyer also and lawyers are the bane of mankind,,,, an unnecessary wart on the system

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**It is enough if everyone truly remembers the past and views it as a lesson for what not to do in the future, Amen

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**Idealizing any kind of war like costume can be either one or the other, depending on who's wearing what and for what reason. The fact that JAPAN HAS CHOSEN TO REPEAL HER ATROCITIES AGAINST HER OWN PEOPLE IS VERY SAD. I hope that the young people of Japan have had this passed down by their families!!

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**we all dream of these happy times. But few can really say, Things went off really well on my flight!!!

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