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Nisegaijin has hit the spot!

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well I guess my opinion has already been stated very nice by people like OssanUltra and others: Just a few comments to two of you anyway:

FairandBalanced at 08:34 AM JST - 1st August

The Olympics will not succeed.

China should have asked the US to take over the running of the games. The athletes visitors and media would all feel fre and relaxed. Without freedom the games cannot be considereda success.

All future games should be held in the US, noone else has our ability to provide facilities and high standards.

well.. was that seriously meant???

and also to

ChimpsAhead at 03:26 AM JST - 2nd August


If China behave like that, you can be sure the US will put an immediate stop to it. China knows the US is the only superpower, they are afraid of and also in awe of us.

If we give them an order, they will obey, believe it!!!

I seriously doubt that: Have you checked resently who the US owes money to?

If I remember correctly, Chine has paid for about 20 % of all the foreign loans the US has made; Japan 25% (btw)...

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tkoind2 : You're absolutely right (Just wanted to mention it)

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