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I have a lot of stories of this crazy Doctor at a company I worked for, but my favorite story that I've ever heard about him is this: One time, he took a bunch of resumes and threw them in the trash without even reviewing them. His assistant asked him why he did it, and he replied "I don't want to hire unlucky people."

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And if the actresses feel uncomfortable about a comedian referencing their celluloid-exposed body parts, then perhaps they should remain covered up. Charlize, particularly, is a hypocrit.

I think Charlize was in on it, as (a) I think she's actually working on a movie with Seth right now, and (b) apparently they were best buds at his after party.


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every time Chucky does his "lol" thing I imagine it as a nervous chuckle.

Anyway, I'm not going to pretend I know about the patents, lawsuits, and which side is wrong or right or whatever. From my personal experience, I've always viewed Samsungs as very good knockoffs. I buy it, they're OK. Not great stuff, but definitely good enough. I've played with a Galaxy, and I can kind of see what Apple is a little ticked about.

My favorite quote about this lawsuit comes from some poor, obviously culturally oblivious Starbucks patron: "Samsung is Korean? I thought they were Chinese or something"

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You got to be joking Zenpun. Samsung may have copied Apple, but Sony and Panasonic? lol... why would they copy such crap nobody wants or don't even no about?

Are you joking? A) A lot of people think Sony and Panasonic are quality products. Sony is ahead on TV technology-well, I believe in future technology, I imagine the market quality is about the same. I'm not going to research that at work, so I will admit I may be wrong. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that people know and care about Sony and Panasonic.

Do Sony and Panasonic even make phones? lol...

B) Sony has a pretty successful cell phone line in America-Panasonic does OK making home phones, which for some reason people still buy in America.

C) I get it. I've read enough of your post to know you have an extreme SK bias, and that's fine. I'm not sure why you're here, but that's your deal and that's cool too. But Samsung probably did copy Apple, and Apple probably copied Samsung (and many other companies as well). It happens all the time in the tech business. But Samsung lost to Apple in marketing and actual functionality (the latter being debatable). However, saying "no one cares" about Sony or Panasonic does nothing to strengthen your argument, in my opinion.

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Missed calls go both ways...

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speaking of good sportsmanship, how about in the US/Can game where the Canadian attacker saw that the defender was down and played it out. Even after a very physical match, to have the presence of mind to do that? Amazing.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats France to set up final clash with U.S. See in context

Terrible job that the Norwegian referee did in the game USA vs Canada. Should have been Canada 3-2, but there is always controversy with some Olympic referees.

That's not really fair-Wambach got crushed in the penalty area twice near the 50 minute mark. The play that actually had the penalty may have been sketchy, but there were several other times it could've easily been called. Kudos to the British coach for playing mind games before the match...

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