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Posted in: Subway bad manners See in context

Is people carrying lots of baggage an offense? I'm sure if they had the choice to ride a taxi they would. Anyone of us could be placed in this position, and we're not doing it on purpose. This nation is just becoming a place of disgruntled, angry people, and in a rush.

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Posted in: Japan's low virus mortality rate reflects social manners: Aso See in context

Millions of American citizens are infected with XMRV’s(I don’t know it this is the correct acronym) —they are retroviruses which weaken the immune system. Dr. Judy Mikowitz stayed that they could have gotten it from one of the many contaminated vaccinations that Americans get each year. I am not an expert. I hope someone more qualified can answer this one.

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Posted in: 4.7 mil tweets criticize Abe plan to raise retirement age for prosecutors See in context

Retirement should not be a forced issue, but a choice that one can either retire or go on working.

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Posted in: Japanese model gives tutorial on converting bras to masks See in context

Do coffee filters count?

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Posted in: Use of private English tests for university exams delayed after gaffe See in context

Why must students be forced to learn English at all? Those who speak and write fluently don't get it from the classroom. Maybe the government should just drop it as a required subject.

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Posted in: In run-up to end of Heisei, pundits discuss whether an emperor is really needed See in context

If the imperial system ends, Princess Masako will be free to finally lead the life she wishes.

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Posted in: Justice minister apologizes as 6,600 police hunt fugitive thief See in context

The thief is not evil. He could be anyone on the street. The waste of government funds on the manhunt for a harmless man is pathetic. He should be pardoned and the media should be ordered to disperse.

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Posted in: Translation debate: how do you say 'Oh my God!' in Japanese? See in context

Masaka! of course.

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Posted in: Japan's antitrust watchdog considers action against Apple, carriers See in context

My daughters always get discontinued models at steep discounts with their carrier, making their payments very affordable.

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Posted in: Actor Yuta Takahata arrested on rape charge See in context

He purportedly had an addiction to sex and his room is filled with porn. Even on TV a younger talent berated him for his abnormal mentality. He needs expert consultation.

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Posted in: Shibuya station sending trains on their way by playing 'Dragon Quest' theme See in context


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Posted in: Electing Trump would be 'historic mistake,' Clinton declares See in context

“They said I want Japan ... to get nuclear weapons. Give me a break,” he objected. “I want Japan and Germany and Saudi Arabia and South Korea and many of the NATO nations - they owe us tremendous. We’re taking care of all these people. And what I want them to do is pay up.”

Why is this guy so pompous? Disgusting.

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Posted in: Sushi alert: Grim outlook for bluefin tuna See in context

Japan will still be eating more because they are swayed by TV doctors urging them to eat tuna for its Omega 3s, despite tuna's high mercury levels. I have not seen one expert on TV that has voiced concern over the overfishing of tuna, obviously because it does not make for a good TV show.

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Posted in: Chan dominates free skate to win Four Continents See in context

This was a real surprise, as he had been performing subpar in previous events. Artistry and elegance still trumps Jin Boyang' s jaw-dropping number of quads.

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Posted in: Eating too much fish while pregnant raises child obesity risk: study See in context

Spend the research grant on something more important.

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Posted in: Meryl Streep sparks uproar over 'We're all Africans' remarks See in context

She knows her anthropology well.

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Posted in: Move sought for Japan's oldest elephant may be too late See in context

She was transferred from the Ueno Zoo after the war because she had killed one of her keepers.

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Posted in: Do you think that a man giving up his seat on a bus or train to a woman, holding a door open for her or holding her chair as she sits down is outmoded? See in context

The Godfather has brought up a trait common to some selfish men brought up wrong by their mothers. They will end up getting ditched by their ex. No good manners...not nice.

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Posted in: Asada, Hanyu aiming to shine on home ice at NHK Trophy See in context

Ditto. I am rooting for Hanyu too.

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Posted in: Gov't panel discusses baby stroller use on public transportation See in context

Whatever happened to the doting obaasan stranger giving both mother and baby those protective smiles?

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Posted in: Gov't panel discusses baby stroller use on public transportation See in context

Parents with strollers are doing the best they can. If they find a seat they can fold the stroller but in no other situation can this be possible. No extra rules of courtesy should be asked of them but from passengers sharing the same car.

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Posted in: Japanese brain cancer specialist says he never examined pope See in context

The Pope is healthy. Let him live his life as he wishes.

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Posted in: What to look for in avoiding a 'black' nursing home See in context

GW, compared to what country? Japan still has a better senior care system than the States, where helpers are often not given proper training.

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Posted in: Saitama offering free SIM cards to foreign tourists See in context

That's very nice, but Saitama is not where the action's at.

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Posted in: Zero applicants for plan to promote women at work See in context

Shakai hoken was made to support nonworking mothers who needed to take their allergic, sick children to the doctor's office, attend community meetings, plan annual local events, take their children to cram school, do their part of PTA throughout the school year. They form the social network that makes communities safe for growing children and aging seniors. And all of this is unpaid work. The simple lunches and teas help fortify the binds. It worked during the Showa Era, but obviously shakai hoken needs to be overhauled to see to the needs of smaller families.

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Posted in: Study backs more aggressive treatment of high blood pressure See in context

How do doctors conclude that risk of dying is 25% less after a year and a half? Wouldn't changes in diet and lifestyle be less dangerous and with fewer side effects?

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