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From my experience (born & grew up in Japan), walking to & from school from an early age not only risks the safety of a child, but also lacks the bond & communication with the parent(s). I just think it is an important part of day whether it is a short distance or not that somebody is there to listen to the child & be there for him/her. My mother tried to let me be 'independent' since I was small and I know now ( I didn't realize at the time) that I was pushed away from her. Now that I became a parent myself I can understand that my mother was trying to bring up 'a good child' who can do things by herself. It did work in some ways...I became so independent that I left Japan and now living abroad far away from where my parents live! However, it also did some damage to my childhood and that's because I was not allowed to be a child when I was a child. I had to grow up fast.

Although I am not planning to drive my own child around all the time, that is because I think it is important for her to take time for herself, learn how to be safe and simply it's good to walk with fresh air, and not because I would like her to be independent and grow up fast.

I think it's kind of sad for the Japanese girl. Unless she wants to do this herself, she is forced to do it to some degree and in worst scenario she isn't going to have a sense of security in her life-a feeling of protection that a child can get from his/her parents.

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