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Posted in: Fashion police want women to wear high heels See in context

If high heels were really that great, men would be wearing them...........

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Posted in: Yakuza quick to mount rescue operations in Kyushu See in context

I recommend Jake Adelstein's "Tokyo Vice" as a fascinating insight into the Yakuza.

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Posted in: What are your views on relationships in which one partner is at least 20 years older than the other? See in context

So, Jerry Hall, what first attracted you to the zillionaire Rupert Murdock?

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Posted in: New school in Iraq to provide a Japanese-style education See in context

Just as long as English is not taught the same way as it is in Japan..... heaven forbid.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling physically disabled mother See in context

Saitama strikes again............

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Posted in: Ex-Schindler employee stopped elevators to make trouble for company See in context

Schindler's Lift Syndrome, perhaps?

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

Cleo, Yup, try the shade and see how you do. OR just leave them to "die down" for this year, try the composting and see if they come up and grow for you next year. Best of luck!

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

Cleo, About rhubarb:

Did you let your baby plants "rest" for two years before harvesting? We didn't harvest anything until the third year and while a few died away, the main bulk of the crop was OK. Maybe you could try leaving them to "rest" for a year and see what happens. Cover with compost in December. We have a main crop in the late spring, and try to harvest the bulk before the real heat sets in and a minor one in autumn, depends on how hot and dry the summer has been. We don't strip the plants entirely when we harvest. Hope this helps a little! All the best.

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

Cleo, My husband and I grow organic rhubarb which we sell to local restaurants and private customers......it thrives well even in southern Kanagawa.

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Posted in: What do you think were the top news stories in Japan and overseas in 2014? See in context

Err, think the Hiroshima mudslides and Mt. Ondake volcanic eruptions would count as major natural disasters, IMHO

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Posted in: 2 dead, including gunman, in school shooting near Seattle See in context

Another PUBIC random shooting, Yabits?

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being hit by father's car See in context

Gogogo, Helloooooo? Where does it say that the hospital didn't try their utmost to fix the little girl's injuries? Perhaps she was so severely injured that she was beyond help. Your post implies that the hospital/doctors' are somehow to blame for the death of this little girl.

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Posted in: Spring cleanup - it can be hard to part with some things See in context

"Geta-bako" - shoe closet in the genkan (hall or entrance way) surely?

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Posted in: Japan's 'omiyage' culture See in context

Most of the souvenir stuff here is GOMI-yage in my opinion.

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Posted in: Japanese fans flock to meet S Korean boyband See in context

Recession? What recession?

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Posted in: Man arrested after strangling wife to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

Apologies for that, ThonTaddeo.

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Posted in: Man arrested after strangling wife to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

ThonThaddeo, it's "THEIR surname", not "THEY'RE surname".....

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Posted in: Scottish government defends Lockerbie bomber's release See in context

Hear, hear to bgaudry's post. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Surely one of the cornerstones of the Christian faith to which President Obama and his predecessors claim to adhere?

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Posted in: Fuji TV announcer reprimanded for sexual harassment in South Africa See in context

"TeSTuo Nagasaka" - a Freudian slip??

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Posted in: Saitama train conductor assaulted after asking man to smoke in designated area See in context


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Posted in: Woman downs 383 bowls of soba in 10 minutes See in context

Would like to see participants in these contests and all those disgusting TV programmes with the same theme taken to a feeding station in the Third World somewhere........

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Posted in: Overzealous mothers prep their infants too early for school See in context

Hear, hear, Zurcronium. ZERO TV for kids till the age of two, storybooks, storybooks and more storybooks. Nursery rhymes and songs together. Hell, just TALK to your kids.

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Posted in: United voted 'Best North American Airline' in Asia See in context

Flew United to San Francisco and watched a female cabin crew member spill a meal on a passenger and say "ooops" by way of an apology, totally can relate to Pivot with the fat and cranky bit. UGLY BEYOND BELIEF seemed to be the prerequisite for employment.....

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Posted in: Heathrow T5 is no longer shaming BA See in context

Hmmm. Not sure if "spectacular" is quite the word. Used T5 in July and August and airside still has the "under construction" feel to it with gaps in the walling and exposed wiring. In true Brit style, cleanliness is sadly not a priority, pales in comparision to Narita, although the T5 loos beat Kuala Lumpur hands down. Still, the e-checking in system worked well, baggage claim was far speedier than Narita so there are positives.

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