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Posted in: 'Legroom war' rages as planes grow more cramped See in context

I'm 194cm so I barely fit in the seats even when they're not reclined. People in front of my are welcome to recline as much as they want, but they're going to get two wriggling knees in their back the whole flight.

Luckily I can usually snag an emergency exit row seat by checking in early/online, or use my frequent flier miles to upgrade to premium economy/business.

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Posted in: Riken says it was unable to replicate stem cell results See in context

All the focus is on RIKEN and Obokata but what about everyone else involved? Charles Vacanti (Professor at Harvard Medical School) was a co-author but you never hear anything about him. Why didn't he tell the results were too good to be true? How did the paper pass the editors at Nature, who did they get to review it?

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Posted in: Dismantling Germany's nuclear industry, piece by piece See in context

Dismantling their nuclear, and killing people in Ukraine by increasing EU dependence on Russian gas so that the EU doesn't dare implement proper sanctions.

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Posted in: 9 injured as Cathay Pacific flight hits turbulence over Hokkaido See in context

Always wear your seatbelts folks, even when the sign is off!

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Posted in: NHK's 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' receives highest TV rating of last 10 years - 44.5% See in context

@JoeLarabell.: The GMT6 thing was from the Amachan drama, they're not a real group

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Posted in: SoftBank on course to buy T-Mobile See in context

The new company will be a monster of network technologies - Sprint has iDEN, CDMA2000 and WiMAX and T-Mobile have EDGE, UMTS and LTE

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Posted in: JAL reports problem with 787 battery on Helsinki-Tokyo flight See in context

If the 787 hadn't had the other (actual) battery problems, this would never have been reported in the news. Indicator glitches like this happen on all plane models, even ones that have been flying safely for decades. I was on an A340 that stopped on the runway since an indicator showed there was a fire in the engine (there was no fire), the pilots ran the fire extinguisher anyway to be sure, and we had to return to gate and fly the next day.

As a European, I'd love to gloat over Airbus vs Boeing, but a lot of these small reports (broken toilets? seriously?) are non-issues that happen to any plane with 100 airframes in the sky.

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Posted in: Japan's coastal sea hunts threaten species with extinction: eco-group See in context

@taiko666: Your friends are literally dumber than AKB48 idols

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Posted in: NHK’s hit comedy 'Ama-chan' to be aired in Taiwan, Thailand See in context

Despite what all the bitter expats here who haven't actually watched the show say, it's a charming little drama. Just when you think it's getting formulaic, it veers off to the left. Aki may be a little air-headed at times, but the strong-headedness of characters like her mother more than make up for it. And the much-lamented idol part also has quite a lot of criticism for the industry and its fans (the fakery involved is a major plot point).

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Posted in: Docomo's iD-brand mobile credit payments to be accepted by MasterCard PayPass merchants See in context

I don't know about iD, but for Mobile Suica and Edy, you don't need the SIM card in the phone to use the payment card, only to recharge it. Once the payment card is written to the phone's NFC store, you don't even need the phone to be turned on for it to work, let a lone a SIM inserted.

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Posted in: Mizuho CEO set to survive gang loan scandal See in context

Bankers will never be punished. Not in Japan, not elsewhere. For a western example, HSBC laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of drug cartel money, and nobody was ever blamed.

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Posted in: Arashi, Haruka Ayase named as hosts for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' See in context

I love how NHK, supposedly a public broadcaster, basically promotes and uses the private entertainment industry to boost its ratings

Boost their ratings? God forbid they show something people want to see...

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Posted in: Politics played part in ANA's choice between Airbus, Boeing See in context

But the way JAL communicated the decision - with a curt message delivered to officials’ inboxes just as it was publicly announcing the deal, according to Japanese government sources and a person close to the airline - was just as momentous

The real revolution here is that it was an email and not a FAX.

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Posted in: 'Transformers' director Bay attacked in Hong Kong See in context

Didn't pay protection money to the right clan?

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Posted in: Japanese influence grips Indonesia as companies flood in See in context

No mention of JKT48, the official Indonesia-based AKB48 spinoff?

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Posted in: Nissan to have self-driving car on market in 2020 See in context

Removing human judgement is a recipe for success

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Posted in: Survey suggests most Japanese smartphone users couldn’t care less about mobile sites See in context

@gokai_wo_maneku Your data is old. As of November 2012 it was at 40%, and just going up, probably even higher now...

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Posted in: Aso says Japan needs to raise sales tax next year See in context

Coming from Scandinavia, with 25% VAT/sales tax and 40-60% income tax - bring it on!

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Posted in: Japan's SoftBank gets nod for Sprint takeover See in context

JoshuYaki: "too crowded"? It's the opposite - there's zero competition. In the same geographic area, Europe has over 100 carriers, and far better networks with better deals.

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Posted in: ANA Boeing 787 has engine problem before takeoff See in context


787 Deliveries:

ANA: 19 JAL: 8

Air India: 6 China Southern: 1 Ethiopian: 4 LAN Air: 3 LOT Polish: 3 Qatar Airways: 5 TUI Travel: 2 United Airlines: 6

I imagine it has a lot to do with the media and culture of openness in the different countries. No way in hell are you going to hear about problems with planes in Qatar or India due to how secretive and corrupt the companies and media are there.

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Posted in: Apple annual developers conference set for June See in context

The tickets sold out in 2 minutes this year. It was a mad dash to mash the "purchase" button, and anyone who didn't have their credit card info prefilled was toast. Lots of people were plagued with site errors that made it impossible to buy.

Luckily I was one of the lucky few who made it in time.

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Posted in: Sukiya, Matsuya to cut 'gyudon' prices See in context

Maybe I'm out of touch with the common man, but does a 30 yen price difference really make that big of a difference for anyone? Unless you're eating like 100 bowls of the stuff...

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Posted in: ANA keeps Boeing 787 in June schedule for now See in context

Just looked up the articles on Boeing's fix. They still don't actually know what went wrong or how to fix it, so they're just adding measures so a battery fire isn't as dangerous (separating cells, more insulation, smoke vent to outside the plane). WTF.

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Posted in: AKB48 ballot to be held on June 8 See in context

@Ewan Huzarmy: As if manufactured pop never existed before? It's not that music in general was better before, it's that the crap tends to get forgotten. There was lots of completely manufactured super-popular music like "The Archies", or even The Monkees in the beginning

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Posted in: Unfriendly relations See in context

Nobody else cares, certainly not the younger Koreans under the age of 50 really care anymore about what Japan does

B.S. whenever there's a one of those "korean school kids show their feelings" projects online, maybe 10% of the drawings are "kill japan" or "dokdo is korean" type stuff.

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Posted in: Bullet train derails in Akita See in context

mike23thurgood: Same thing happens every now and again in Europe as well. Before evacuating people onto slippert tracks in the dark with dangerous overhead power lines‚ possibly other traffic on nearby lines etc, they have to be REALLY sure they can't somehow get the train going again. In Sweden it happened in the middle of the hot summer, passengers broke a window for fresh air since they feared a baby would get heatstroke and without power the aircon was dead.

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Posted in: U.S. to review Boeing 787, but calls plane safe See in context

There is no obvious trend or similarity to the problems, which suggests they are more likely the result of quality control than a design flaw, aviation safety experts said.

This scares me more than a design flaw. With a design flaw at least they know what to look out for, and once it's diagnosed it can be fixed. With poor quality control, any part can fail at any time...

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Posted in: Dream flight See in context

WA4TKG: The Rolls Royce jet engines are actually the ones that have had the most issues. For instance, the one that exploded on a A380 was a RR.

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Posted in: Samsung hits back at Ericsson in patent battle See in context

blackrock: That hasn't been true for a while. Each new standard has just been a war between corporations as to who can jam their patents in there so they can profit off the next generation, instead of picking the best technical solution. It's been like this since GSM. Even if there were no patents, corporations would still need to compete on technical solutions.

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Posted in: Samsung hits back at Ericsson in patent battle See in context

Software and standards patents need to die. Yesterday. It's all a massive scam to keep any innovative new players out of the business, and keep the big entrenched corporations in their comfortable positions.

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