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Posted in: Tunnel disaster puts spotlight on Japan's aging infrastructure See in context

Age shouldn't be a problem - London is still using the Thames Tunnel, the first tunnel in the world dig under a body of water build 170 years ago. It's all about proper maintenance and inspection.

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Posted in: AKB48 tops Yahoo! celebrity search term ranking for 3rd consecutive year See in context

At least it's not Kim Kardashian

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Posted in: Death of the cassette tape much exaggerated See in context

Nice ad from IBM

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Posted in: Button lashes out at 'idiot' Kobayashi after Korean Grand Prix See in context

Sato was also kinda crazy and blew up his engine more often than not - what's up with Japanese F1 drivers!?

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

@Probie: Yes? Even this guy with all his crazy stuff wasn't some terrorist since he didn't actually DO anything on the flight. He just has funny shopping habits (maybe a survivalist).

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

Dwight Schrute?!?!

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Posted in: Camera adjusts focus after taking pictures See in context

The tech is very cool, but the resulting photos are 2007-cellphone-camera-resolution. Hoping for version 2 or 3...

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Posted in: Sony plans slimmer PlayStation 3 before yearend See in context

Smaller device, fewer components, cheaper freight.

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

The REAL question here is, what does this mean for the status of SNH48?!?!?

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Posted in: Fast food service in Japan vs America: 2 videos tell the story See in context

I actually have an easier time ordering food at fast food places in Japan than in the U.S., despite my limited japanese. I'm not sure they're speaking English anymore in America... One lady at Starbucks asked how to spell my name "Karl" (and not just the K vs C).

@Pidestroika: I have no idea how you manage to complicate such a simple thing... Just grunting answers works much quicker and easier. You're really asking the staff at a fast food place if a particular burger is any good?!?! What do you think they're going to answer? "No, our food tastes like shit"?

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Posted in: Eminem to fans: Thanks for help in dark times See in context

@avenger: Since it would serve no purpose?

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Posted in: Young Japanese women becoming less interested in sex, survey says See in context

Gigamax: And sex is a use it or lose it deal, and all those experiences one is supposed have even in childhood are VITAL.

That's just not true at all

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Posted in: Backlash over empty seats at Olympics See in context

This is why airlines, hotels, sports events etc generally oversell their capacity. You can always count on X% never showing up. No idea why the LOGOC didn't do this as well...

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Posted in: Inmarsat, JSAT Mobile, Docomo join forces to launch IsatPhone Pro in Japan See in context

What Japan needs isn't a phone that works in the wilderness, but one that works indoors!

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Posted in: Japan eyes electricity deregulation to boost competition See in context

This kind of monopoly is no longer acceptable in places like the EU. Countries which ended the monopolies and allowed new companies to supply power have seen fair competition resulting lower monthly power bills.

Ask anyone in Sweden and they'll tell you they pine for the days before deregulation. Power companies now pull stunts like scheduling maintenance in the dead cold of winter (sweden is largely heated by electricity), sending spot prices skyrocketing literally 100% (check And of course the EU is dragging us kicking and screaming into the common market, which is going to further raise our rates as all our cheap hydro power will be sold at the continental rate of fossil fuels. Pure profit for power companies.

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Posted in: Apple wins 2nd US sales ban on Samsung Galaxy See in context

If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em.

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Posted in: No sale See in context

I'm glad I'm not a politician. Everyone wants everything, but nobody wants to pay for it.

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Posted in: ANA, JAL to provide in-flight Wi-Fi on international routes See in context

I can't wait for this!

Anyone complaining about charges, I'd like to see you safely outfit 10 year old airplane designs (navigating FAA rules meanwhile) with an internet connection that works over oceans, works between different countries' regulatory systems, and still maintains a decent speed.

Flying is incredibly affordable and practical nowadays and yet people still whine about absolutely everything.

@scoobydoo: That's mainly a problem when you have phones (especially previous-gen GSM phones with their characteristic bursty noise) transmitting at full power trying to find a tower. With a low-power transmitter inside the plane, the phone can toggle down the transmit power to its lowest setting, reducing interference.

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Posted in: Ikimonogakari to perform theme song for NHK's Olympic broadcast See in context

So NHK can't afford AKB48, so they take an AKB48 song (Kaze ha fuiteriru) and tweak the grammar a bit?

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Posted in: Japan eyes 15% of electricity needs from nuclear power See in context

Please name me any instance where the failure of any other form of power generation has made a large land area uninhabitable for generations?

Hydro power damming makes large land areas uninhabitable by design. And then when they fail you get Banqiao Dam which killed 170,000 people and wiped several cities off the map.

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Posted in: IOC chief: Japan must solve power shortage to host Games See in context

London is using gigawatts and gigawatts of portable generators for their Olympics this year anyway since the U.K. grid is inadequate even on a good day, this isn't really a problem.

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Posted in: Do you enjoy watching movies in 3D? See in context

I like 3D. I got a phone with a 3D camera and it really gives adds something to a lot of photos. I climbed Mt Fuji and looking at the view in 3D vs in 2D, in 3D you can really feel how majestic it is vs how the flatness of 2D removes any scale or depth.

3D movies are fine too, with the current tech it can get tiring after a while though - Avatar was about 30 minutes too long.

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Posted in: Toshiba drops Japan TV operations amid falling prices, global competition See in context

Everyone always complains about how everything is "Made in China" and cheap crap etc, but when it comes to buy something, the only thing people will look at is the price... that's why there's no manufacturing in developed countries anymore.

tokyokawasaki: You mean like the "Smart TVs" that are like half the market already? Sony and friends already sell TVs with internet browsers and apps for stuff like twitter, internet video streaming (netflix) etc etc. Most people don't care.

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Posted in: Software piracy costs record $63.4 billion in 2011: study See in context

These numbers are all completely made up by industry shills, it's sad that news organizations continue to regurgitate them without any critical analysis.

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Posted in: Strange drinks that come and go in the Japanese market See in context

Damn now I miss Pepsi Shiso :(

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Posted in: Kirin releases fat-busting cola See in context

My question is, will stopping the absorption of fat cause the "Olestra effect"?

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Posted in: Rumors swirl of smaller iPad, which Jobs detested See in context

Jobs also said:

"nobody wants to watch video on a portable device" a year before they launched the iPod Video. "nobody reads anymore" 2 years before launching iBooks

Of course he's not going to diss products that Apple don't sell.. until they sell them!

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Posted in: Sony straps on Internet-linked wristwatch See in context

This isn't really new, they had an earlier version named LiveView under the Sony Ericsson brand. The battery didn't last a day, and the wristband was so weak one day it popped off and I lost it forever.

Fun gimmick though, good in the winter months if you don't want to take off your gloves to see if that email that just came in was spam or not.

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Posted in: Very high radiation, little water in Fukushima No. 2 reactor See in context

Just look at how poorly Americans have dealt with Katrina, Haiti, etc. And those are brain-dead simple compared to a nuclear emergency. Don't pretend any other country would be any less incompetent in this unprecedented situation.

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Posted in: Should the international community provide food aid to North Korea? See in context

Send more energy bars!

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