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Posted in: Taiji dolphin hunt begins; coastal whaling set to start See in context

Sickening. 最低!

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Bury the wires now. It's the ugly side of Japan that needs to change. The wires are ridiculous. Tokyo will never be seen as a top city in the world with electric wires everywhere, poles sticking out everywhere, making walking and driving difficult. This is the true shame of Tokyo Electric. Most Japanese have just given up on trying to change things because they are taught that they are individually powerless to make changes in society and the best choice is to conform. They hate the wires too but can't imagine they could do anything about it. Please call Tokyo Electric and tell them you want your wires buried in front of your place. 0120-995-002****

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Posted in: Why do most concerts held in Japan prohibit taking pictures? See in context

There is nothing more annoying than paying big money for tickets and having the rude robot staff of UDO staring at you the whole concert making sure you don't take a silly photo. It is ridiculous.

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

In Japan no one asks how the acts are decided and there is a mystery surrounding who gets on the show and why. Yet getting on the show is the key to the next year's money. Totally corrupt system.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins slaughtered at Taiji See in context


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Posted in: Do you think TV programs these days provide much higher quality entertainment than movies? See in context

I think it's an open secret that Japanese TV is the worst on the planet. Most Japanese with any brains quit watching long ago. There are exceptions.

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