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Posted in: Heat wave poses challenge to medical system already hit by virus See in context

Don’t wear masks outdoors ......... idiots d’oh

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Posted in: Angry confrontation breaks out after man coughs on Yamanote Line train in Tokyo See in context

Japan mask culture is a JOKE. All over news airwaves in Ireland and U.K. is that MASKS should only be worn by people who have a cold, virus, etc. Wearing one WONt stop you getting the virus, especially the way they wear them in Japan.....gaps galore for particles to get in and out. The amount of brainwashing in Japan is unbelievable. 

People should ONLY wear masks if they are sick. By all means cover your mouth when coughing, but this is an example of Japanese brainwashing.

And my wife agrees.

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Posted in: Samoa's Lee-lo, Matu'u cited for foul play in Russia match See in context

Clear red cards. No question. Once you make contact with the head irrespective of what the defending player does, it’s a red card. Samoan players tackling technique is terrible otherwise players will be killed. The referee, Poite, made a complete cock-up by backtracking on his initial decision to give a red. It’s not up to the TMO......he can advise but ultimately the ref should’ve gone with initial decision.

Huge pressure on refs now in coming weeks given what World Rugby have come out with. There WILL be red cards in the next week or so.

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Posted in: Osaka eliminated in 1st round at Wimbledon See in context

Her own fault. She became to cocky, wanted to change coach who led her to 2 Grand Slam titles. He did great with her mental side of game. No coincidence it’s been downhill since then. Now has no mental strength. Only herself to blame.

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Posted in: The battle for rugby’s greatest prize See in context

You say 3 wins will send Japan to qtr finals?! Well last time out they won 3 but didn’t go to knock-out stages. It doesn’t guarantee success. Were Scotland, Ireland and Japan all to have 3 wins and 1 loss, 3 into 2 doesn’t go.

Get your facts right before making blanket statements like 3 wins will see Japan go to knockouts.

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Posted in: Parents attend matchmaking parties to find partners for their children See in context

Recipe for disaster. Selfish parents......they must get on well with the in-laws! Really? So if parents don’t like their son/daughter’s partners parents they can’t get married! Screw that. This is flawed on way sooooo many levels.

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