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And furthermore, Steve, mate, let's understand, shall we, that the kind of low-paid work you describe has for decades been undertaken by students, migrants, other recent arrivals, etcetera, precisely because those born within the country won't put up with the crap working hours and the even more crap pay routinely offered for such work. 

Thereby suppressing wages for those jobs and the economy as a whole which then becomes distorted and reliant on mass migration.

What should happen instead is that better pay and conditions are offered to undertake those jobs. Apparently it's better to exploit foreigners from poorer countries.

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Extremists: "We cannot afford to let the Palestinians be free, as it will result in them destroying Israel and killing/expelling all the Jews. So we must keep on killing, persecuting, and imprisoning the Palestinians".

Seems legit.

"I want Palestinians to have every right, except for one - the right to destroy the State of Israel." - Netanyahu.

Opposing the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews is not extreme. Being negligent about the possibility is.

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Even in Tokyo they protest; well I hope Tokyo will never be like Paris and London.

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Most of our countries don’t engage in incessant land grabs and abuses of the human rights of our neighbors.

Neither does Israel. And what exactly is "our" countries? If you mean Western countries then that is pretty much the sum total of their history prior to 1945. Actually that's pretty much the sum total of humanity.

So, you’re saying Israel will stop the blockade of Gaza, the settlement expansions on the West Bank, take down the checkpoints that severely restrict the movements of the Palestinians, etc.? We can only hope.

No. Why would it do that?

Gaza is blockaded because it like many areas in the world is unfortunately controlled by a radical Islamic terrorist group. Funnily enough, it was the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 that allowed Hamas to takeover. So either Israel reoccupies it or someone else or Hamas will stop terrorism. Israel isn't going to allow free trade with an illegal genocidal terrorist organisation and asking it to do so is unreasonable.

Jewish settlements make up approximately 3% of Judea and Samaria - what you foolishly call the West Bank. Expecting Jews to stop living in towns and villages in their homeland and to be banned from doing so by a Jewish state is unreasonable and also antisemitic. If Jews can buy land and build houses in any other country, they have a right to do so in Judea too.

Since you referred to land grabs I assume your concern is primarily about unjust appropriation rather than Jewish houses. Well your concern is fine but you should know that many settlement lands were and are purchased legally and people shouldn't be demonised for that.

I notice you didn't refer to illegal Arab-Palestinian settlements built in Israel or Israeli controlled territory in Judea. If settlements justify terrorism than don't Arab settlements justify Israeli violence too? Checkpoints don't restrict movements, they stop terrorists getting through to their targets without a problem. If there was no terrorism, there would be no checkpoints.

The fact that you think any of these can justify terrorism is insane. 2 of them (blockade and checkpoints) exist because of terrorism, thereby you are confusing cause and effect. The remaining issue stems from irrationality. No country in the world is going to stop its people living in their homeland simply because its enemies threaten terrorism if they don't.

This is the problem here. You have been so blinded by your hate for Israel that you can't step back and examine your positions objectively and reasonably. If Israel lifted the blockade and checkpoints there would be more terrorism not less. If Israel stopped Jewish settlement of Judea (aside from unjustly appropriated ones), it would be a rejection of Jewish rights to their homeland - indeed to all of Israel. If Jews can't live in Jerusalem and Hebron then there's no basis for them living in Tel Aviv. But Israel is obligated by law and nature to promote those rights, not to abrogate them.

So we arrive at the same end - a dead end. It's far worse than flogging a dead horse. Israel isn't going to do the stupid and unreasonable things that Leftists desire because what they want fundamentally is for Israel to surrender and renounce its Jewishness. Nothing will change until people start coming up with suggestions based on reason rather than prejudice and confusion - so the 70+ year conflict will continue because there are too many people interested in being right rather than reasonable.

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The great German thinker (and despiser of antisemitism), Nietzsche, had a chilling thought that the Israelis would have been wise to heed: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Israel is now gazing into Gaza.

Absolutely visceral quote, thanks for sharing. But what is your point? How does this apply to Israel? Israel is less of a monster than ever before. In fact, it is one of the most peaceful and least barbarous countries in the world, ever.

Perhaps all the self-appointed moral critics and guardians of Israel who have never been in a morally difficult situation or a war should get off off its case and get off their high horses, lest the abyss of immorality they are trying supposedly to stare down should happen to gaze back at them. And they become riders of horses of immorality.

Unfortunately that has already happened. Hamas is a radical Islamic terrorist organisation that wants to carry out genocide of the Jews, murder gays, oppress women, and in general opposes the entire liberal project. Just like ISIS, al-Qaeda, etc. The fact that people in their haste to 'criticise' Israel have forgotten this and feel free to ignore it is sickening. This organisation like every single last one of its kind should be ruthlessly exterminated like the Nazis and then we can talk about 2 states. In the meantime let's leave the war crime bulldust and moral lecturing outside.

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The primitive rockets have no modern guidance systems. 

They are far from primitive simply because there's no guidance system. Dumb rockets/bombs are and have been used by all militaries and Hamas's rockets are also military grade. How else do they reach Tel Aviv?

Calling self defence a war crime is a stretch considering all the unguided bombs dropped on civillians in WWII, Korea and Vietnam by all sides.

The right of self-defence does not extend to terrorist organisations, genocidal lunatics, jihadists, or autonomous territories whose status is determined by international agreements. Neither does it justify war crimes in turn (a fallacy).

First off, the Israeli regime always claims to be 'targeting just militants and terrorists' and yet every investigation into what they did ends up proving they were deliberately targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. Google the reports from Cast Death or any other of these Israeli regime campaigns.

There's no such campaign. There's no such investigation.

But so is collective punishment, destroying civilian infrastructure, the disproportionate use of force, and failing to distinguish between civilians and combatants, war crimes that Israel commits.

Israel did none of these things.

And don't give me this nonsense about human shields.

Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch investigated the charge that Hamas uses human shields and could find no evidence to back up the claim.

Massive amounts video evidence and testimony clearly establishes they do.

Hamas is under no legal obligation to locate its forces in the open so Israel can more easily bomb them.

False. Hamas as a government-military authority in an armed conflict has an obligation to evacuate civilians and avoid placing soldiers in areas where civilians are be present.

Artillery, airstrikes and shooting vs. throwing stones.

I know, I'll get voted down again for this comment, so be it.

In their propaganda videos, Hamas clearly shows rockets, anti-tank missiles, mortars, rifles, and commandos. You shouldn't be downvoted, you should be locked an insane asylum.

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My wife is a nurse here and she can draw blood, place an IV but has only worked in one hospital where she was able to give an injection. She is now a visitor nurse and if a patient needs an injection at home, she has to arrange for a doctor to visit.

Here in Australia I have only ever been vaccinated by nurses, doctors seem to hate it.

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On standby to do what? Are they going to pounce randomly on unsuspecting athletes and do a PCR test? Or are they there to see if any athletes are going to collapse due to severe COVID symptoms? I do not understand the reason for them to be on a side of a track!!!

In case the athletes injure themselves during the running. This is standard sport practice.

Yes that is correct but the government is unwilling to bend the strange rules in Japan that says only a doctor can give Vaccines.

Thanks, I was unaware of this.

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Like others have pointed out.

The government keeps saying there is a shortage of people to give the Vaccines in Japan.

So if these guys have medical qualifications then get them to some place give them less than an hour training and get them vaccinating people.

Now anyone saying it is not that simple, well yes it is. I am a former paramedic and it takes far more skill to place an IV than give an intramuscular vaccine and I never saw anyone that couldn't learn to put in an IV within a few hours training at most.

Push comes to shove, the old in the buttocks shot will do just fine, really can't miss.

Given how easy you make it sound I can't believe there's a shortage of qualified people - surely every paramedic, doctor, and nurse would be able to do it.

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Rather than saving lives in a hospital in the middle of a pandemic, they are sitting by the side of a running track at an unnecessary and unpopular sports event.

Unlikely. I don't know if there's an acute staff shortage that is affecting covid patients but the simple fact is that covid is not exactly doctor intensive. There's very little doctors can do except give some medicine and put on a ventilator. And there's no reason to think these particular guys would be doing that anyway. They are only medical teams, the same kind every sporting event has. Or perhaps they do work with covid patients and this is a day off for them?

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The commenters here evidently lack reading comprehension. Where does the poster say that terrorism comes from one group and not another? As far as I can tell, nowhere.

So why all the comments about Japanese terrorists and communists, and how foreigners are 'harassed'?

What has that got to do with anything?

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This article and the responses here are illuminating.

Japan needs to 'get with the times'. 'The times' is what Canada and Western countries are doing.

The article says there were 5,000 cannabis related offences. That is monumentally lower than practically every Western country. Evidently Japan's approach is far more effective than the approach taken by the world's neoliberal hippy countries.

So here a bunch of admitted cannabis takers deny that their drug is harmful, suggest policies that would make it easier for them to get it, and justify it by accusing an alternative drug of being worse. Yet these are the tactics they say led to cannabis being outlawed in the first place. Irony of ironies: it is the marijuana lobby that is guilty of spreading the propaganda it claims to hate.

No wonder Japan doesn't want to get with the times. Cannabis is a gateway drug as proven in court. It is harmful to the brain, especially with repeated use. The numerous fallacies and contradictions in the responses should not be presumed unrelated.

For me personally I'm still wondering when exactly Canada became the benchmark country.

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