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Posted in: Keeping up with Japanese metrosexual manes See in context

Fortunately for the hairy loafs who are not Japanese, J-men are too busy having a bikini wax to be interested in sex. Being an effeminate-looking man is not what J-girls are looking for. Yeah, they want the spineless fashion-boys as "keepakun" becuz they know that they will get to spend their lives shopping and pedicuring. But when they need men, they will be able to take English/French/Spanish lessons!

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to combat their beliefs? See in context

The best way to deal with them is to prove conclusively that what they are saying has no merit. Because the average person is not very smart and has little or no knowledge of how the world has worked up to now, it is easy for them to dismiss theories that are not supported by the powers-that-be. Most people are too concerned with getting what they can today and tomorrow than they are in educating themselves about the world. Is it not odd that someone can believe in an omniscient, omnipotent god that there is absolutely no substantiating proof of, and yet they refuse to believe scientific proof that building 7 at the WTC fell without having been impacted at all on Sept. 11th, 2001?

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Posted in: Bin Laden's sons say U.S. broke international law by killing their father See in context

Let's all take a moment to remember that killing is never 100% justified. It is bad to kill people. I feel so sad for those young men right now. They are wandering hopelessly without the strong guidance of a warm a loving father. I would type more, but the tears streaming down my face at the realization of this tragic injustice are endangering my keyboard. Think of the children, people! Think of the children...

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lol...sorry, but not my kind of pretty, and the awkward pose makes her look even more unattractive.

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Posted in: NGOs warn evacuees of possible sexual assaults in shelters See in context

WHAT? Sexual assaults in Japan? Impossible. you foreigners just don't understand Japanese culture! "Yamette" means "Ok"...right? It always shocks me when people moronically hold onto stereotypes that have time and time again proven ridiculously fallible. Women's universities and trains were invented because there is a higher than normal rate of assault here. Unfortunately, women and families of children are discouraged from reporting assault because the victim is socially punished more than the offender.

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Posted in: What is hell? Book stirs debate about afterlife See in context

@TachinbanaEri: the problem with christianity is that it creates, out of thin air, a system that tells people what to do, threatens them with the possibility of eternal damnation, then sets itself up as the righteous interpreter of an entity that can neither be proven or disproven. It is an unfortunate twist of logic that allows this type of entity to be created and defended in the first place. The invention of the concept of faith is one of the greatest disservices to humankind ever. It allows a group of people to prey on simple, spineless creatures who do not have the intestinal fortitude to face up to the fact that we are not a special creation; we are not above nature, we die and are dispersed among the rest of the atoms of the universe. Christianity, along with other myth-based businesses is a selfish, illogical construct that has done more harm than good in the world. The sooner people learn that we are just another part of the randomness of natural selection, the better off we will be.

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Posted in: Yakuza tone down events, step up relief efforts in quake-stricken areas See in context

Which has been more crooked in Japanese history? The government caused nuclear devastation by attacking Pearl Harbor. Forced thousands of young men to kill them selves for the glory of a flag. Brutally occupied several areas of Asia including Korea from 1905-1945. You people who sit around in your chairs and comment righteously about who is a good person and who is bad, well, you probably do not know much about Japan/Asian politics and government. Kudos to a group that is trying to do something, despite what you may think of their daily "business".

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Posted in: 28-year-old man accused of punching 2-year-old boy to death See in context

Japan has strange laws regarding intervention. My wife called me one day because she saw a woman abandon a young toddler near a river where we usually walk our dogs. I asked some others in my office what she should do. Someone suggested calling the police, but the Japanese teachers said that the police would locate the woman, give her a lecture and then give her back the toddler! Fortunately, after 20 minutes or so, the woman came back.

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Posted in: What do you think of the Japanese government's response to the earthquake-tsunami disaster so far? See in context

Yeah, Loki, Koizumi would have ...what? Kan has done a great job, considering that TEPCO is filled with morons and the government workers in Japan are morons!

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Posted in: Wisconsin Assembly passes bill taking away union rights See in context

@wolfpack: if you think unions are not necessary, then watch what happens in Wisconsin when this is over. Watch the feds follow suit. Then watch how hard it is to renege these regulations when big business takes over the management of everything. America is a dead entity, as far as the founding fathers vision is concerned. It was the rejection of the absolute authority of the state to tax citizens to enable its own monstrous appetite that created America. It is the re-acceptance of the monarchical state (replaced by CEOs) by the Republicans that will thrust the country back into that feudal paradigm.

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Posted in: Punk icon Akihiro Namba says only rock can cure Japan’s ills See in context

Power and ideology are often a disaster when it comes to historical movements. The hippies discovered, after the sixties were done, that it was impossible to live the "Free Bird" way, because the world already has a spin and you have to keep it moving through commerce, etc. I think that when they moved into politics and business, they got comfortable and greedy, and voila! I agree with Namba, however, speaking to young people responsibly through music may be the only way. My high school students are all obsessed with dumb crap like AKB/NMB 48. The content of J-Pop and K-Pop is a total waste of oxygen.

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Posted in: Hayabusa shinkansen offers first class speed and service See in context

They need to pay the extra people at the Shinkansen offices who bow automatically when the bucho walks in the door. The hidden costs of Japanese travel are not easily understood!

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Posted in: For many Japanese, laid-back overseas vacations a one-way ticket to nowhere See in context


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Posted in: What do you think of school uniforms in Japan? See in context

Uniforms do not remove the distraction. Girls and Boys in my high school spend an incredible amount of time trying to "skirt" the rules, and sew little hidden decals and patches here and there. Uniforms are not economical. Our school charges about ¥70,000 for a uniform, plus the bag. The quality is low, and comes from Takashimaya. At present there is nothing that a school can do to really enforce regulations on dress code, and parents do not discipline or guide their kids, so private schools now spend lots of time apologizing to parents for not being able to raise their kids. School populations are declining, schools closing and this means that admin-types have to suck up to parents to keep them from changing schools. Uniforms do not matter at all, as far as discipline, uniformity, or increasing students' scholastic experience. It is, however, a good way for the schools and the dept. stores to make a bunch of easy money.

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Posted in: Smoking, obesity are why U.S. lifespans lag a bit See in context

Yeah, but who are they comparing the US to? It will be interesting to see the new longevity stats on Japan once they calculate in the 250,000 people over the age of 100 that do not actually exist! Too many carbs is not the reason, it is the lack of healthy lifestyle that does North americans in. A proper balance of food and exercise is required to maintain a healthy body. I certainly would not trade my 95kg, 6'3" body for that of the anorexic shemales boys here in my high school classes that think skinny and limp are the marks of a healthy body!

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Posted in: Florida judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul See in context

Romeo...yeah, the constitution was certainly respected by the previous Admin...hahahaha!!!

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Posted in: South Korea could be model for Japan’s economic development See in context

The writer failed to mention that South Korea did not "allow" chaebol to fail, they were forced into that position by the IMF. Daewoo was literally broken up by IMF requirements. South Korea also does allow its chaebol special rights and privileges. If you are an executive, you get to steal from the company, get caught and then be released and forgiven by the government.

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Posted in: Fashionable 'yama' girls take to the hills See in context

It is nice to see that the human is evolving...when newspapers here or anywhere are writing about the importance of fashion, and then dummies are commenting that what a person who is hiking is wearing is visually important...the race is definitely endangered. Who cares what you look like when you go hiking? Morons, that is who!

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Posted in: The gang's all here See in context

A bunch of old, useless rich men (yes, there is a token woman thrown in there) who have no clue about how to run anything as they are the product of years of inbreeding to maintain their families status and genetic pool! Harmony!

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