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Posted in: Boy's suicide over bullying sparks death threats at Shiga school See in context

RIP I hope criminal charges are laid; a precedent should a set (legally) and if it takes illegal action to bring about a legal precedent. Ask a cop when the last time they laid hands on an unruly drunk; I have heard from police, and observed, that it doesn't happen because one incident involving the death of a drunk in police custody where charges were laid against police set a legal precedent leading to a policy of not physically interacting with intoxicated people. If one teacher and a couple of administrators recieve legal punishment, the typical knee jerk reaction may be to make these schools a very dangerous place for bully's - going home to real consequences after being booted out of school and having criminal charges and the inherent disgrace would be enough to scare these little idiots straight. But not kicking them out or charging them only reinforces the idea that 'safe' to torment others, even to their death. Charge them all and name the adults publicly.

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Posted in: 2 arrested after teenage girl dies in 'exorcism' See in context

Let's do the math: several years of mental illnes implies 3 or so... not sure when the water torture started, but says about 100 times; even spread over many years, they were taking her there at least once a week on average - certainly not 'once in a blue moon'- something social services, doctors, teachers etc. should have been able to perceive - this society failed her; Rest in Peace

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Posted in: American man, Japanese wife settle dispute over son, 8 See in context

Why is this story highlighted - it appears as though the international custody issue is Japanese mothers losing there kids to foreign abductors; it is of course the other way around. "poor little us, we are being persecuted, we have a unique cultural heritage, blah blah blah" It's 2011, scrap the archaic koseki system and allow the reality of modern families to exist and hopefully flourish in spite of undue stress (shuffling workers around the country and breaking up families in the process, etc.) it's absolutel amazing that families in those situations DO manage to survive.

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Posted in: Ishihara adamant on manga censorship ordinance See in context

If I started talking about rape fantasies and sex with minors on this page, it would certainly be censored so why would anyone object to it in the societal aggregate?

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Posted in: Woman found beaten to death in Yokohama apartment See in context

Was she living alone?

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