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Posted in: Woman walking her dog killed in hit-and-run incident; driver arrested See in context

no excuses,he needs to go to prison for at least 10 years, start punishing these drivers and people will react accordingly.

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Posted in: Police step up campaign against drunk driving for party season See in context

first, they need to report the number of drunk drivers at those 108 locations, names also. 2nd, get caught one time and it's automatic 1 year suspension no questions. stop playing with these fools

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Japan is changing

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Posted in: 50-year-old cyclist dies after being hit by car in tunnel See in context

Japan is full of bad and dangerous drivers you must be able to watch traffic to avoid accidents, cell phones have made it even worse, riding a bike Japan is very dangerous

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Posted in: 3 killed in traffic accident on expressway in Shiga Pref See in context

All drivers need to stop distracted driving. Turn off the phones, TV's and any other distraction

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Posted in: Gov't to review parents' disciplinary right in effort to reduce child abuse See in context

Disillusioned hit the nail on the head, spot on

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