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The stress tests will help alleviate the concerns of local residents...

So the minister knows already the results of those tests??? Before they have been carried out???

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good riddance!

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Where are you getting this information besides your imagination?,1518,765006-2,00.html This is in German. There are some tables on capacities in Germany. This is in German, too. They say they will issue an English version soon. This is in French. English newspapers seem to be less interested to look into the details, if you come across some good in depth reporting on the subject please let me know. The article linked in your post does not put things into perspective enough. However, it seems like an interesting newspaper, I didn't know before. Thank you!

Got anything other than opinions and unfactual anecdotes?

To what exactly do you refer, when you say ‘unfactual’ anecdotes?

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@YuriOtani The tech is developing rapidly while you are promoting a can't-do attitude. Are you saying the 'tech' for energy saving is not there?

Europe has a common electricity market, in which every country imports and exports. France and Germany have both overcapacities. Even recently, when only 4 of the 17 reactors were online, Germany produced enough electricity for its own demand. However some of that electricity was more expensive than French offers for electricity.

The german pro-nuclear lobby's spin about imports from France is being repeated over and over in the media.

Even in 2011 so far Germany has exported more electricity than imported.

Germans at the mercy of the French for power? They are close partners, but disagree on nuclear power.

During heatwaves in the summer Germany is exporting a lot of electicity to France, because rivers get too hot and nuclear plants have to shut down for lack of cooling water.

By the way recent opinion polls suggest that a majority of the French want to phase out nuclear.

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Tepco was warned about the dangers of earthquakes and tsunamis. They insisted their plants are safe.

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Twenty millisieverts of radiation is roughly equivalent to the exposure a person would receive from an X-ray.

Maybe the author mixed up millisieverts and microsieverts?

Chest X-ray is 0.02 millisieverts.

other sources say 50 microsieverts or 0.05 millisieverts

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It has to be expected, that a sales man for nuclear power is saying such things. Until recently he wanted to sell nuclear power plants to Gaddafi in Libya.

The new french reactors seem to be much safer than the ageing fleet of US reactors, but they cost too much, even before including the cost for waste storage and insurance. For the money not spend on these expensive new reactors, future investments can be made in renewables, smart grid, energy saving, etc.

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Do you know that Italy and Austria have no nuclear plant in operation at all?

Did you know that Germany so far in 2011 has exported more electricity than imported?

Did you know that even on days when Germany imported electricity from France, there was always enough electricity produced within Germany. Some of that electricity was just too expensive, compared to the electricity coming from France. (subsidized by the french taxpayer). There are overcapacities in France and in Germany.

Did you know that in the summer some of France's rivers are heating up so bad, so that nuclear power plants have not enough cooling water, need to shut down for some time and France imports electricity from other countries (one of them might be Germany).

For better or worse, liberals in Germany and Switzerland are taking a huge gamble here. They seized on this issue as a rallying cry and are being exposed as impractical, intransigent, and unrealistic. They need to present an alternative to conservatives that people can trust, and vilifying an industry like this is a terrible start.

Have you got any idea of the political landscape in Germany and Switzerland? Can you tell me which parties in Germany you define as 'liberals' and which ones as 'conservatives' ?

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We need more journalists like Jeff Donn looking into all aspects of nuclear power. It seems like there are too many journalists, who just repeat the talking points of the nuclear industry. These plants are too old, they should be phased out! And before building new ones (like the UK seems to be intending) think again. It's hard to find another industry as heavily subsidized as the nuclear industry. If we put the money into developing renewables, microenergy, energy saving, smart grid etc. you get more CO2 reduction than with nuclear and you get it much faster!

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Might be worth noting that all 3 countries (Germany/Italy/Switzerland) included clauses which allow them to buy energy from nuclear-nations (Italy have been doing this for a long time anyway) so they will be indirectly using nuclear plants unless they can actually replace them with renewable sources.

might also be worth noting that the European electricity market is open, it's not a special clause. Every country has imports and exports.

Italy does seem to import electricity from France (does anybody know how much?) but that's still less bad than having nuclear power plants in Italy, because Italy has earthquakes.

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