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Gretchen Shinoda comments

Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

I have been told that the population of Nanjing at the time was 200,000 people. So Japan would have had to kill everyone 1.5 times to reach level claimed in these documents. Something definitely happened, and it was terrible, horrible. NO one disputes that. But I believe a major source of this protest by Japan is that the numbers are grossly fabricated. Killing 1000 people for 300 days by rape and torture is just not fathomable. Something terrible happened. No doubt. But getting history "right" is also important, especially for organizations such as UNESCO.

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Posted in: Snowstorms, strong winds hit many parts of Japan See in context

Niigata city may not get much snoe but Minami Uonuma city, 100k away is experiencing a heavy snow fall year. Most in many years for December.

Wish us luck!

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Posted in: Is Japan overworking its teachers? One exhausted educator says, 'YES!' See in context

I have been worried about elementary and Jr. High teachers for years because of all the things they have to do beyond teaching. I agree that the burden of the after school clubs "bukatsu" at the Jr. High level is just far too much for them. It is too much for the kids too, in my opinion. What about FAMILY time for both parents and kids? Family values get left behind with the over commitment to these Bukatsu! Who is raising the kids of Jr. High teachers? They cannot even go to their own Kids' Sport day festivals, concerts, etc. because they are with MY kid at Bukatsu.....

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Really stupid commercial - but it did make me smile for some reason. How about changing the image by pronouncing English words more clearly!? I like the "wanna hug?" quote! Oh, and I know LOTS of Japanese who will give me a hug!

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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

How about simply borrowing a mask from another kid? That is what happens in my daughter's Jr. High. They SUPPORT each other!

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Posted in: University of Tokyo gives up on plan to start academic year in autumn See in context

I was SO hopeful for Todai's change. It would do so much for globalizing Japan on so many different levels. I am disappointed this morning. If April employment rules could vanish......

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Posted in: LDP education proposal includes TOEFL prerequisite for univ entrance See in context

I SO wish Japan would get away from evaluating TEST scores for English skills (other skills too actually), and get in to developing English as a communication tool. So many can score well on tests here, but cannot communicate in English - and shouldn't that be the goal?.

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Posted in: Northern Japan braces for more snow; 83 deaths, 1,184 injuries reported See in context

We get a LOT of snow every year. This time, it is all just coming so fast without breaks in between to allow the snow to pack down, and the snow removing machines to do their thing. Snow Country is an amazing place to be! Shoveling snow is great exercise too! And to Canada, I am happy to ship some on over!

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Posted in: Japan job treadmill grinds down workers and firms See in context

If Japan could just start a flexible, needs-based recruiting system, and allow people to start on dates other than April 1, they would have more success in recruiting international talent! That talent are both foreigners, and Japanese studying overseas.

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Posted in: Look! Up in the sky! It's an earthquake! See in context

The sky above the Chuetsu earthquake was plainly affected by that quake in 2004. The cloud pattern was unmistakable. I am not sure if it was BEFORE the quake hit, but certainly well after . . . .

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Posted in: Living in Japan, which food or drink item do you miss most from your home country? See in context

GOOD cottage cheese, and I agree with the "GOOD pizza anytime I want" comment

Gretchen, IUJ

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Posted in: Koji Murofushi wins men's hammer at the worlds See in context

All of his throws today were his season bests! Wow. That was exciting. Thanx Murofushi-San!

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