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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

Again, you are claiming religion should be treated with special care without telling us why this should be the case.

I have deeply held political ideas. Do you think attacking and ridiculing my political ideas is uncivilized? I like having them attacked and ridiculed. It makes me question if they are sound. I don’t start whining that I’m offended, throw tantrums, burn flags, make death threats or saw people’s heads off.

I guess it's just a gesture of respect for something one have believe from small. Like how we shouldn't go around mocking one's family, we also should not mock one's belief, even though we feel it is wrong.

Like i mentioned before, anyone is allowed to question what other's belief, political or religion, with proper argument and discussion, but when done in a way that is disrespectful, it is just rude.

Plus, we also need to understand that not everyone is raised in a culture or environment where questions is allowed towards what the society believes, so it is crucial that we consider that when raising that issue to that person.

Besides, we also need to culturally and historically view the society how they are seeing as acceptable type of protest. Because as you can see, the type of protest shown by the muslims in this case varied according to location and culture.

And finally, no matter kind of belief in this world, religious or political, there will always be a group that have extreme view due to lack of knowledge or ignorance or simply human greed while using one's belief as excuse.

And blaming everyone for such small group of people is ignorance at our side.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

Precisely. So what if it offends people? Life is full of things that offend me. It's interesting that you are not offended by savages who cut off people's heads in the street.

Yes I agree, life is full of things that offends each other. If anyone offends me personally, I will talk it out and express my discontent with the person involved. Or simply ignore it. But it is different when someone do something that offends my family or my religion as it involved those I care and what I believe.

Anyone have the right to say what one's believe is wrong with proper arguments and discussion. But simply mocking is just bullying. And lack of action when being protested is just discrimination.

I am also disturbed by how this has turned out. Death is never ever something that we can take lightly.

But I am also sad and wondering how did this turn out this way. The beheading incidents are results that we can see sprouted from unsolved issues.

Blaming solely on a religion is ignorant because other countries are living well with majority of that religion.

If not, why don't we find out what happens there that influences it to occur.

If refugees are coming from certain countries, please research what happens in that country, did foreign influences causes it, which country conquered them in the past and what kind of things they have done to the country and what kind of influences it have to the present, etc.

Terrorism has no place in this world, the same as selective discrimination.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

What exactly is freedom of speech?

Expressing what ever you want regardless of what the person involved feels about it?

No matter what religion you believe, or even none, there must be a value that you hold. Crossing that line is just showing how "civilized" you are.

What Charlie Hebdo drew was an attack to not just Muslim in France, but all around the world.

And Macron defending that cartoon is defending that attack too.

In respond to that, Muslims hold those protest and boycott with their limited power just so that the French Government can get the message of how unhappy the Muslims have been with Macron's responses as a leader of a country.

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