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Posted in: Quarantine measures questioned as woman tests positive after leaving cruise ship See in context

It's long past the point where China was the only source of incubation :

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Posted in: Japan to tighten scrutiny of foreign investment in 12 key sectors See in context

I have shares of Square.Enix Holdings, it's easy to see why they want to do that. China could buy the entire country just like they are buying land all around the world.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 14 more virus cases; school to be closed for 2 days See in context

The gov should be aware that groups of people are infected and spreading the virus intentionally and posting the places they go to eat, on instagram.

I for one ain't leaving home.

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Posted in: Macho culture seen putting women off data science jobs See in context

The first computer programmer was a female scientist.

This doesn't make any sense.

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Posted in: Hundreds leave quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama as coronavirus concerns grow See in context

Goodbye plans for the Olympics.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl jumps to death from apartment building in Kumamoto See in context

Cultures where people believe more in afterlife, ghosts, mysticism in general. More young people are lead to commit suicide.

If everybody was well aware that there's no second chance, I believe suicide would be much less common around the globe.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

Many third world countries are more developed than this in terms of law enforcement and human rights.

If you live in Japan as a foreigner pray every day for never ever need to face any legal investigation or face jail time.

The discrimination is very visible.

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what best job for a husband is, with architect topping list See in context

I know a bunch, they all live in apartments. Think again ladies.

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Posted in: Found in translation: Entrepreneur Oya Koc interprets her way to startup success See in context

The best thing about being a founder is being able to do whatever you want, meaning you have full control over the business.

That is a myth; everybody is always serving somebody!

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Posted in: Death of K-pop star Goo Hara stirs bullying debate See in context

I quit all social media websites years ago and my life had a spike in quality since then...

Unfortunately this was part of her job (exposing herself) and the target audience, teenagers, are absolute emotional terrorists. This is the very reason I dislike J-pop, K-pop, American Pop, whatever. Music is not about exposing yourself as a product to the public, young and naive girls like this one unfortunately fall to this trap universe and the consequences are many, they often enter an spiral of insanity with no turning back.

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Posted in: How many hours a month do anime artists work in Japan? Survey finds crazy number, unhappy workers See in context

Leaning your head over a desk to make drawings over 10 hours a day can hurt you more than working on construction carrying heavy materials all day. It causes severe pain to your back and the lack of movement in bad sitting stance can block blood from reaching your feet causing even more pain once you standup. A friend of mine had to be hospitalized due to backbone issues.

Manga creators, animators, game developers, musicians, they all go through these abusive work conditions because companies know there are too many out there willing to take the suffering.

Once the passion is gone they are simply replaced by younger blood.

Anyone who ever worked for entertainment industry knows how things are, most won't stay in the industry for more than 3 to 5 years.

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Posted in: What TV shows have you binge watched and what is the longest amount of time you spent doing that? See in context

"Green Eggs and Ham", it's awesome cartoon adaptation of the book.

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Posted in: Teacher's kick leaves student with broken bone at prestigious Tokyo school See in context

In my country often it's the very contrary.

Students punch teachers trying to force them to fight back and go to prison. A teacher cannot react, if they ever touch a minor it's almost a decade of instant prison, and students know that.

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Posted in: Video game 'Death Stranding' bids to rekindle hope See in context

I understand what Kojima is trying to do, but I don't like it so I won't buy the game.

There's almost no "game", very little gameplay, while there's hours and hours of cinematics and non-sensical dialogue.

Doesn't feel like he built something for the player, seems like he wants us to just sit there and watch, like a movie. This format isn't attractive to me.

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Posted in: Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen See in context

If the matter is savings for retirement then the worst thing that you can do is to pile paper money under your bed. Buy gold instead if you don't trust banks.

For daily expenses I have never seen in my life the classic creditcard machines fail so I just pay with instead of keeping cash around.

Phones are entirely different story. All smartphones now can be targeted by viruses, I will never trust this thing.

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Posted in: Chinese state media urge 'tougher line' on Hong Kong See in context

HK Citizens are NOT Chinese. Dont follow the PRC propaganda.

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong citizen born there and he tells the world he is Chinese.

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