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Posted in: The training that saved JAL passengers was worth every yen See in context

I don't know why there are few articles about the crew's valor. The entire crew should receive the highest honor handed out by the government and Imperial Family in Japan. Does colliding the the coast guard plane have something to do with this? I've ridden on JAL many times, and also similar domestic carriers and American planes, and JAL by far, has the best customer service.

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Posted in: Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by customs over a luxury watch after arriving in Germany See in context

It's kinda heartwarming that this is big news in Germany. Arnold seems like an upfront and honest gentleman, so maybe he thought there was no need to declare his own watch; and $21,000 is about what upper middle class people would pay for a luxury brand. Celebs in Arnold's bracket would easily pay $100,000 for a watch. Hope all went well for Arnold and the charity event.

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Posted in: Japan to offer permanent residency for 4th-generation descendants See in context

I think it started as "Nisei Visa," when nisei were already past 30 years old in U.S. Why put labels on the visas? Just call it "Nikkeijin" visa or something. Yonsei in U.S. would be about 50 years old. The gosei would be their children so they will not be allowed to apply for this visa? Typical of Japan that likes to put you in 'categories.'

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Posted in: Unification Church ties to lawmakers emerges as major political issue in Japan See in context

Sad that Mr. Abe ended up as the target of the gunman, but at least this incident opened, I hope, formal investigation into the cult. The lawyers for victims of the church finally have their say in the court of public opinion. If so many LDP members are beholden to this group and Soka Gakkai, I doubt if any drastic punishment or action will be taken against them, but at least the shady organization is out in the open now.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

I don't know if Ibaraki is back tracking, but the article reads "foreigners who work on farms." It's the same in the U.S. Because citizens don't want to do hard labor, foreign workers are brought into the country. If you fear foreigners so much, Ibaraki, go pick your own lettuce and daikon. See if pure nihonjin will work as farm laborers.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't creates YouTube channel on N Korea abduction issue See in context

Isn't it too late for this kind of stuff? Japanese govt should've done this when YouTube first appeared in the digital world.

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Posted in: Race for new PM starts after Abe's resignation; Aso won't run See in context

Actually, it really doesn't matter who becomes PM. Japan will be Japan, and always function within written and unwritten rules. The man's looks and height are never taken into consideration like U.S. candidates. I doubt if anything will change, except if Trump makes it again, Japan will get bigger bills for security. If Biden, they'll work it out fairly, and revive trade again.

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Posted in: Trump pays highest respect to 'great friend' Abe See in context

Abe's sucking up to Trump got him nothing more than higher bills for security and bad trade deals. Besides taking care of his colitis, I think the burden of dealing with Trump will be a big relief. Abe shouldn't call Donaludo tomorrow. Japan may be stuck with bigger bills.

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Posted in: Japan pushes homegrown vaccines for coronavirus to secure supply See in context

Japan is going ahead with their own vaccine because look at how the world is right now. Trump is pulling out of WHO, China is flexing its muscles, EU is sorta together, but the universal medical sphere is very chaotic. Even the future for the esteemed Center for Disease Control, who Japan respects is uncertain. I don't blame Japan.

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Posted in: Koike takes tougher stance than Abe on coronavirus See in context

I think that in a country like Japan, it would be rather easy to shut down for a duration.

It's basically one race, one language, and most are disciplined citizens. Seeing that they still go to restaurants and bars shows some namby pambiness, but basically they are obedient. Mr. Abe is too lenient. Other Asians countries are ahead of Japan, enacting strict measures. C'mon Japan, just gaman a little this time around, and show the world your discipline. In the meantime, Mr. Son's actions and Fuji Film testing a new drug are commendable, and I hope they succeed.

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Posted in: Panic buying follows coronavirus across the globe See in context

In the U.S. I heard Costco is very generous with returned items. I hope that this time around, they'll refuse to take back toilet paper and bottled water. Americans almost never wear masks. I think retailers never carried them anyway, except for industrial and healthcare usage. As expected shelves were stripped bare, but it's funny that I don't see anyone wearing masks on the street.

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Posted in: Trump considering attending Tokyo Olympics See in context

Does he even know about the Corona virus? Didn't he say it'll vanish by spring when it gets warmer?

If he does come to Japan, I'm sure his entourage will tag along and I can see Trump et al driving Abe folks nuts with requests for extra rooms at luxury hotels. And at the last minute.

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Posted in: U.S. upset by ASEAN's 'effort to embarrass' Trump via partial boycott See in context

Well, what did Mr. T expect? He's bullied these Asian leaders, threatened them with additional tariffs, not to mention pulling out from South Korea and Japan in the defense department. Instead of trying to work with these allies, who are quite mild compared to the turmoil in the Mideast, he deliberately tries to antagonize them.

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Posted in: K-pop and kimchi: Tokyo's 'Little Seoul' shrugs off spat See in context

Didn't Mr. Moon start this fight by expelling some Japanese business from his country? Then incited the citizens to rally against all things Japanese? Japan has been quite mature about this. SK should start living in the real world, and try to calm things down in Asia. Especially now with an undependable, unpredictable American President who wants to befriend Kim of NK. Shunning Japan now will get SK nowhere in this assault on the past.

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Posted in: Moon offers olive branch to Japan to end trade dispute See in context

It's appalling that Mr. Moon is back pedaling after the commotion he caused a few months ago. Japan just sat back and took the insults, knowing that they are stronger economically. I think what moved Mr. Moon is the recession that is brewing world-wide, especially yesterday when the U.S. market crashed big time. Trump of course, is largely to blame for the tariff war with China. With NK snubbing the South, I was waiting for Mr. Moon to cave in. Trump is hopeless as an ally to both Korea and Japan, and wants to call off joint military exercises per NK's threat or request. Get real, Mr. Moon and make a distinction between your allies and enemies, and try to ride out the pending recession.

Oh, and an awful accident happened in Hawaii involving a Kia car, and parents of the victim are suing Kia Motors and the rental car company. This will only add to SK's economic woes if Kia car sales are weakened.

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police finally allowed to carry drinks on duty during summer See in context

Even a polite cabbie asked me for permission once if he could take a sip of water while waiting for the light to change. I was shocked that he would have to ask permission for acting 'normal.'

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Posted in: British caver says he is considering legal action after Elon Musk 'pedo' tweet See in context

Musk picked on the wrong guy to insult. The British know a thing or two about libel and slander. Unsworth must've been under extreme pressure to navigate a path of safety for the trapped boys and coach, and here comes this rich loudmouth making an innocuous offer. That's why Unsworth yelled back.

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Posted in: U.S. seeks to assure S Korea, Japan after Trump-Kim summit See in context

I will only believe what Trump is saying about a peaceful world without nukes, only when he builds his hotels in NK. The coward will probably urge McDonalds, KFC and the like to go there first, and if things are safe and dandy for them, then others may follow. Who does Trump think will pay for NK's re-building? And probably building from scratch because one only knows how bad the infrastructure is. Japan? South Korea? I'm sure Trump will neither lift a finger or pour US$ into helping NK get on it's feet. Let alone, will KJU allow UN inspectors in to disable his nukes.

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Posted in: Abe heads to U.S. for talks with Trump, then attend G-7 summit in Canada See in context

Hasn't Mr. Abe seen through the orange American President yet? Even Donnie is taking a step back, and seems to want the mtg w/Jong Un to just end with a handshake, agreeing to works things out later. Typical way that Trump works through difficult matters. Abe is asking too much if he expect abductees to be released. He might end buy another building from the Kushners which is par for the course when dealing with this family.

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Posted in: Japanese airports short of safety inspectors See in context

The inspectors at Narita are some of the politest that I have encountered at airports. They are well trained, and hard to duplicate the same in U.S. Yes, they deserve a pay raise, especially when there is a labor shortage in Japan. If I were a company looking to hire good people, I would grab these inspectors.

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Posted in: Japan supports Trump's decision to cancel U.S.-North Korea summit See in context

The winner in this fiasco might be Ji of China. Clumsy and moronic American leaders have called Kim names like Rocket Man, Pres. Un, doesn't Pompie even know the head honcho's name he met a few weeks ago? Of course, the fat leader of the North did spit out his share of insults. What could've been a sane, win-win situation over a period of time, Mr. Orange had to bungle the deal with a badly written letter. Mr. Ji on the other hand, is probably smiling because it makes his country closer to unifying North/South, Japan and all of Asia under his terms. Wonder what happened to the ZTE deal? Is Orange still going to keep allowing them into the U.S., not to mention the help that he got for half a billion for a Trump bldg in Asia? Now PM Abe, has to suck up to all sides. Buy more bldgs in U.S. from the Kushners, build factories in the North if North and South get together. Famous last words from the limited vocabulary of Mr. Orange "We'll see."

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'heartfelt' apology from Japan over 'comfort women' See in context

What? Again? After "heartfelt," will it be "sincere," followed by "deep, remorseful" apologies later? I used to feel bad and sorry about the comfort women matter, but SK, can we please move on? You did a remarkable job in bringing the North to the negotiating table for the Winter Olympics. I think you all, China, Japan, NK, SK should use this as a springboard for advancing peace in Asia. SK, please don't put a damper on your relations with Japan. If both sides work together with their technologies, intelligence, diligent work force, and brains, so much more can be accomplished.

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Posted in: S Korea says it won't seek to renegotiate 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context

The young generation in SK probably knows very little about reparations to the tune of almost 1 billion US $ received from Japan in 1965 by Park Chung Hee, the dictator president of SK at the time. Though some it was in low interest loans, SK was able to build their economy as they know it now with help from the U.S. as well. This became known in the early 2000's. I don't know why Japan nor SK do not bring this up when negotiating for more comfort women reparations. Though this unfortunate incident should be put in history books of both nations, I hope that the SK government and public move on to fix what's wrong now. Deal with NK and their nukes, work out mutually beneficial trade deals since the U.S. is now in a hopeless situation. So much good can come to both countries if the South stops harping about the matter, and placing more statues everywhere.

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Posted in: Emperor eyes simple abdication ceremony with no foreign guests See in context

Spoken like a true and honest gentleman. The guest list will be manipulated anyway by LDP with Emperor having no say. He probably wants only close family and friends at his abdication ceremony.

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Posted in: S Korea invites former 'comfort woman' to state banquet with Trump See in context

Please, SK, now is not the time to bring up the Comfort Women issue and feeding Donnie Dokdo shrimp. You all have to reign in the North. Besides, what makes you think the Orange One would empathize with Comfort Women when he, himself have violated so many women?

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Posted in: Trump, Abe toast 'bromance' as two-day summit wraps up See in context

I think Abe is the only foreign leader to suck up to the Donald to the extent of absurdity. Donald ate it up because he cannot tell the difference between flattery and belittling, although I think Abe really meant it. Poor Japanese citizens to have their money squandered on buying more arms, let alone altering their Constitution to do so. BTW did Donald ride on an Osprey when flying from Yokota to Kawagoe? I hope reality sets in when he visits China.

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Posted in: Trump says Texas shooting due to 'mental health problem,' not a gun issue See in context

Trump praised the Imperial residence architecture, and I'm sure he was amazed at a lot of other things in Japan. With all the time he spent with Abe, didn't he notice one thing? Tokyo is a city of 10 million, yet so safe. Of course the homogenous ethnic makeup may play a part, but Japan's strict gun laws make it impossible for regular citizens to acquire firearms. Trump wants to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. after the NY halloween night shooting. So who will he ban now after Texas and LV?

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Posted in: Trumps visit emperor, empress See in context

I hate when people say that Obama was too deferential to the emperor. He was brought up in Hawaii where even 2nd and 3rd generation Japanese nod to their elders and people in high positions. Plus Obama is tall and lanky so it looked like a deep bow considering the height of the emperor. Obama has more education and class than Trump. For the translator in this instance, I don't think it requires any high level of skills--maybe the emperor may say something sensible, but leave it to Trump to blab nonsense. Although I held my breath hoping that the American Pres. would not create any faux pax during his visit with royalty.

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Posted in: Piko Taro to entertain Trump during Japan visit See in context

The Orange Head/Face and Yellow outfit should get along.

Japan will probably shower Donarudo with the best wagyu, golf course, and entertainment. When Obama was there he was led to the best sushi-ya, but heard didn't eat much because it was near midnight. Obama was more eager to talk about NK's nuclear threat, TPP, trade, $/yen rates…so sad that the best/worst of Japanese culture will top off this meeting.

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Posted in: Trump may visit Japan in early November See in context

What for? Abe is about the only leader who sucks up to Mr. Orange, and Japan behaves how Orange et al want them to. Ivanka, Melania and family will be sure to be in the entourage, and be showered with gifts and perhaps get contracts for their lines. Yes, I fear Chubby Boy in NK might cause a ruckus and try to rile two birds with one stone. I know the pres. will be impressed with the well behaved Japanese and orderliness of their transportation, industry and social systems. I only hope he doesn't tweet something innocuous to embarrass his citizens back home. The Emperor and family should call in sick for fear that Trump and his family won't know palace protocol.

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