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Posted in: Arizona governor signs immigration enforcement bill See in context

Arizona's going to run out of jail space.

Arizona uses tents outside in the heat, with pink underwear and pink sheets.

This is a reaction to the drug kidnappings and violence infesting Arizona from across the border.

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Posted in: Top al-Qaida leaders killed in Iraq, U.S. says See in context

I've seen this headline so many times that I wonder, how many leaders can they possibly have?

They have much less then the USA has bullets, and their numbers are infinitesimal compared to the good Iraqi people trying to live their lives in peace and shop in the market.

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Posted in: Mother turns herself in, saying she killed her 8-yr-old son See in context

When is this gonna end? What`s been happening in Fukushima?

It's been happening since the beginning of time.

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Posted in: Japanese porn makers demand cash from Taiwanese See in context

Japanese porn is the best. Fans are everywhere in the world, probably clapping their hands right now. I guess that the mosaic is like a, see no evil, kind of thing.

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Posted in: Which country's beef gets your vote for the tastiest? See in context


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Posted in: Man punches officer for using mobile phone camera at crime scene See in context

Maybe the man was being extorted or harassed by the yaks, or some unknown entity, complained to the police many times with no action taken. Then shows up at the fire and sees the same cops who really knows the whole story, and just loses it.

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Posted in: Ragtag military left to defend Japan on shoestring budget See in context

imomofo at 12:07 AM JST - 4th April

Japan is putting money into it's robot armies. I just have this feeling the Japanese are not just going to stand by waiting for an invasion to happen.

Very good point. Japan is super high tech.

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Posted in: Play ball See in context

YES YES!! She is big league material.

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

This is really good for Japan, both nationally and internationally. If these problems are dealt with, and not denied or ignored, justice will find a home in Japan, and many people will heal, and feel better. It's a new day.!!

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Posted in: U.S. wants Canada to stay in Afghanistan See in context

Canada has always benefited by being America's neighbour, trade and lifestyle are decidedly North American. But our outlook is different, and we are finished with wargames in Afghanistan and are returning to our peacekeeping ways. We may return as rebuilders if invited.

Well you will certainly have plenty of extra wood, for the rebuilding, cause America wont be buying it from you.

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Posted in: Christian militia accused of plotting to kill police in U.S. See in context

The trouble is people who misinterpret the religion whether intentionally or accidentally,

Sure that is one problem.

The other problem is when members of a religion refuse to take a stand against the evil that is done in the name of their religion.

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Posted in: Two female suicide bombers kill 38 on Moscow subway See in context

Ant way you slice it, in any language it comes up being evil Islamic terrorists, and their evil ways.

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Posted in: Retail sales rise 4.2% in February See in context

Double the minimum wage.

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Posted in: Christian militia accused of plotting to kill police in U.S. See in context

Hang em high.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to triple electric car output See in context

Go to your Mitsubishi dealer and order one.

Why would anyone buy a product that the manufacture claims will drop from 50,000$ to 20,000 in the next 2 years? Only governments, and their fleet purchasers, are that stupid.

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Posted in: Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism See in context

Used panties vending machine sounds like a good business opportunity... NOT!

The market is saturated. Although, if you could secure placement near the Kobans or police stations...

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Posted in: Train shame See in context

Simple solution for next time, tell them (in English) that you dont speak English.

If they stare or glare at you, with their head revolving 360 degrees tracking you, just squint your eyes back at them, they will turn away. Works every time.

What can we do to defend against the people who purposely cough in your face??

you broke the foreigner taboo, which is ‘Don’t cause trouble, don’t get anyone else in trouble, be the guest beyond reproach.’”

Actually you just encountered a nut job, an abnormality, he or she is not representative of the entire Japanese population, and most probably, has the same encounters with Japanese people as well.

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Posted in: Russian Navy surveillance ship resumes sailing off Japan See in context

We should of sent a pair of special communications aircraft over their heads to say hello

Go ahead and pick fights, but know this, America will not help you if you start trouble. America is based in Japan to prevent people who think like you, from harming others and themselves.

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Posted in: Toyota shareholders in U.S. sue over fallen stock price See in context

Perhaps the older generation believe in the Japanese brand, but younger people are aware of the decisions they make when they buy products.

Most products are frozen or closed out of the Japanese market. Their is no choice but to buy Japanese in most if not all cases.

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Posted in: Toyota shareholders in U.S. sue over fallen stock price See in context

i agree with Sheeple maybe Toyota should close a couple factories in the US, and see who will get the final blame.

Hyundai, KIA , Tesla, Tata, Ford, GM, Just to name a few of the brands that would love to see Toyota dare to close up shop in America.

Not to mention the fact that production in America is an excellent hedge against currency fluctuation.

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Posted in: Japan: A paradise for entrepreneurs See in context

Japan is run by business groups, local groups, neighborhood groups, city hall bureaucrats, police and yaks.

They dont want anything different, and they refuse to accept competition that in any way is a threat to their own business. Do something big in Japan and become a big target, subject to attacks from everywhere, and any authority. That is the sad reality of Japan, everything is controlled and if you dont believe it ask Horrie-mon. Japanese do not play around when it comes to business and competition, you must join the group and follow the rules, or they will make your life hell. Ask the guy who started the 1000 yen haircut places, he couldn't get any suppliers, was harassed from everyone, and even to this day they are trying to stop him. It sounds crazy, but they are still attacking his business model, the government has just made a new regulation requiring running water at every haircut station, even if the hair cutters dont offer as service to wash your hair. this is one example but there is many. Dont believe the hype.

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Posted in: China is doing very nicely for the moment, thank you See in context

Double the minimum wage in Japan.

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Posted in: Yemen-American imam calls for U.S. Muslim revolt See in context

The biggest joke is that America and it's Islamic population have no troubles with each other, we live in peace.

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Posted in: U.S., Israel to try and heal worst rift in years See in context

School boards closing schools and laying off teachers, roads and infrastructure crumbling, foreclosures mounting daily, no health care for vets (or anyone else),

Yup, and people from every country, and faith, are lined up at Americas door, praying to get in and become Americans, free to live the American dream!!

but always a cool mil-a-day or more for israel.

America spends 2 billion dollars a day on defense, a million is just a drop in the bucket to support our allies and friends in Israel.

Where is the outrage, Amerika?

Any way u spell it AMERICA spells freedom and justice. The outrage, is reserved for Islamic terrorists and their evil supporters.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Israel cancel Jerusalem building plan See in context

I really want a JUST peace in the Middle East,

Yeah right, What about the rest of the world, infect, every country has troubles with Islamic terrorism and it's evil supporters...

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Posted in: U.S. demands Israel cancel Jerusalem building plan See in context

It's an Islamic terrorists wet dream-

Get all US interest, except those who want to stay there at their own expense, out of Israel. Stop all US money. Allow Israel to founder and fail like they would have decades ago without US aid.

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Posted in: Murder in Japan See in context

Japans murder rate is about 3 people a day, but, it's suicide rate is about 100 people a day. Something smells fishy in keystone land.

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Posted in: Nobody wants to be Japan, the fallen angel that went from one of the fastest growing economies in the world for more than three decades to one that has slowed to a crawl for the past 18 years. See in context

Demand justice, stop the bullying, help each other and accept mistakes and change. Learn to embrace individuality. You can do it and enjoy a bright future. Japans worst problem is the fact that no one believes that they can change the system. Someone needs to steep up and be the nail that broke the hammer. Japanese people are too good for this oppressive nightmare that is Japan. Revolt now!!

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Posted in: Taliban: Kandahar bombings a 'warning' to NATO See in context

Did Americans really think they could invade and control Afghanistan?

Damm right!

The Americans are defeated.

The dead Islamic terrorists littering the ground in Afghanistan dont agree.

There is fatigue now. There is no way Americans can hold on to Afghanistan.

hahaha! America wants Pakistan and Iran. You can have Afghanistan back when were done. Any questions, see Iraq. America has a stranglehold over the Islamic terrorists and is poised to cleanse the region of its nukes and terrorists. We haven't even started...

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