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Posted in: LDP has solid lead ahead of upper house vote: polls See in context

The level of journalism in this country is a joke.

The current administration is exploiting the nuclear disaster, on which LDP has a significant part of responsibility by supporting pro-nuclear power policy for decades. The government needs more secret to keep things working or, more precisely, appear as if they were working. It’s totally beyond me why some people seem to still rely on TV and newspapers for “information” while they are supported by TEPCO and Dentsu, or the core of Japanese media conglomerate. If media were actually serving people for democracy, then, what they should be doing is to simply show what bills are passed and who agreed with/opposed to them and ask questions about their reasoning since, at the end of the day, that’s what politicians are for. Listening to what politicians tell especially before elections is just a waste of time.

Considering Engel's coefficient, increasing tax is like squeezing a dry towel. This will kill the peace industry, destroy job opportunities and make cheap labors for the war industry. Basically, what Abe administration is doing is throwing money to corporations and investors in a way of a going-out-of-business sale to get the support on driving the people to wars. And for whom? Ever heard of “A Restaurant with Many Orders,” by Kenji Miyazawa?

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