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Yeah, the Japan smoking "monopol" is falling. So many of my friends in the same age stopped smoking. Mostly couples who do it together. People older (35+) show no interest in smoking. At the local Nomiya we are in general 90+% smokers.

For me as a smoker it is hard to agree, but I think restaurants should ban smoking. Bars and small Izakayas should not. I honestly think that would hurt the business a lot.

But at some point in the future we will have destroyed smoking and move on to the next drug. Humans have used drugs since the dawn of time, removing one, does not mean we will be starting living the happy clean life some of the hardcore anti smokers want us to believe we would.


I doubt that stopping smoking would increase the work output anywhere. You don't have to be a smoker to be slacking off. Actually as a non smoker, you can get away even better. Just sit at your desk all day long and pretend to work

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I agree with the mixi guy. Most foreigners do not get mixi and do not use it, or see it more as a funny thing. But when I look around, those people who use FB have either lived outside japan for some time, have a lot of foreign friends, etc. But people who just communicate with other japanese people are not FB.

I also agree that twitter is not a real SNS, it is a micro blogging thing, but not an SNS.

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