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He did not defend the "wartime sex slavery". He said it did not exist and is a Korean propaganda.

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Eiji TakanoFEB. 12, 2014 - 10:05PM JST

It's called a dIscussion Takano. Do you intend to call me a revisionist if claimed that Hitler was murdered by an extraterritorial? Well, in that case you should ask me proofs of my claim. I do know that the Japanese officials acknowledge the existence of comfort women and apologized a number of times like this Murayama did in the past. And what were their reasoning behind those apologies aside from their very confused and blind "pacifist" ideology?

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Murayama is just an extreme leftist with disillusioned ideology. Japan did not institutionally force women into sex slaves. I don't know just how many times I have to say this. This issue was fabricated by the Japanese leftist journalists and brought up as an international issue when some Koreans decided that it would be a good business. When rape is concerned, people just blindly stigmatize the supposed offender. I understand that's human nature but this is supposed to be an argument based on historical records. Some of the Korean comfort women are even claiming that they were kidnapped by helicopters, for christ sake. They were generally prostitutes trying to earn a living.

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His action was a righteous exposure much needed in Japanese society, but one thing he totally misunderstands is that the secrecy law that Abe passed is not intended for the cooperate information but for the information concerning national security. How would that be a "profoundly disturbing" law when there are countless such laws in any developed countries with possible foreign threats. The law Abe passed was something Japan needed for decades but just had to wait to happen till he showed up. I can only guess that Woodford is just another liberal who repels any sort of conservative actions by reflex, which is disappointing.

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I think criticizing the interpreter is wrong; that addition is almost irrelevant as some have already pointed out. It was the western media that misinterpreted Abe's speech, intentionally or not, so the government should blame the media, not the translator.

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aussie-musashiFEB. 01, 2014 - 09:23AM JST

Japan`s policy of providing sex slaves for all its front line troops

The supporters of this issue always claim such utterly baseless statements. Can you show evidences to support that they were institutionally forced slaves? If 200,000 women were forced into sex slavery as the Korean claim, there should had been documents pertaining to these actions. Who had provided these women food and shelter? How and where were they kept? Where are the related governmental documents that authorize these actions; 200,000 is a lot of people and the corresponding documents would be of tremendous amount. Did we destroy all of them in order to save our face after we lost against Americans? Or did the ranking officers act on the orders verbally passed on to them? You have yet to find any such documents. And it's your obligation to present a proof since you're the one charging us with crime.

There were individual crimes during wartime. It's true, it was horrible and the criminals should be punished. But it's a whole different story when you claim that Japanese institutionally forced the women to be sex slaves. This issue is merely a political card recently devised by leftist (or rather, communist) Japanese and the Koreans to harass Japan, and it's completely disgusting.

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Raising issue is always a good thing to do. I've never seen the episode, but I'm gonna try this.

“We are concerned that the drama will reinforce stereotypes and discrimination against children’s homes”

So they are only concerned about their image, and not the children or raising discussions. What they're effectively saying is that "let us, and only us, handle this shit. Public attention is unwanted". Well those rights group can go screw themselves.

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Please, smart people, just do whatever you need, and let me live forever.

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This is ultimately historian's job, as some have already said, but the problem is that the Korean and Chinese are using this issue to attack Japan morally. Japanese officials need to devise a more systematic approach to defend themselves, at least, from a baseless and utterly humiliating accusation such as this. They should just stick to stating-the-facts method. Fact-wise, the Korean arguments are just a load of nonsense anyway. It's only after the leftist journalists in Japan fabricated the sensational story about institutionally forced comfort women, the Koreans founded all those NPO's.

Those who are interested how this "issue" was raised, go to Wikipedia and read the part: History of the issue. At least what's written there seems somewhat neutral.

Many brutal things happened, and Japanese did take part in those during WW2, but Japan did not force women to be sex slaves. Those women were just prostitutes trying to make livings.

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This whole sex slaves BS started because of a series of baseless articles by leftists (I hate to call them liberals) in Japan during the 70’s, and ever since the Koreans have convinced themselves that they were the most sexually brutalized victims in the human history. Due to their extremely anti-Japanese political nature, they just believe whatever that comes in to their ears if it's about Japanese atrocities during the war. And the journalists and the former victors of WW2 are just mindlessly pouring oil to this flame, not even trying to look into and compare the facts.

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Abe is just taking this matter and trying to make it seem bigger than it actually is.

Politics is not all about tolerating whatever shit other countries are giving to you. Sometimes, it's way better to just blurt it out, for the sake of mutual benefit: "we may have a business relation, but we don't like what you're doing to us". Abe might be exaggerating the seriousness of the situation here and there, but it will help a significant portion of Chinese people to understand the very surprising truth that even we Japanese cannot tolerate their stupidity.

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