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Posted in: Mona Yamamoto See in context

"Is this a sign of the recession? Apparently the distributor decided it was too expensive to bring Anne Hathaway over here, so we get a second-rate TV personality, who has no connection to the movie, dressed in a doctor's coat. Could be a long year over here if this is the trend."

It's a sign of the same thing Japan has always done, hiring local flailing personalities to promote a film. They've been doing this for as long as I can remember. Most recent I can recall is shamed boxer Kameda for some cop drama that made nothing in the States a few months back. Now it seems they've gone for a woman that can keep her le....okay I won't go there.

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Posted in: Clinton visits Meiji Shrine See in context

"Showing respect for the history and culture of Japan" is fine, so long as you know what you are doing. I was disappointed, but not surprised by the actions of Hillary. As a professing "Christian" and therfore a follower of the One True God, bowing down in front of a shrine dedicated to Japan`s 800 million Shinto "gods" shows that she has no understanding either of the Faith she professes to be a member of, nor indeed any clear understanding of the "history and culture" of Japan. It was State Shinto, represented by Meiji Shrine, which was responsible for the deaths of millions of Japanese and foreign nationals before and during the Second World War. Hillary has obviously not got a clue, and this act does not bode well for her time in office."

What a strange almost fanatic post.

Hillary is a lumbering water buffalo going from place to place awkwardly but to say she's wrong for doing something cultural? Please. There are plenty of other reasons to find fault with her. People always go batty when religion is involved.

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Posted in: Mother and child die after birth in toilet in Aichi apartment See in context


This is the most tragic story I think I've ever read here.

The mother wasn't 16.

She wasn't hiding her pregnancy.

She had other children.

She wasn't a single mom.

She wrapped the baby in towels so she wasn't looking to harm it.

What the heck?

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Posted in: Clinton visits Meiji Shrine See in context

"Why Meiji Shine? Yasukuni is much more interesting."

This. So this.

"I can already hear the Republicans gnashing their teeth over this.

The woman they so love to hate is getting a Japanese government-funded tour of the capital!

Too much! :-)"

And why should they care or begin 'gnashing their teeth'?

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy killed in car crash in Fukushima See in context

A Japanese child in a car not wearing a seat-belt!!!???

Well I never!

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Posted in: World hopes for a 'less arrogant America' See in context

Not this American. And not many millions of Americans just like me.

And apparently right over the head of you and millions of Americans just like you.

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Posted in: World hopes for a 'less arrogant America' See in context

American hopes for 'less arrogant World'.

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Posted in: 58,000 police deployed to ATMS to stop bank transfer fraud on pension payment day See in context

Wouldn't an education campaign be more effective?

Nope. They OreOre scam has been extensively covered in the media, in local community meetings and by banks posting warnings for years.

They are simply stupid individuals who fall for some slippery-tongued scam artists.

My question is this though. If Japan is so concerened about scams why not prevent the cement companies ie. yakuza fronts, from paving the countryside as we know it?

I saw these officers over the past two days as I did some transactions. They werent staring me down or standing over my shoulder. They were standing outside the bank....standing. Now Im a young foreigner so obviously they`re not going to expect me to fall for the scam but I must believe that when they saw elderly citizens walk by they gave a word of warning.

In a word, useless. Its simply meant to deter the scam artists since theyre showing a presence. Typical of Japan to shove the problem under the carpet as opposed to taking it by the horns. But, its not my country and Im not one of them so I dont think its my right to tell them how they should waste their time and money.

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Posted in: Temple burns down as monk attacked by hornets See in context

He said the monk, Atsushi Sato, 41, suffered burns on his ears, face and left hand, but he was not stung.

Am I the only one to find this line gut-bustingly hysterical?

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Posted in: Miyazaki regarded his execution as 'misunderstanding' See in context

A while back before the internet became inundated with useless information and Wikipedia wasn't the go-to for everything/anything, I found an article that described Miyazaki, his life and life-style and the murders in meticulous detail. An attempt to find it on Google proved fruitless BUT I did find a recent article that references those facts:


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Posted in: Miyazaki regarded his execution as 'misunderstanding' See in context

'Inhuman'? 'Inhuman'!? That monster doesn't have the right to say what's inhuman or not.

This article fails to mention some of the more important details of his crimes. After he grilled their wrists in his back yard he devoured one of his victim's wrists. Another victim he watched rot over a period of weeks then sent left the bones for the parents.

And they're going to let HIM say what is or isn't 'inhuman'!!???

Where is this world going?

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Posted in: Ibaraki woman arrested for drowning 13-day-old son in bathtub See in context

unless you don't know, a japanese girl once discharged from the hospital after 4 or 5 days after giving birth, she has to resume work at home like cleaning, shopping, taking care of her in-laws and plus taking care of the baby. And that she usually does not recieve any help from anybody.

Yeah, so it's cool beans that she killed her baby just because of that pressure.

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Posted in: Ibaraki woman arrested for drowning 13-day-old son in bathtub See in context

she probably wasn't informed about options of adoption and similar information.

She's old enough to procreate but doesn't know what this 'adoption' thing is?

So you've assigned a name to this murderer's illness. That's great, she's still a murderer, no excuses.

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Posted in: 17-yr-old girl held for threatening massacre in Internet message See in context


What`s someone with a reasonable view of reality doing here on JT?

I like the calls for psychiatric help. I can give her an examination myself right now. She`s messed up.

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Posted in: Stereotypes ’R’ Us See in context

I run an anime export company (J-List) and couldn't get through a day without many good ideas by my Japanese employees who are in their 20s and 30s. The more likely reason that your ideas are not accepted is that they are not good ideas.

Did your dabblings in Japanese culture make you forget american joke ie. sarcasm? No kidding people of all ages have great opinions. The tongue-in-cheek comment relates to how many older male figures seem to make a lot of so-called important business decisions. Which as she also remarks, doesn`t really change much anywhere you go in the world. Ahem, US Presidents, ahem.

BTW, major lulz to anyone accusing the writer of making stereotypes about Japanese individuals. She`s merely lifting up the words used by posters that are a dime a dozen on JT.

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Posted in: Stereotypes ’R’ Us See in context

I mean, if we were truly satisfied with our own lives, would we really feel the need to focus on the lives of others so much?

Boom. There it is.

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Posted in: Mix master: Jero breathes new life into enka See in context

I like how the announcers all treat him, "OH MY GOD! A FOREIGN PERSON IS CAPABLE OF COMPREHENSIBLE JAPANESE!?" Sadly he'll take the Bobby and Sapp place after he wraps up Kouhaku completing his wish to his grandmother and making the Japanese public cry riiiiight before they move on to the next shiny object.

If he has any long-standing success/following it will definitely be with the older crowd. The students I teach are already mocking him and the songs he sings. They'd much rather sing their imitation reggae.

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Posted in: Violent game launch canceled after Akihabara rampage; gov't discusses regulations on knives See in context

Haha! That's great! Yes, let's cancel a launch event for the one war game that actually REWARDS the player for taking non-lethal measures and oozes pacifist themes.

Meanwhile tell Mr. and Mrs. Kato to bow their heads a few centimeters lower and it might help bring back those 7 people.

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