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Posted in: Why Australia is battling floods again See in context

Why is Australia battling floods again ?

Too much rain would be my first guess.

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Posted in: Japan reports 36,189 coronavirus cases See in context

Australia has 36000 cases NEW per Day.

Approaching 10,000 deaths overall {not daily }

We are the "new freedom country "who dont wear masks .

We are strong individuals who reject the mandates of Govt.

We are losers apparently

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka arrested again for drug possession, 9 days after getting suspended sentence See in context

Jeez you commentators are a empathy lacking lot.

He hasnt killed anyone , or upskirted a video {like some Police }....give the guy some understanding of how drugs affect the brain and human behaviour.

People with addiction problems {including alcohol, gambling, sex etc } seek out the source of their addiction.

But all I read on this forum is "punishment, punishment, punishment " which by the way, doesnt work.

How about "The quality of mercy is not STRAINED "

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Posted in: 3 Chinese navy ships circumnavigate Japan as Tokyo remains on alert See in context

Chinese navies version of stalking.

Whats next....calling the Japanese Captains phone with heavy breathing ?


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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying paint on house See in context

Very mature response from the graffito.

40 years old going on 14.


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Posted in: Kishida seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership See in context

As to whether Australia is an Asian nation....2022 Census reveals 1/ largest group of new migrants were from England yet 2/ next largest inputs from India , then China, and rounding out the top ten we have Malaysia, Phillipines , Sri Lanka etc.

Seems both the change in demographic of people's origin and our location is making Australian an Asian nation.

Good thing too.

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Posted in: 46 dead migrants found in truck in Texas See in context

Note to posters above.....people have died in vans trying to get to UK or to France or wherever....its so Americo centric to think the USA is the only country attracting illegal migrants.

Imagine if the various Administrations of the USA post war had sought to develop the neighbouring Latino countries instead of trying to control and manage a status quo that impoverishes people.

The relationships America has had with appalling dictators goes some way of describing what history has shown.

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Posted in: CBD oil drinks now available in Japanese vending machines See in context

I find sitting next to a waterfall or bubbling creek as relaxing as it gets in Japan.

Add a cold beer and a camp chair placed in the middle of the most things for a chill out.

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Posted in: Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are getting a divorce: New York Times See in context

So Jerrys' on the market again eh ?

Would she like the complete opposite of Murdoch???

A poor guy who drives a Nissan Tiida !

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Posted in: Aichi woman arrested for mixing human excrement into school lunch See in context

Modern medicine is using dried excrement in capsules to cure things as varied as stomach disorders {unbalanced bowel/stomach biotics } through to depression.

Maybe this woman was just cutting out the middleman ?

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Posted in: Japan, Australia to expand defense ties for regional order See in context

Hey Jim {above }, trade in coal and like materials is on a downward trend because of global warming.

And I cant see Australia being a USA/Japan puppet despite CCP propaganda.

At least we three, and nearly all Asian countries, dont live in a quasi military dictatorship and one party state.

Still prefer to live in Australia than China.....not many Aussies seeking to emigrate to China.

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Posted in: Kishida to be 1st Japanese leader to attend NATO summit See in context

NATO and Libya ....whats that about about "Changing the status quo by force ".

Libya now a failed state.

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Posted in: Is AI the future of art? See in context

Art is DEAD !!!

Long live the Hobbyist.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools to introduce genderless swimsuits with unisex two-piece design See in context

Wake me when they design a swim suit that hides man boobs.

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Posted in: Malaysia Islamic minister says Bon Odori dance not for Muslims See in context

Shikoko's Odori dance is accompanied by singing

"The dancers are fools

the watchers are fools

Both are fools

So why not dance "

Gettin' jiggy with it homes !!!

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Posted in: Japanese schools banning nicknames, mandating use of '-san' divides opinions See in context

1/ You're dealing with LANGUAGE which has a habit of ignoring attempts to restrict and control.

2/You're dealing with children who also have ways of avoiding restriction and control by adults .It's part of forming your identity as a child.

3/Old fuddy duddies advocating compulsory "San " when addressing others of your age {remember these are school kids } are so off the mark they should be addressed as "Chan ", just to annoy them.

4/ Let kids be kids, nick names are part of "childhood " something to be afraid of ?

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Posted in: Drug culture, familiar to past generations, staging a comeback among the young in Japan See in context

Google "Reefer Music " for an interesting cornucopia of music including Louis Armstrong .

Real feet tapping stuff.

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Posted in: China eyes security pact in Pacific Island summit See in context

China offering "free trade agreements "

What do the Pacific Islands export ?

Access to fishing resources and future mining would be China's immediate aim....then comes the military connection through "development loans " owed and favours expected.

What a horror show if present day CCP China gets its claws into these islands and people.

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Posted in: Albanese sworn in as PM in Australia ahead of Tokyo Quad summit See in context

"A life long politician " who has been Minister in various portfolios and served as Deputy Prime Minister as well

when the ALP were last in Government.

So a lot of real life experience in handling big issues like Government spending in Infrastructure and Development etc, as well as someone who knows how the Government functions IN REALITY.

Previous devious PM Morrison had a background in Tourism, being sacked or asked to walk on two occasions.

Give Albo a decent least I'm no longer embarrassed by the quality of the Federal Government.

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Posted in: Opposition Labor Party leader Albanese elected Australian PM in complex poll result See in context

Older Aussies remember the time of Bob Hawke as PM {ALP}

He liked working for consensus and compromise and never resorted to dirty tactics {anti immigration, anti Muslim etc } that the Liberal Party did .

I reckon Albo will be a PM in that style.

Thanks to fellow Aussies for voting progressively.

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Posted in: Girl who disappeared in Yamanashi in 2019 confirmed dead after bone DNA test See in context

Human perp. not a bear etc.

When a kid disappears the cops should think "FOUL PLAY " at the first instance.

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Posted in: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years after its reversion to Japan See in context

Methinks the "pro USA forces on Okinawa " commentators here are US citizens, maybe former or serving military.

That's fine, but , if so, your arguments are hardly neutral or independent.

My view is that Okinawa is treated shabbily by both US and Japan administrations.

If Okinawans vote in anti base politicians then yes, it would appear a majority oppose the bases and all that goes with them.

I reckon Okinawans should send delegations to the US to raise concerns with the US people and media.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

Seems everytime world attention is focused elsewhere {today , Ukraine } little Potato Head sends some missiles or whatever..."look at me...look at me "

Get a decent haircut and you'll get more interest you TOOL !!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: As Putin marks Victory Day, his troops make little gains in Ukraine See in context

Russia has the largest land mass area of all countries, yet has a GDP the size of South Korea.

Suck it up Princess Putin....your nation is a modern failure.

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Posted in: Experts worried by rise of cocaine processing in Europe See in context

People in the Andes chew the leaf...less than 1 % potency.

Coke and crack are a different beast......and I mean beast.

I dont see why people are lining up to spend exorbitant amounts on a drug that

1/ Lasts for 40 minutes

2/leaves you feeling depressed and wanting more

3/Makes you paranoid.

4/Makes your willy shrink.

Yep...sounds great !!!!!!

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Posted in: Hotel guest who boiled crabs in room’s kettle angry at having to pay for damages See in context one asking how the crabs felt

Wont somebody please think about the crabs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: 51% of children in Japan get 1st smartphone at elementary school age: poll See in context

I'm a Luddite and dont have a mobile phone , dont text and use computers for a limited range of things.

I'm happy I had a childhood where "playing " meant outside the house, and talking to friends was done in person.

So often I see a group of young people together, yet ALL looking at their phones. Sad outcome for technology.

My brother in law bought my wife a new smart phone....I call it a conversation buster.

{thinking grumpily ..... "things will be different when we move back to Australia "}

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Posted in: China-Solomons security deal upends Australian election See in context

I've heard with my own ears Australian politicians from the Liberal National Party demean and patronise Pacific Island states


The right wing of Australian politics still look to the UK and Europe , to see Australia's standing ,and the USA to fawn like puppy dogs.

We have to go back many decades to someone like ex PM Keating {ALP} who said "Australia is part of Asia ".

The Chinese plan for 50 years to achieve goals of strategic value to them.

You can see the importance of isolated and small Pacific Islands in the way the Pacific War was won, lost and won .

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Posted in: Man indicted for selling 130,000 syringes to drug dealers See in context

People take drugs...get over it.

Addicts have rights too....ooh...that's a hot one !

Most western countries adopted "harm minimisation " practice as soon as policy makers stopped listening to cops and started listening to health experts.

Most addicts stop using .....thats a fact.....and to prevent lifetime illnesses like HIV and HCV , transmissible to non users , is a worthy public health goal.

BTW most addicts arent happy being addicts and there is usually some "back story " as to how the addiction began.

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