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Posted in: After knife attack, New Zealand criminalizes terror plotting See in context

I think the term "conspiracy " in criminal law requires two or more people's involvement

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Yokohama See in context

Driving home a few days ago a 15 year old or so boy just ran onto the road in front of me ,like a startled deer or something.

Reflexes kicked in and I swerved around him as he backtracked the way he came......I called him a name ....rhymes with "punt "

Lesson for me is that you CAN NEVER be distracted on Japanese roads which are narrow and have tiny footpaths and no room for error.

RIP the little girl .

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Posted in: U.S.-Australia submarine deal: What are the risks? See in context

Dont forget, these subs, if delivered , are decades away.

Havent even decided in a class or design yet.

As much politics by an Aust. PM under pressure as defence initiative.

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Posted in: Melbourne shuts construction sites after violent anti-vax protest See in context

CMFEU boss clearly says most of the protesters were not union members.

Easy to get a hi vis jacket and pretend to be someone else

I have a radical idea.....if the Police stopped trying to stop the protests and let the marchers {in other protests, not this one } march, what is the problem ?

Adding a conflict to the mix helps no one, and it doesnt stop the lockdown protests anyway.

Have to say Police in Victoria and NSW have been way too aggressive and throwing people to the ground is not necessary to facilitate an arrest , except in extreme circumstances.

Fines of $500 to $5000 for not wearing a mask or being outside a designated 5 k's from home is also way over the top.

Japan hasnt had to resort to this ......I'm in no hurry to return to Australia in current circumstances.

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Posted in: France recalls ambassadors to U.S., Australia over sub deal See in context

There is an 18 period starting soon to DECIDE which submarine model/class to buy.

It's a plan to have a plan.

PM Morrison way out of his depth...pun intended.

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Posted in: Woman chips tooth eating McDonald's burger containing metal See in context

On leaving school I worked as a kitchen hand in a "classy " restaurant. I progressed from "dish pig " to entre's and desserts.

I sent out a dessert with a blowfly in it, a dozen oysters with crushed glass on them ,.....stuff happens in ultra busy restaurants.

Chefs' just shook their heads and laughed.

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Posted in: Biden angers France, EU with new Australia-UK initiative See in context

And now Australia has upset the Indonesians with this submarine plan.

Australia's Liberal led Government should buy a world map and see where they's in to the worlds largest Muslim population and a coming economic growth that will outstrip Australia.

Should learn to get along with people.....the Chinese rhetoric is directed as much to a domestic audience as it is to outsiders.

Plus read some history on China....they are right to be a tad tetchy with Europe and colonial thinking.

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Posted in: Biden angers France, EU with new Australia-UK initiative See in context

Wake me when a contract is signed, a plan for construction unveiled , real costing revealed.

At this stage its a "plan to have a plan "

I cant see subs being built.

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Posted in: Australian nuclear subs will be banned from New Zealand waters: Ardern See in context

The actual supply of the subs is decades away. Plenty of time for US changes in Presidents and politics.

I'll believe it when it happens......PM Morrison {Aust } has a lousy track record of delivering on anything.....

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Posted in: Biden announces Indo-Pacific alliance with UK, Australia See in context

China is Australia's most important trade partner.

How will this posturing square with that ?

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for assaulting 87-year-old nursing home resident for ‘not going to sleep’ See in context

He should transfer to the Japan Immigration Department.....

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

Reading comments above I am really shocked how easily people accept and condone state violence and call a visa overstayer a "criminal " etc.

Most people react to how they are treated. Seems immigration in Japan treat people like crap.

"The quality of mercy is not strained "....think about it.

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Posted in: If you watched any of the Paralympics, did it alter the way you think about people with disabilities? See in context

I enjoyed watching lots of different sports.

Pretty awe inspiring effort by many with disabilities as severe as no arms/legs and competing in swimming.

I am humbled by these athletes.

Hats off as well to all those that assisted.

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Posted in: Surfer fatally bitten by shark off Australia's east coast See in context

Shelley Beach is my home beach in Oz, I have a house 10 minutes walk from the sand.

Surfed there over a thousand times and never saw a shark.

The village of Emerald Beach is close knit, 99% like to surf and swim.

This will hurt for some time.

Shark attacks have greatly increased in Australia over the past 10 years.

I dont know the reason, but note for about 20 years the Great White has been a protected species in Australia

Snakes are also protected.

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Posted in: What do you think is causing tennis player Naomi Osaka's problems? See in context

Thumbs down to the posters dissing on this YOUNG woman.

Mind your own business would be my advice.

Depression or similar is a mongrel disease that can strike anyone, any time.

Media needs to shut up as well.....she's not public property.

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Posted in: Yakuza leader's threat to judge shouldn't be taken lightly See in context

Criminal in WA about to receive his sentence....Judge begins his summing up.....crim pipes up "I dont want to hear from you, you clown, just give me my time and be done with it "

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Posted in: Princess Mako, boyfriend Komuro to marry by year-end See in context

Just get married in Las Vegas

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Posted in: How would planting 8 billion trees every year for 20 years affect Earth's climate? See in context

It would make a lot of dogs happy at least.

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Posted in: Are you or any of your family suffering from coronavirus fatigue? If so, what do you try to do each day to deal with it? See in context

We have a little kid in our extended family who is a real crack up.

He is aged 4, Japanese and he was wondering why his dad {suffering from corona } was being kept in the bedroom with no visitors .

His mum explained "he has Corona virus "

Little boy replies "will he become a zombie "?

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Posted in: What ticks off drivers in Japan? New survey reveals top 3 causes of road rage See in context

I live i a small coastal town with a majority elderly population ,most of whom seem to drive...very slowly....

You cant get angry at their "antics " or you'd be angry all day.

Wife and I just for us.

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Posted in: Georgian judoka ejected from Paralympics after assault arrest See in context

Sing along

"He's leaving....on the midnight plane to Georgia "

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Posted in: If you have or had a Japanese spouse, how would you describe your relationship with your Japanese in-laws? How has it changed over the years since you got married? See in context

First night I met the {prospective } inlaws, I got supremely drunk with father {Japanese }......I mean he laid on every drink he, sake, wine, plum wine, whiskey, shochu.....{maybe it was a test ?}

I went to bed and woke up at 3am with the room spinning wildly......mad dash to the toilet.....didnt make it....spewed all over the place including onto the fridge.

Next morning, dying with shame I apologised profusely to {prospective } Mother in law.

Her reply ? Pointing at her husband she said "dont worry, he's done that too "

Happy ever after and coming onto 30 years of marriage.

Sadly Father in law passed away about a month ago .....many tears shed for a diamond geezer.

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

Can the Government find some way to attach powerful magnets to journo's that link to metal structures over the city ?

Really, the non use of compliance devices like magnets is a concern to me and others .

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Posted in: Australia considering safe haven offer to Hong Kong residents See in context

This will confuse the Aussie rural red necks in Queensland who vote for a woman that entered Parliament on a "we are in danger of being swamped by Asians " platform.

These are also Sco Mo's people.

My prediction.....very little change in the immigration program......Govt. playing politics with this.

I'm reminded of Tony Abbot's wish to have Christians under siege from ISIS bought to Australia.....didn't happen.

Current PM had a pre politics employment history in advertising....and as a NSW Liberal back ground operator.

He's tricky !

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state mandates coronavirus testing for returning travelers See in context

1/ Its not "self quarantine "'s mandatory quarantine with Border Force or similar making sure you don't leave your hotel room where 98% of the quarantine occurs

2/Quarantine is for 14 days, the best estimate for the virus to show itself.

3/Hence not foolish to have omitted to test in the past.....I accept this should now occur, but a {maybe false } neg. wouldn't change the length of quarantine .

4/Im in Japan and want to return to Oz but I couldn't take 14 days in a hotel room.

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Posted in: 3-meter shark kills surfer off Australia's east coast See in context

That part of the East coast has seen an increase in attacks, without fatalities, in the past 10 years.

It is near Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point.

I don't know whether that fact is significant....maybe sharks follow electro magnetic lines and the encroaching eastern continent brings land based humans and sharks together.

I don't know be gentle in your sarcasm.

The day of the attack was storm cloudy and grey, and mullet fish were running.

A sharky day ....

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Posted in: Australian police put a 90-day limit on draconian virus measures in NSW See in context

Oh its a mess alright.

You can beach fish in NSW...but not Victoria.

Gun sales are an essential service in Queensland.

PM's wife goes shopping for kids {jig saw puzzles }.

This described as "essential " by the PM.

No beach swimming or surfing but pairs exercising in parks OK.

Yep...a big mess of tangled spaghetti rules.

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Posted in: Cruise ship responsible for jump in Australia coronavirus cases See in context

Australian Government led by Scotty Shambles has closed all restaurants and cafes {take out OK }, shut all pubs and clubs {bottle shop still open } , shut down access to most city beaches {including Bondi }, banned any Australians leaving the country, banned any foreign arrivals, closed the borders between states, cancelled events like The Royal Easter Show , the ANZAC commemorations, closed Churches etc, rationed food to stem hoarding......

Crikey !

This is "Level ONE Restrictions !!!!

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Posted in: Australian politician calls for immediate review of all anime due to depictions of 'child abuse' See in context

Give the politician a break.

He's from South Australia.

Next stop Antarctica.

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