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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan is bringing back its Beef Stew Pie See in context

A good meat is indeed romantic ....I bought my wife one on a past wedding anniversary and we ate it sitting in the car at a car park overlooking the ocean .

By the look in her eyes I could tell she was smitten !

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Posted in: Port in Tottori striving to save commercial coastal fishing See in context

A little fishing village near me has seen some renewal by foreigners buying older minshukus etc. and refurbishing them.

My wife just bought one quite cheaply.

We needed to have scaffolding around the house to fix the things Japanese dont fix to their homes.

The neighbour complained because an area of 10 centimeters of scaffold footing had encroached on her line of property.

When I pointed out the amount of rusted metal and assorted detritus laying alongside her home impeding her movement, she replied "My house, my gomi {rubbish} ".

Well, you old cow, with attitudes like that you wont be welcoming many new commers will you !

I havent seen Tottori but I suspect similar old cows may be there,

Japan is aging before my eyes and its apparent a new influx of migrants, even fishermen/women , is needed to infusion of fresh blood, if you will....or the future is one of old cows complaining about everything.

Note to self : Revenge is a dish best served cold

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Posted in: Israel expands Gaza ground offensive; says efforts in south will be 'no less strength' than in north See in context

Really, who is worse , Hamas or Israel

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Posted in: Israeli offensive shifts to crowded southern Gaza, driving up death toll despite evacuation orders See in context

NCIS reruns above.

Yes....a human response to being attacked is to seek vengeance ....we see that in wild animals as well.

A" united Israel " all seeking vengeance and more slaughter leads to what ?

An animalistic response ?

We have multiple examples in history of people being "united " under a cause that in modern eyes now seems barbaric.

Remember the Nazis ?

They were popular ....the Germans elected them and Hitler , and so called "normal German citizens and soldiers " just accepted the reality of transporting and killing millions of Jews.

Being "united " under a cause doesnt make the cause right

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Posted in: Israeli offensive shifts to crowded southern Gaza, driving up death toll despite evacuation orders See in context

Just a short statement of thanks to the many Jewish people in Israel and world wide who are condemning the actions of the Israeli Government and the IDF bombing campaign.

Elected Israeli politicians are being censured and barred from Parliament for speaking their opposing views. Israeli employees at Universities are being sacked for speaking out.

Netanyahu wants the war to continue because of the corruption charges he is facing.

Full support and thanks to brave Israelis who see Palestinian rights as part of the solution to this ongoing conflict.

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Posted in: Small tsunami recorded in areas along Japan's Pacific coast after M7.7 quake hits off Philippines See in context

I can report an injury to my sleep.

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Posted in: Israeli offensive shifts to crowded southern Gaza, driving up death toll despite evacuation orders See in context

An Israeli investigative journalist was interviewed on al Jazerra a few days ago . He said the current plan as revealed by 5 separate serving or past Israeli defence and intelligence officers, was called "Power Strikes "

The aim was to indiscriminately kill Palestinian civilians when bombing "targets "" to kill Hamas operatives.

The idea was that bombing and deaths would turn the Palestinians against Hamas.

In previous wars in Gaza , you will recall, Israel gave a 30 minute warning for residents of a targeted high rise to evacuate.

This is absent in this current war.

Additionally, the Israeli journalist interviewed stated that the IDF had an excellent idea of how many citizens would die/be maimed in an airstrike, a concept likely accurate given the heavily monitored nature of the Gazan population with citizens required to provide addresses among other details to the Israeli occupying force.

So, let this pretense of human shields " be put in the rubbish bin where it belongs.

Israel is killing tens of thousands of non-combatants deliberately and even the USA is starting to be uneasy at this approach.

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes on Gaza resume after weeklong truce with Hamas ends See in context

More human shields presumably.

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Posted in: Japan hopes for early easing of tensions in Gaza, Kishida tells Israel president See in context

Israel current Government of vicious racists will listen to no one....not even the Enabler in Chief,, the mighty USA.

Gods chosen people sure making a mockery of God.

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Posted in: Japan starts trial sales of over-the-counter 'morning-after' pill See in context

Invent a morning after pill for hangovers....then youre on a winner

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Posted in: Thieves arrested after stolen bike shows up for sale on flea market app See in context

Imagine if you had real crime and criminals to deal with.

Really .."".Staking out the suspects home "

Just laughable...

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Posted in: Kishida to meet Israeli president possibly on Friday during Mideast trip See in context

Better to ignore and isolate Israel the murdering state until a new Government is elected.

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Posted in: Hamas releases third group of hostages as part of truce and says it will seek to extend the deal See in context

We can condemn Hamas but we must then condemn Israel for its disproportionate response where tens of thousands of Palestinian children have died under the rubble of their homes, bombed by the IDF.

There are no good actors in this horror movie.

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Posted in: Japan warns that China, Russia share goal of creating new global order See in context

Russia is the worlds largest country, China not far behind.

An innocent observer might think what more land do they need.

Maybe its an inherent national stupidity that prevents real growth and improved outcomes for their people.

Tiny Singapore has a better per capita income and educational outcomes than the two monolithic states

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Posted in: Israeli PM Netanyahu says war against Hamas will not stop after cease-fire See in context

Netanyahu fears the day fter....when the war is finished and all those pesky international groups like the ICC and humanitarian agencies like the Red Cross come asking the hard questions.

Plus he will likely be voted out of office leaving him even less protection .Who knows, maybe the existing indictments involving bribes and corruption may be reissued.

The "if only Hamas surrendered "argument doesnt hold water when you look at 1/the West Bank and the Israeli occupation in a place NOT run by Hamas and 2/the accurate definition of Gaza as the largest jail on earth with every aspect of peoples lives brutally restricted.

What should the oppressed do ?

Israel ignores all UN resolutions and continues its expansion rendering a Palestinian state impossible.

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Posted in: Japan eyes banning cannabinoid HHCH after gummies render many ill See in context

Watch out...gummies about...

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Posted in: Israel battles Hamas near another Gaza hospital sheltering thousands See in context

Human shields "" not working as civilian death toll mounts.

Maybe the victims are/were human but not shields ?

IDF needs another slogan/justification for kid killing.

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Posted in: N Korea notifies Japan of satellite launch as early as Wednesday See in context

But the UN has said many times to NK..."Do'nt do it ""

Yet they ignore the UN's rulings.

Just like every other nation on earth.

UN like an old grannie spouting advice to unruly children....nobody cares.


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Posted in: Hamas isn't first military group to hide behind civilians as a way to wage war See in context

Lots of unproved anti Hamas claims in what reads like a pro IDF piece.

Israel has lots of precision weapons on war planes yet seems unable to distinguish civilian areas.

Given the terrible civilian death toll in Gaza the "human shield theory " doesnt seem to stack up.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested after remains of mother found buried in vacant lot See in context

I am assuming an absence of care and funding for funerals are behind this phenomenon in Japan.

Australia has something called a "paupers funeral ""{I'm sure the real procedure has a better name } where impoverished relatives can still have a funeral at Government expense.

Why not ? 99% of dead people would have paid taxes throughout their living years.

Personally ,when I'm dead I wo'nt care where I'm dumped.

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Posted in: Patients and staff leave Gaza's biggest hospital; dozens killed at crowded refugee camp See in context

No one with a brain would accept IDF statements at face value.

And in Courts of Law, a witness who lies about one thing can be disbelieved on other things.

Now , I suppose posters could google "IDF lies "" and further their understanding.

Admittedly, in conflict and wars, everybody who has a partisan interest will lie.

Thats why we need independent verification of claims of hospital tunnels and "ready to go "packs claimed by the shameless Israeli spokespeople.

Liar liar, pants and international reputation, on fire.

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Posted in: Patients and staff leave Gaza's biggest hospital; dozens killed at crowded refugee camp See in context

Yip above, do you still believe that rubbish claim of a Hamas underground command centre ??

Why cant the Israelis find it ?

Because it doesnt exist and shock ,horror, the IDF is lying.

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Posted in: Patients and staff leave Gaza's biggest hospital; dozens killed at crowded refugee camp See in context

Every day , in every way, Israel just gets worse and worse.

Recent video of PM Netanyahu speaking in front of a new Israeli /US donated , war plane boasting how the war in Gaza will show any nation how Israel responds to attacks.

Killing women and children aspect not mentioned.

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Posted in: New tool brings big changes to cardiovascular disease predictions See in context

Design heart meds without side effects would benefit me and millions more...

Man boobs and a dry cough just not cutting it in the bedroom

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

I met a German tourist who bemouned the formal and extensive nature of the ryokan greetings etc

"It's too much ..."

Got to laugh at some people...this is Japan after's not a prefabricated western experience.

Some hotels set the aircon too high for my liking...."it's too much " !

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Posted in: Internet, phone networks collapse in Gaza, threatening to worsen humanitarian crisis See in context

Bass 4 funk forgot ..."Never apologise "

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Posted in: What habits have you picked up from living in Japan that you sometimes have to try and stop yourself doing when you go overseas because you don't think it will look right? See in context

Waiting for automated doors, restroom faucets, saying sorry , bottling up feelings , not screaming at dopey octogenarian drivers, ....did I mention not screaming ? with Mother in law in tiny unit and forbidden to speak about the inconvenience...did I mention not screaming ?

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

Dont mention God that peaceful Island has been ruined by western tourists intent on getting drunk and Instagraming every flatulent moment.

I surfed in Caangu when there was ONE warung only and surrounded by rice paddies.

Now it looks like downtown Vegas on a saturday night.

Disgraceful antics of the self entitled.

I hope Japan never turns into this.

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Posted in: Israel searches for traces of Hamas in raid of key Gaza hospital packed with patients See in context

Hamas has Harry Potter -like magic and can make the tunnels disappear.....{Latest IDF communique }

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Posted in: Roger Waters claims 'Israeli lobby' blocking his Uruguay, Argentina hotel stays See in context

Military super power and neighbourhood bully gets very sensitive about criticism

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