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Posted in: Australian police put a 90-day limit on draconian virus measures in NSW See in context

Oh its a mess alright.

You can beach fish in NSW...but not Victoria.

Gun sales are an essential service in Queensland.

PM's wife goes shopping for kids {jig saw puzzles }.

This described as "essential " by the PM.

No beach swimming or surfing but pairs exercising in parks OK.

Yep...a big mess of tangled spaghetti rules.

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Posted in: Cruise ship responsible for jump in Australia coronavirus cases See in context

Australian Government led by Scotty Shambles has closed all restaurants and cafes {take out OK }, shut all pubs and clubs {bottle shop still open } , shut down access to most city beaches {including Bondi }, banned any Australians leaving the country, banned any foreign arrivals, closed the borders between states, cancelled events like The Royal Easter Show , the ANZAC commemorations, closed Churches etc, rationed food to stem hoarding......

Crikey !

This is "Level ONE Restrictions !!!!

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Posted in: Australian politician calls for immediate review of all anime due to depictions of 'child abuse' See in context

Give the politician a break.

He's from South Australia.

Next stop Antarctica.

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Posted in: UK foreign minister to visit Australia, Japan in post-Brexit trade drive See in context

Peter 14.

22 nations contributed to Interfet....the UN Group sent to East Timor.

The USA was behind the scenes and paved the way for Indonesian acceptance of the intervention.

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Posted in: UK foreign minister to visit Australia, Japan in post-Brexit trade drive See in context

Swearing an oath to the Queen when you are Australian has to be the best reason to become a Republic .

You can go to the recent census to find out what percentage of Australian people "come from the UK "

Most recent immigrants come from India, China, , Phillipines [ABC News "Asian immigrants account for 56% of Australia's intake in 2016/17 }

India toped the list, followed by China...UK coming in third but in numbers way behind.

I'm amused by the idea that Australia go out of its way to accommodate the economic needs of the UK, when typically the English/Australians calling for this are the loudest saying "migrants should assimilate to Australia ".

Sorry mate...the days of "merry old England " are not closely nor fondly remembered by most Australians.

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Posted in: UK foreign minister to visit Australia, Japan in post-Brexit trade drive See in context

No one except failed PM Tony Abbott talks about England as a "motherland "

Most English migrated under the 10 pound Pom scheme , subsidized immigration during Australia's "White Australia Immigration Policy ".

Not a happy time in our history.

Immigration from non white nations have added much more to Australia than the motherland .

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Posted in: Robot bartender starts work at Tokyo pub See in context

Does the robot become more attractive as the night goes on ?

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Posted in: UK foreign minister to visit Australia, Japan in post-Brexit trade drive See in context

So leave an agreement with your Euro neighbours across a short stretch of ocean.

Leave access to 450 million customers and the worlds largest free trading bloc .

Why ? Because you didn't want so many "Johnny Foreigners " in London ?

Now, go down to the southern hemisphere, tens of thousands of kilometres away, to do a deal with Australia.

Makes perfect sense.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern calls national election for Sept 19 See in context

Must silence this troublesome woman.

Cant have progressives leading a country.

Need more Trumps...

I hope she romps in...I think she will

Then what'll the grumpy white men say ?

BTW low economic growth a feature of most western countries and the gun buyback didn't destroy Australia.

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Posted in: Gun-rights activists gear up for show of force in Virginia See in context

We've only got bushfires in Australia.

Pretty good by comparison.

Do any of these gun nuts ever travel overseas ?

I mean experience countries where there are few guns ?

What a way to live your life...hypervigilant, perpetually afraid and compensating for something deeply lacking in your character.

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Posted in: Rainstorms douse bushfires across eastern Australia See in context

"Australia...needs regular rains after that..."

Well, it is the second driest place on earth {after Antarctica } and I cant see that changing anytime soon.

Actually, the fish kills are affecting entire river systems in NSW, so not a minor, "she'll be right, mate " thing.

Sadly, the areas of most intense fire have also been the only areas where prior sightings of some endangered animals live.

Everything still pretty crappy but we'll take the rain thankyou .

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Posted in: Two wildfires merge to form massive inferno in southeast Australia See in context

No no and no.

Listen to experts.

Twitter is not a place for experts.

Bush fire hazard reduction burns over ride environmental legislation.

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Posted in: Australians brace for escalating fire danger in southeast See in context

The Australian Greens Party have detailed policy on back burning and hazard reduction burning.

Doesn't matter because they have never been in a position of power.

Did you know , in NSW at least, a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificate works are exempt from environmental laws.

Burning off needs a certificate for private landowners. You can apply online. The local Rural Fire Brigade would do the burn. Not too arduous a process.

All this misinformation about "Greens /Arsonists / etc " is being weaponized online, spread on forums like this, repeated in Murdoch Media ...all with the intent of disparaging climate science and reinforcing the conservative ideology.

Climate change has rendered Australia a giant tinderbox and now it is alight.

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Posted in: Australia calls for another mass evacuation as monster bushfires return See in context

One good thing is that fake social media sites on twitter and facebook are being exposed as such.

These are the sites promoting fake news and ideas like "greens stop back burning " etc.

In fact, a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Certificate over rides any environmental legislation.

If you're getting info from twitter on these fires it has a good chance of being fake, instigated by trolls with an agenda {pro fossils or pro land clearing etc } ably assisted by "bots " and "useful idiots " who retweet.

Examples of fake sites include

arsonemergency bushfireaustralia

Aussies retain their sense of humour with #greens just bombed American bases in Iraq.

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Posted in: Australian firefighters race to contain blazes as another heatwave looms See in context

Wont know the animal toll...except to say , many iconic species like koalas and possums , wombats, little gliders etc would not have been able to get away from the flames.

When we get a figure on stock losses you can probably multiply by 1000, the native animals killed.

Would include reptiles and birds as well.

Its a devastation that some species may not recover from.

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Posted in: Australian firefighters race to contain blazes as another heatwave looms See in context

On a Murdoch rag, The Sunshine Coast Daily, forum posters keep saying "this is all normal ", "nothing to see here " amid blaming Greenies and various other ways of denting the obvious.

Is it wrong for me to want to punch these people ?

There'll be no native animals left at this rate.

This is the START of the fire season.

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Posted in: Q&A: How climate change, other factors stoke Australia fires See in context

The "greenies done it " still ,zombie like, existing in the internet nether world.


No green conspiracy.

OK ?

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Posted in: Q&A: How climate change, other factors stoke Australia fires See in context

"When I was a kid " isn't science .

Do people do their own dentistry or operate on themselves or even change the bloody oil in their cars ?

No. They go to experts.

Climate science is still science.

It has become a political issue because of the money behind fossil fuels .

The deniers have to come up with a hundred conspiracy theories to discredit science agencies and scientists.

None of the deniers or denial sites are measuring data using satellites in the atmosphere, measuring atmosphere trapped in arctic ice cores or even measuring sea level rises or temperature increases.


Australian Fire Chiefs sought and were denied a meeting with the Prime Minimal months before these fires got out of control

An IPCC report from 2012 said Australia could expect up to a 30% increase in the number of days listed as " extreme fire danger " by 2020.

And no, its not "greenies stopping cold burns " either.

Just listen to experts.

Meanwhile, the population of iconic wildlife like Koalas has dropped to a level below "endangered "...that's the level they were before the fires.

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Posted in: Australian PM postpones visits to India, Japan amid bushfire emergency See in context

Can we give the "greenie bashing " a rest ?

Its a rubbish claim pushed on by interests who don't want to stop mining coal.

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Posted in: Thunberg keen to visit Japan in 2020 See in context

Green Peas references Judith Curry as some sort of rebuttal to the IPCC and climate science.

Here's what an article in "Nature " said about her.

"Nothing she has encountered led her to question the science , she still has no doubt the planet is warming, that human generated greenhouse gases are a large part to blame or that the plausible worse case scenario could be catastrophic ."

Curry takes issue with some "institutional issues " with organisations like the IPCC describing a "fortress mentality " etc

She is not a global warming skeptic at all apparently.

I like it when people reference individuals who actually dispute the claims the person makes.

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Posted in: Australian PM calls up reservists as fire threats escalate See in context

Morrison has released a twitter "advert" saying what he is doing.

Involving the Armed Forces, calling out Reserves, getting fire fighting aircraft etc.

He accompanies this video with a jaunty jingle !

Really. Music. Light music .

Can you imagine Churchill during the Blitz doing this.

The Nazis will never defeat us, and here's some Vera Lynn.

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Posted in: Australian PM calls up reservists as fire threats escalate See in context

Penrith, the outermost western suburb of Sydney, is reported to be experiencing temperatures nearly 46 C and could go to 50 C.

It may be the hottest place on the planet.

Not just the fire that will kill you.

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Posted in: Australian navy begins evacuations as massive bushfire threat looms: PM jeered See in context

Slo Mo {Morrison PM } says he "doesn't take the heckling personally "

Well mate, you should.

Wants to create a multi million dollar statue to celebrate Captain Cook in his own electorate.

Says funding Fire Services {like aircraft and trucks } are a state matter.

Man, has this little Liberal been found wanting.

I hope these events are terminal to his leadership.

I note the supporters are still blaming the greens {sigh } and cannot mention climate change without swooning and calling "Jeeves...the smelling salts "

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Posted in: Australia orders mass evacuation of fire-ravaged towns before heatwave See in context

Once more with feeling !

1/The Greens do not have any control over hazard reduction burning

2/Hazard reduction burning in NSW is determined by a Statutory Authority, the Rural Fire and Emergency Service.

3/Heads of this service ARE looking at climate change saying the extended drought {possibly among worse since white settlement }, lack of rain, EXTREME temperatures ,a shortened period when hazard reductions burns {cool burns } can be carried out etc are all climate change factors and all impacting on the fires and length of "fire season "

4/ The "blame the greenies " b.s has been described as a "tired conspiracy theory that gets run out after every major bush fire ".{Professor in Bushfire Management/Emergency.40 years experience }

5/ Climate change is the science "that dare not utter its name " for right wing voters and their party ,the LNP, .

6/ Jeez...can people just get their info from experts and ignore the inbox drops on Face Book and the like .

7/ It's not "situation normal " when we need the Navy to rescue people from beaches who are trapped by fire.

8/Thanks again to US and Canada volunteer fire fighters for coming over to help.

9/Saturday {tomorrow } could be very bad .

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Posted in: 12 dead, several missing as Australia counts cost of devastating bushfires See in context

Prime Minister Morrison is the tool who bought a lump of coal into Parliament and praised it like some talisman.

The ex CEO of Mineral Council of Australia provided the coal, now works as a senior consultant {read "operative "] in Morrison's office.

Totally compromised by fossil fuel interests.

But, the blame also lies with dumb a###ed Aussies who 1/voted this lot into Government and 2/mostly don't accept the climate science .

You should read the rubbish people write on forums on news sites like Sunshine Coast Daily, a Murdoch rag in Queensland.

People who haven't finished High School knowing better than the science boffins from agencies like NASA.

Stupidity is scary in 2020.

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Posted in: Thousands trapped on Australia beach encircled by fire See in context

In times of crisis, it is important to remain ever vigilant for minor spelling mistakes.

It is only in pedantry that our real selves can shine.

Gid Blass and Bist Washes to all.

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Posted in: Thousands trapped on Australia beach encircled by fire See in context

How do fires start ?

The ABC has a web page on this titled

Not arsonists generally.

These fires are generating their own mini weather systems with lightening strikes and tornado level winds. is a deathly serious crisis with no end in sight and good , constant rainfall the only way to extinguish the fires...not expected for months.

The toll on koalas just in one area of one state is thought to be 8000 dead...a third or more of the total population in the mid North Coast.

Some individual fires the size of Singapore and Belgium.

The Sydney Morning Herald is a Sydney based paper available on the net if you want more info.

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Posted in: Young ama divers strive to keep sustainable fishery alive See in context

Great story and another of the many reasons to love Japan.

I'll visit the area come summer time.

Maybe encourage my wife to take a second job as an Ama

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Posted in: Australian firefighters spend Christmas Day containing blazes; temperatures to soar See in context

Readers here will note the conniptions the Aussie right wing are having trying to speak about these fires and not mention climate change.

1/When the fires started and got progressively worse, the pundits all blamed LOCAL COUNCIL level of Government and the GREEN influence in stopping hazard reduction burns.

Facts like there are 1500 councilors in New South Wales state and around 58 of these are green didn't concern them.

2/ When the PM was caught out holidaying in Hawaii {really, he is an ex Tourism Australia head }, his response to the crisis was "Oh its a STATE GOVERNMENT level of responsibility.

Like sheep being herded by a trained kelpie, the mob moved seamlessly into absolving the PM because the fires were now a "STATE ISSUE ".

Can some of you readers please pray for Australia ?

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Posted in: Mother asks public for help on daughter who disappeared from Yamanashi campsite See in context

When a child goes missing....assume the worst immediately

Police a little slow of the mark in my opinion.

Assume foul play....set up cordons, stop cars etc

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