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My kids get 10 yen per month as a permanent increase for each new kanji they learn on top of a base amount of 3.500 yen. It still doesn't do much for their motivation to learn. They are in their teens and still haven't learnt all the JLPT N5 kanji.

Biggest mistake we ever made in our family was to promote the children's native language Swedish in favor of their mother's language Japanese. When we finally realised that they wouldn't learn Japanese automatically and tried to suppress Swedish, the children started speaking English instead since they get more exposure to that than to Japanese.

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I will try to go to Japan this summer to visit relatives, but all the paperwork is such a pain. I will have to go to the Japanese Embassy in person to collect my visa once it is issued, which is several hours of travel by train. It means I will have to take a day of work and waste a vacation day just to get a sticker in my passport that previously would have been issued to me automatically at arrival in Japan.

Before COVID the embassy staff would regularly make tours around the country a few times per year so people who live far from the capital where the embassy is located could pick up their issued documents locally, but they do so no longer because of "COVID", despite all regulations having been dropped in my country otherwise.

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My half japanese children are now in their teens, they haven't seen their grandparents in japan for four years and are lagging behind in their japanese language development.

We really need to go to japan during my vacation during the school holiday in June this summer. We have made no other plans, hoping the border will open up so we can buy plane tickets on short notice.

In case the borders will still be closed to tourists in June, what would I have to do to be included in those exceptional circumstances regarding being a spouse to a japanese citizen? Do I need to go through the hassle of getting a spouse visa just for one month of stay, or will it be enough to present a marriage certificate or an excerpt from the Japanese family register at the border control when I arrive together with the rest of the family and my wife who carries a japanese passport?

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First I thought the headline was a metaphor for doctors not being needed at all, but the article was about the actual clothing of doctors.

Anyway, I work as a doctor in Sweden and here the white coats disappeared a couple of years ago. This is what the standard doctor's uniform looks like in my region and it's what I wear at work every day:

As you can see on the picture, all portable equipment can be stored in the pockets of our pants. I'm sure the japanese can come up with something similar, even though I personally find their reliance on old fashioned uniforms in different professions and at school to be quaint.

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