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Posted in: Trump's Supreme Court nominee tearfully denies woman's sexual assault allegation See in context

Funny how all K-support comments have 75% disapproval votes, even though the "victim's" own witnesses disprove her testimony my a much larger margin.

Let the Hate roll in. I see this is a left-wing mag at best, or else all its readers rely on CNN and MSNBC for their knowledge. Either option is equally sad.

Well, you guys just keep on sniffing the socialist fairy-dust. Believe the news, believe the polls, take it easy and trust that the dems are going to take it all in November, and we'll just sit back and (after voting) enjoy surfing on the Red Wave.

Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed, because he's good, and because she's a programmed buffoon. And all your greatest hopes are going to be crushed. The Red Wave is coming, it's going to wipe you out in November (after all the crimes of your lefty heroes are exposed), and also in 2020.

Red October, motheffekkers.

Let the leftist tears roll in! (Please cry in downvotes only.)

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Posted in: Multi-million pound Sex Pistols collection to go up in flames See in context

I find him an inspiration. Of course it would wind up on some banker's wall. Who else could afford it? Also the S.P. were not that great. Just burn it all to continue the punk ideology. Why sell it to go against everything they represent?

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Posted in: Black Friday online sales in U.S. hit new high See in context


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Posted in: Two queens and a PM See in context

I'd like to know why kuribo's comment gets so many negative marks. It's true, the Japanese girl is much better-looking. Obviously when the judges select a winner, it's based on more than looks, but just on looks alone, Kobayashi-san wins hands-down. And of course Abe runs a disastrous third.

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Posted in: The Butler did it See in context

Kim will probably get this movie and show it to his serfs just up until it looks like the worst, and then flash "The End!" lol... That or he'll kidnap some actors and make a new ending. Who knows?

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Posted in: No. of Japanese abducted by N Korea much higher, report says See in context

@EastAsiaForeigner Yes, there is a thing called the Internet. But in a country where you get shot for owning a cell phone, Internet may be hard to come by. Also, let's not forget that the entire population is not just propagandized, but BRAINWASHED. From childhood they are given candy in school and told to thank a picture of the leader, etc.. Brainwashing is a powerful thing, not easily overcome. Of course once they are out of there and they see that the real world is not just a "set" shown to them to try to lead them away from the truth, they readily denounce the dictatorship they live under. But until that happens, they will remain loyal and also wary of straying from the approved path, for their own sake as well as their families'. I really feel sorry for the people of NK. They do love their country and their leader, but they are forced to do so and have no choice. If only the country would realize it would benefit by reforming... sigh...

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Posted in: 3 dead, 130 hurt after two bombs explode near Boston Marathon finish line See in context

"Could be right wing extremists." That's a laugh! Why would right-wing extremists bomb a public event? Don't they want less government? Don't they want the right to keep their guns? Doing this would take away even more freedom than we've already lost. And let's not forget, there were bomb sniffing dogs all over the place. If a group was smart enough to make bombs that could get past tons of dogs and police, and smart enough to get them in place without being found, you're not talking about right wing extremists who are stupid enough to bomb a public event. But I'm sure the media will keep it open as a topic, and idiots will keep repeating it.

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Posted in: U.S. believes Japan on China radar incident See in context

I can easily understand why there's so much debate on this issue. It's obvious that such a team player as China would never do something like that. They haven't done anything provocative in the past, especially not in the recent past. So to just blindly assume Japan isn't making this up is a mistake. After all, haven't they been making up all kinds of stuff lately? Um...haven't they? I'm sure they've made up something.

And China wouldn't do something like that. It would almost be like...taunting or something. They don't do that sort of stuff.

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Posted in: Abe vows to defend disputed islands from China See in context

This dispute is not just for political crap inside the two respective countries. This dispute is about China being able to board international ships in international waters, denying passage, and claiming immense valuable resources which a nuclear-shy Japan could really use badly if it wants to avoid building more reactors.

This issue is important.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' parody 'Gaijin Style' hits the web See in context

I seriously doubt he's popular in ANY country...

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Posted in: Japanese husbands shout their love for wives in public See in context

I know a Japanese woman whose fiance brought her a rose for no reason one day. She screamed, and then cried, from happiness. It was the first time anyone had given her flowers in her life. I can see why any Japanese woman would think the world of this. :)

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Posted in: Why are so many super-rich children so out of it? See in context


I totally agree. It seems the title was saying "rich kids don't know much," but then the content was saying "rich kids are rich and successful" and "normal schools are lame."

...but I hope you read this quickly because I'm sure it will be removed by moderators as "off topic," like my comments about the idea of "underage" on the story of underage workers at an adult-oriented business. Completely off-topic.

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Posted in: KDDI to hold 'FULL CONTROL YOUR CITY' campaign event See in context

Hmm.... Interesting comment, traveller. Interesting, because it has nothing to do with the topic of the article. lol... rather strange...

Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on the future. It will be so amazing when stuff is actually utilized to its full potential. I've long thought that a person's main computer should be in their car. That way their stuff is always near, and the cars could network to provide a true, all-encompassing internet. Your phone and everything else would just connect through that.


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Posted in: 17 'relaxation' establishments raided; 76 high school girls in custody See in context

You can't very well arrest the clients of these places, because they should be able to expect that the girls have all been properly verified to be at least 18, regardless of how young they look. It's not a client's job to do background checks.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Setagaya Ward draws up rare certificate of residence for unregistered baby See in context

It seems almost hilarious to me, in a way, that they "didn't want the child to live here illegally." WTF!!! lol... It's a baby born inside the country! lol... Stupid child, how could you try to sneak in here that way.......

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Posted in: Japan to launch spy satellite to monitor North Korea See in context

Why would they spend so much just to launch a herring into space???

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Posted in: Police to investigate former AKB48 singer's 'child porn' picture See in context

Um...Is anyone really sure that kid is a boy? If it's a girl, doesn't the photo take on a whole new feel? (Pun intended.) I'm sure there are lots of girls who take baths with mom and they might just think of this as a playful pic substituting hands for clothes. While I'm not willing to do the research and find out, I'd just kind of think that if you're going to get a kid to hold a woman's breasts, the best thing you can do for yourself, legally speaking, is make it a girl, and let people assume it's a boy.

That's just my "what if".

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Posted in: U.S. stands by Japan on island dispute with China See in context

As you say, there's nothing new in what she says. HOWEVER... since China keeps pressing and pressing, and hoping that "a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth", the U.S. likewise needs to keep reiterating, "Look, we know what you're doing, and we will still be standing here no matter how long you push against the door."

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Posted in: Chinese media seize on Hatoyama's apology at Nanjing Massacre Memorial See in context

I'd say both sides are acting childish. But China trying to strongarm everyone into agreeing with them is the saddest thing. Perhaps Japan could offer to give them the islands in exchange for a signed agreement not grabbing the ocean for hundreds of miles around it, or splitting the resources 3 ways between the countries claiming them, or something. You KNOW no one really wants them, they just want the leverage and the resources that the location brings with it. Why won't they admit it?

However, bottom line, China can NOT grab those islands as a pretext for locking down international waters. The fact that that's exactly what they want (and all the profits) is reason enough to oppose them full force.

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Posted in: NRA slams 'elitist hypocrite' Obama See in context

The issue is not with guns. People use knives and cars and just things lying around when guns aren't available. Mass killings happen everywhere. The problem is all the nut-cases society is producing. Before we put bandaids all over our bleeding society (and pay for all those bandaids), we should figure out where the hell we're going wrong, and fix that. I have a few ideas, but I won't bother mentioning since that would just be a whole new "off-topic" can of worms.

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Posted in: Japan boosts defense of disputed islands See in context

Maybe the helicopters had parachutes...?

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Posted in: NY woman charged in connection with Christmas Eve killing of 2 firefighters See in context

Congratulations yabits. You just repeated the very sentence I was saying was inane to include in the article. Thanks for that...

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Posted in: Apple to drop patent claims against Samsung phone See in context

I don't know many details, but the few that have been told are a little ridiculous on apple's part. If you asked a bunch of 5-year-olds to specify how a touch-sensitive device should work, they would probably run afoul of apple's patents. If you design the most intuitive interface possible, you have to expect that other people might think of making it the same way. That's what "intuitive" means. I can understand their argument over the "bounce-back" feature and similar, but come on. There are only so many ways you can do something on a touch screen.

I bet somewhere in apple's legal arsenal, they're sitting on a patent for making the phones flat, instead of cube-shaped.

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Posted in: Australia's legal challenge to Japan whaling moves closer See in context

Well, maybe not ALL power...

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Posted in: NY woman charged in connection with Christmas Eve killing of 2 firefighters See in context

And... how is the school shooting related in any possible way worthy of being mentioned in this article??? (Other than just to make it seem like guns are killing everyone in the universe. Which OF COURSE they are....)

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Posted in: U.S. teachers take up arms to prevent mass shootings See in context

sushisake, when you say someone handed in a rocket launcher, aren't you just reinforcing the idea that people get weapons they're not supposed to have? (Hint: YES)

What no one seems to be addressing is the fact that arming or disarming is not the issue. It should be teaching people skills to cope with life from an early age. Things like avoiding a victimized mentality, self-defense, acting instead of standing by, these sorts of things. Preventing loonies would end the gunfights before they start.

That should be where our efforts lie.

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Posted in: N Korea still snatching foreigners, Japanese NGO tells Geneva event See in context

This issue should not be dropped. If there's a chance those people could still be alive, they should be brought back. There's NO reason to let that wacko country get away with this. Just like the POW issue is still alive in the US, it should always be an issue as long as they could still be there.

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Posted in: Police probe claim U.S. serviceman punched 13-yr-old boy in Okinawan home See in context

Hmm... When I was in the Army I got a new azz ripped for me by a sergeant who saw me stumbling drunk through an airport parking lot with friends. He griped at me for 10 minutes about my boots not being tied, acting stupid, etc.. At the time, I just thought "What a jerk!" But later, I realized he was right. People who saw me thought: Look, the Army. Every single man and woman who wears the uniform (or goes off base without it, in this case) DOES represent the US military, because they are who makes it up. All these small incidents SHOULD reflect on the military, because those people should know better than to even drop a gum wrapper when there is already tension in the area. They don't have what it takes to show they can be trusted? Only human, yes, but then again it's not like they've been under curfew for 5 years either. Suck it up, service people. Show the world what we SHOULD be made of. Or resign if you're too weak for that. And give those few bad apples a blanket party if they even hint at sneaking out.

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Posted in: Victim didn't declare bullying on questionnaire due to fear of tormentors See in context

I say, don't teach kids self-defense as a means to deter bullying, teach them mob justice. There are a lot of non-bullies, and only a few bullies. If you teach them to gather together and threaten to kick the bully's butt en masse, there's not much the bully can do.

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Posted in: Driverless cars to be tested in California See in context

I don't believe anywhere did it say that driverless cars would be mandatory. Also, I've seen lots of test footage of those things. I'd rather have a million of those to contend with than a million driving enthusiasts. Roads would be safer, insurance cheaper and immense reduction in fuel waste (such as when people take a wrong turn, get lost etc.).

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