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Posted in: Qatar opens World Cup with a message of inclusion See in context

Dripping with hypocrisy and virtue signaling. Banning booze is understandable given their cultures but they’ve had 12years to decide things and banning it 2 days before the start is not an utter farce. I envisage more and more problems as the tournament goes on. And as for the FIFA head’s speech about ‘understanding the plight of gays and deaths of immigrant workers’ because he had ginger hair a long long time ago…..

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Posted in: New UK finance minister Hunt reverses Truss's economic plan in dramatic U-turn See in context

I was skeptical about Rishi becoming PM due to his vast family wealth and ‘not knowing anyone working class’ but Truss is clearly not fit for purpose. That press conference merely highlighted the fact that she is out of her depth. The polls are clearly showing the Tories have zero chance of reelection and they did it to themselves. Though Boris may have had his issues he was heads and shoulders above this sorry lot. And I wouldn’t even trust Jeremy Hunt with my lunch. The guy that doesn’t even know his own wife’s nationality.

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Posted in: LDP coalition party Komeito approves 8th term for leader See in context

Must say I fully agree with ‘blue’ on this one and I’d wager most long-term foreigners do too.

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Posted in: Toy firm allegedly bribed ex-Tokyo Olympics executive See in context

another Dentsu affiliation. Surprise surprise !!!

This is type of business dealing is rife in all big industries in Japanese. Has been for decades.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka goes on trial for drug possession See in context

Descendent - pretty detailed analysis there. You live on his street ? Know his mam ? Going drinking with Uncle Ichi ?

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Posted in: New 007 to 'serve king and country' as producers vow to keep Bond 'fresh' See in context

Sunbunfun - those are ticking boxes as usual.

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Posted in: Friend of mother who starved son to death sentenced to 15 years See in context

Sorry but the mother is as much to blame for this murder if not more. She deserves 15yrs too.

I’d suggest Akahori receive the same treatment she implemented towards that poor kid.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for robbing convenience store after threatening manager with metal bat See in context

Make him work for free at the conbini every weekend for a year. Toilet duty. Might even give him a sense of responsibility.

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Posted in: Golf rankings risk being laughing stock if LIV excluded: Norman See in context

Why isn’t there as much uproar about the World Cup in Qatar ?? Their human rights record seems to be irrelevant to certain circles.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

Allowing the LDP to do an ‘internal’ survey is about as valid as the UFO sightings.

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Posted in: Japanese language school decertified over abuse of Vietnamese student See in context

Chikatiko : it’s common knowledge if you’re aware of the workings of society here. He is spot on.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympic exec served fresh arrest warrant for bribery See in context

I honestly think Dentsu is untouchable in this country. It has strings attached to nearly every corner of Japanese society and no matter how many scandals arise, very little comes of them and they continue to get the big contracts time after time and carry on as normal.

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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context

Yeah unfortunately his views and way of thinking is quite rife throughout the country lead by a large number of politicians who basically spout this rubbish and still remain in their positions.

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Posted in: Sony hikes PS5 prices in Japan, other markets; U.S. consumers spared See in context

PS5 is easily the ugliest looking console in the last 20yrs. Hope they sort their design ideas out for a slim edition. Even then ¥50K is too steep for me.

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Posted in: Tadanobu Asano, who plays Hogun in Thor films, marries model 18 years younger See in context

Wasn’t he in Ichi the killer ?? Pretty messed up Japanese horror but had a bit of a cult following.

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Posted in: Girl arrested over knife attack in Shibuya says she wanted 'death penalty' See in context

Seriously, what makes a 15yr kid want to do this to get the death penalty ?? Bullied?abused?school? She’s still just a kid.

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Posted in: Young boy hit, killed by train in apparent suicide in Aichi See in context

The first poster merely posted. 10yrs old…..

but 2 felt the need to downvote that statement. I’m curious to know why ??

it is without doubt the most succinct point to this type of awful tragedy.

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

Next time I pass a Lawsons and feel a bit peckish I may well just think twice and go elsewhere.

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Posted in: Premier League clubs to stop taking knee before every match See in context

Honestly thought it was a decisive gesture that did not help the situation. I recall FIFA stopping the England players from wearing the poppies on the shirts in honour of the fallen soldiers. Something not quite right there….

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Posted in: Review: 'Bullet Train' goes off the rails, but Pitt doesn't See in context

Sounds like someone’s got a thing for Mr Pitt.

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Posted in: Japanese government urges businesses to raise wages on par with price hikes See in context

Marcels : I think you’ll find it actually went up to around ¥8000 per hour and was quite common in the bubble 80s. Then reality hit……

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Posted in: Ex-TEPCO execs ordered to pay ¥13 tril in damages over Fukushima crisis See in context

Where’s all billions for the families that lost loved ones, lost their homes., livelihoods, are STILL living in sheltered type housing. Priorities all wrong all usual.

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Posted in: Japan ruling bloc set to win majority of contested upper house seats See in context

Is there really any point in having elections here ? You’re all just going through the motions.

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Posted in: Inflation to nuclear power: What's at stake in Japan's election See in context

Utterly pointless election. The LDP has basically been in power bar one blip since the war. How is that a level playing ground. Any other nation it would be considered a dictatorship. Generations of previous youths and even todays 40-50yr olds have no interest in politics and simply don’t vote or they go with the flow and vote LDP if they do. No credible opposition to a one horse race. The whole political system needs overhauling.

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Posted in: Australian PM-elect Albanese says Quad meeting in Tokyo 'absolute priority' See in context

And the extra $7.2 billion they offered to spend just before the election will come from The unicorn and fairy taxes perhaps.

scary times ahead for you Aussies.

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Posted in: Netflix trims staff to weather slowing growth See in context

Cancelled my subscription after the last price increase. Netflix seemed to think they were infallible and the amount of woke material has surely put many off. Time to get on the peacock train.

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Posted in: Cormorant fishing See in context

Zhao Ming -

actually the book of Sui (China’s in-depth history) states the Japanese were using the technique in the 6-7th century. China did not adopt the practice till the 9th century.

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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck (again) See in context

I’d give it 3years tops. He has a wandering eye and will wander.

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Posted in: Tokyo museum apologizes for calling 'Demon Slayer' brothel district setting a 'glamorous world' See in context

And yet all the modern day brothels or should I say hostess bars,,, are draped in signs stating glitz, glamour, exotic fun.

They clearly meant no offense to the era merely chose a less crude term of description. People will see offense in anything today. If offended, do not watch.

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Posted in: Giving the western some swagger in 'The Harder They Fall' See in context

Jay Z and A Western….

think I’ll pass.

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