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Guy Gin and tonic comments

Posted in: Rapper Nicki Minaj says Dutch police told her they found pot in her bags See in context

Special pleading: The blunt tool of the fool.

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Posted in: Rio de Janeiro tests new recipe against childhood obesity See in context

One or two servings of ultra-processed sugar, salt and oil won’t kill you, it’s true. But when one of your 5 year old students in Australia has a tunnel in their top front teeth the same width and shape as fruit juice box’s straw, this Brazilian effort starts to look very appealing.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy indicted for killing parents See in context

What a tragedy, no matter the motive.

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Posted in: Not a toddler, not a parent, but still love 'Bluey'? You're not alone See in context

Quo Primum, I disagree. As a piece of music has a melody that works in counterpoint to the main tune, Bluey has a wry humour designed specifically for the adults who enjoy it as much as their children. In fact, there’s arguably more to enjoy as the kid’s stuff is also of a high quality. The creators were wise enough to understand the needs of both their audiences. That said, I very much doubt adults watch it by themselves. suggest you give it a go, if you have children. You’ll be well-rewarded.

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Posted in: NATO leader says Trump puts allies at risk by saying Russia can 'do whatever the hell they want’ See in context

This should come as no shock. I wouldn’t surprised to find Trump’s greedy eyes on Mexico (or even Canada?) if, God forbid, he ever gets back into power. It’s gut-wrenching to think that so many Americans are so insulated that the ramifications of these words of his about Russia won’t even reach their ears, and that it would have no effect on them even if they did.

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Posted in: Japan becomes 5th country to land spacecraft on moon See in context

Well done JAXA!

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Posted in: China opposes Japan's congratulatory message to Taiwan president-elect See in context

“It is none of Japan's business! Taiwan is China's business. Thank you folks, you’re a great audience. I’m playing the Japan Today Forum all week.”

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Posted in: Still standing: Unique houses survive quake in Japan village See in context

There’s surely a lesson to be learned here but I’ll bet those who control the economy will ignore it.

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Posted in: Miyazaki's latest film 'The Boy and the Heron' wins Golden Globe See in context

Okay, it dragged a bit in places and the plot was a little convoluted but it felt like Miyazaki himself put his hands around my head and dragged me through the screen into the movie, and that makes it a classic.

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Posted in: 'Rue David Bowie': Paris to name street after rock icon See in context

Why should we rue a legend like that?

I’ll get me coat.

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Posted in: Transcripts of fatal aircraft collision reveal coast guard plane not cleared for take-off See in context

What a nightmare. I just don’t understand how the pilot could have felt secure enough to taxi onto the runway of such a busy airport without being given explicit instructions to do so, perceived priority or not.

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Posted in: 24 confirmed dead in Noto quake as more damage reports come in See in context

May those who have died rest in peace and those left behind find solace.

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Posted in: With eye on 'if Trump wins' scenario, Japan weighs committing to its own defense See in context

One of the most frightening things in the world right now is how so many Americans want 5 November 2024 to be 30 January 1933.

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Posted in: Biden calls for healing in appeal to Trump voters See in context

Ah, Democracy. You can’t beat it! 

Now’s the time to stop all the bleating about cheating, finish the fighting and start uniting!

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Posted in: Facebook, YouTube remove 'Plandemic' video with 'unsubstantiated' coronavirus claims See in context

Bjorn Tormention, unfortunately, some people confuse ‘opened minded’ with ‘empty headed’, don’t they? It’s quite a common ailment amongst anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, but fortunately, there is also a sure-fire cure: a comprehensive education. Unfortunately, I suspect that such people have been lead to believe that that cure is the real cause of cancer, Covid 19 and communism.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting boy in station building toilet See in context

“Man beaten to death for molesting boy” would be the ideal headline in an ideal world.

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency again; 166 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo See in context

It will take a few more celebrity deaths to wake these people up.

They don't seem to respond very much to anything else.

Garypen, who are “these people” you refer to? Not the whole population of Japan, surely? That would make you rrrrr...eally in need of a more nuanced set of pronouns. There are plenty of Japanese who’d be pretty angry at the response of some of their fellow citizens, though, I’d be willing to bet. My wife, for one.

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency again; 166 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo See in context

“The signs are in English because it is presumed that gaijin are the primary carriers of the virus and do not heed to the requests to staying home.”

Occam’s Razor suggests that it might just be because they want to reach a wider audience, ne?

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency again; 166 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo See in context

“Assess the facts calmly folks. This is not going to wipe out school kids if we re-open schools.”

Nooooo, just their grandparents and some of their teachers. That’s me assessing the facts calmly, mate.

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency again; 166 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo See in context

“Everything is under control, so far.”

That’s so good to hear, Mr President.

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Posted in: Biden vs Trump: General election battle is now set See in context

Yes, it’ll be a slaughter all right - Trump shooting himself in the foot every time he opens his yapper.

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Posted in: Australian court dismisses Cardinal Pell's sex abuse convictions See in context

The balance of likes and dislikes on this comment thread suggests that JT readers interested in research, objectivity and true justice are in the minority. I had hoped for better.

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Posted in: Australian court dismisses Cardinal Pell's sex abuse convictions See in context

It appears that many people posting here are unaware of the details of the case. There was a serious miscarriage of justice committed and it has finally been corrected thanks to seven wise and objective judges of the Australian High Court.

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