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Now finally can you tell me why not one other country in the 10 years after the Costa Rica incident arrested Paul?


It was not until 2010 that an arrest warrant was issued for Watson, and he was declared internationally wanted by Interpol. There's 8 years of mystery cleared up right there. However, the notice was "blue--" meaning that national police forces were to monitor him and disclose information about, for example, his whereabouts, but not necessarily take a hand in arresting him. He was apprehended in May because the Costa Rican government appealed directly to Germany to do so.

Without being able to speak for sovereign nations, it could be that May '12 presented itself as the best time to take him, whether it was Costa Rica, Japan or someone else. And since the Interpol notice did not require uninvolved countries to intervene, there are plenty of reasons they wouldn't have.

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Really? Please do. I'm waiting...

LOL, priceless. This is another prime example of selective reading. Originally, I pointed out that your definition of "conspiracy" is severly wanting for any correlation to the transparent procedings against Watson-- which you completely failed to acknowledge. Then you demanded that I answer what could only be described as a deflective question of your own. When I said I would answer it gladly, provided you acknowledge and respond to the conspiracy question, you seem to have read only the first part and not the second. This is exactly the problem inherent with trying to have a rational discussion with a Paul Watson supporter-- they will only read what they want and ignore everything else.

This WHOLE discussion is essentially moot for two reasons: 1) Japan is operating within internationally established and recognized laws. 2) Paul Watson is a fugitive from the law. You CAN NOT dispute that-- those are facts. Therefore, whether or not you think there's a conspiracy (which there most certainly isn't-- at least not by any reasonable person's definition of the word) doesn't matter at all-- if Watson wasn't conducting annual coordinated attacks against Japanese vessels on the open ocean, he wouldn't be in the trouble that he's hand-over-fist heaped upon himself.

Incidentally, any other Watson groupies that have called this a conspiracy and think they can explain just what it is that makes it so, please, feel free. Not meaning to single out 2020 here.

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Actually he is, in fact, innocent. Watch the film Sharkwater if you want to learn more.

So you watched a propaganda film in which Paul Watson stars. That's how you judge what is and isn't crime, huh? Please. Some of us are trying to have a serious discussion here.

If it's international justice then why did the all the other countries that Watson visited since the Costa Rica incident 10 years ago incarcerate him? Why was it only Germany? Answer me that.

I'll answer that with pleasure-- though it won't matter since all fact and logic I present will be dismissed out of hand. But before we go through that charade, you can stop dodging the question I asked you before-- provided you have an answer to offer. Otherwise, just keep demanding answers from other people while conveniently forgetting to provide them yourself.

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So why did Germany arrest him? Conspiracy.

Remember that big conspiracy where international governments coordinated a secret worldwide attempt to capture and detain one innocent man, but despite it being a secret, the governments also spoke plainly and publicly about what they were doing?

Is that really how conspiracies work to you, 2020? Maybe it's different than in my scenario because Watson is not, in fact, innocent, but then, that's not conspiracy either-- it's international justice.

Which leads neatly into my rejoinder to the next bit of pro-Watson wisdom:

Getting someone else to do your dirty work that you can not manage to do yourself.

Do you understand, at all, how international law works?

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When the Japanese Govt. takes things to this extreme, you really have to wonder what the real motives are behind whaling?

Like what? Maybe whales are affixing dynamite to the very foundations of the islands of Japan in order to sink them into the ocean, and only the Japanese fishermen know about their plot? Or you think maybe a whale killed Akihito's father, leaving him scarred for life with an unquenchable thirst for revenge?

It's such a simple issue. Japan is a nation of fishermen. Whaling is part of their culture. It doesn't matter who thinks that that culture is inappropriate in today's moral world-- Japan acts within established international laws on whaling and can therefore legally participate in said culture. Every year, Captain Stubing decides for himself that what Japan is doing is illegal-- can't stress enough that it's not-- and attacks them in provocative, militant and dangerous ways on the open ocean. Anyone who thinks Japan has no legitimate reason to want this jerk put away needs to stop pretending they have the logical capacity to continue engaging in this discussion.

Here's a hint, anti-whaling/pro-Pee-Wee; if you want Japan to stop whaling, it's not going to happen care of a fat old Canadian narcissist who isn't just chasing whalers-- he's chasing fame, TV ratings, money and his own bad-boy image. LOBBY THE IWC! I repeat, Japan is acting within the laws. Maybe they found a loophole, but that's STILL WITHIN THE LAW. Change the law, close the loophole, and see if Watson finally goes away.

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kcjapan, it's awfully hard to take you seriously when you insist on inventing clever little nicknames like a kid on a playground.

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Back when Watson was first arrested in Germany, he went on and on about how his life would be at risk if he entered the Costa Rican judicial system. He spun whale tales of shark fin mafia hit men who would infiltrate his holding cell and assassinate him in cold blood. Now, he's suddenly saying that his biggest fear is extradition to Japan. Suspecting a route that would allow him to avoid the danger of a Costa Rican prison, which loomed so threateningly just a few months ago, he's made himself an international fugitive rather than being tried in a country where prison murder is virtually non-existent.

Do these sound like the behaviors of a highly suspicious and highly guilty man to anyone else?

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For all you posters saying that defense against the government is an artifact of times gone past, you need only recognize recent episodes of police in California opening fire (with dummy rounds) on peaceful protestors. If the dummy rounds cease to be effective at dispersing gathered citizens, it's only a short step up to live ammunition-- and then what?

With regards to general gun ownership for private citizens; this is a very caustic topic. I am a gun owner and would consider myself center-right on most political issues. However, I would be VERY comfortable with increased, EFFECTIVE, screening measures for pistol permit applications (and maybe even a ban on "assault-type" weapons). I didn't feel like it was overly easy to get my permit to carry, but maybe that was just my state-- it varies based on where you live. There are certainly other places that need harsher evaluations, and for me, the process becoming a little more difficult does not equate to losing my gun rights.

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I'd love to know exactly what percentage is being interpreted here as "in droves." I have a feeling it's not quite that dramatic. Perhaps "in droves" by Japanese standards only.

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he is probably back to the US and knows he will not be extradited by his country. Those guys always manage to slip through the net.

@tokyobakayaro Why would be be extradited if he hasn't even been charged with anything?

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but that's no reason why the leader would engage in incest

Not true. A radical facist dictorship based on a dynasty model would have a great interest in preserving and strengthening its bloodline for the next succession. I wouldn't put anything past the Kims that would provide them a means to maintain their familial claim to the helm of the DPRK.

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Go to onsen, pay 500 yen to bathe there > Go to onsen, pay 3,600 (+2,400 for containers) to get some water from a tap, schlepp it back to your house, and bathe in your dinky little tub after you've diluted the water anyway.

The math here isn't adding up for me.

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Really? Iran said it will "nuke" Israel fist chance it gets? Can you direct me to the source of this statement?

Not exactly ambiguous. Let's see... Israel blows up possible sites of nuclear weapons manufacturing, Iran takes that as a valid excuse to commit utter religious, cultural and national genocide. Yeah, that seems fair.

"They will hand us an excuse to wipe them off the face of the earth." Clearly, the intention to erase Israel from existence is already there.

Mind you, this quote is before Iran even has the nukes. Imagine what would happen once they get them.

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It should be a given that Japan has to apologize to Korea once and for all for the mass-scale government-sanctioned raping of Korean women that took place during the occupation. That's to say nothing of other atrocities, but would be a good (and at the end of the day, essential) first step.

Then, it falls to the Koreans to get over it. After all, they actually invaded Japan first.

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We editor and copywriters should unit against thighs like this.

Oh, the iorny!

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Seems pretty logical to me. A cop doesn't roll through gangland without a bulletproof vest on. If a woman knows that she's about to enter a packed train full of horny male commuters with wandering hands, she can suit up or risk being shot.

To be fair, though, the subway company should also've made a poster of a train groper with his hands cut off-- ala Tokyo Gore Police or something.

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Agree completely with you, Wolfpack. When this most recent tax hike debate came up, I'm sorry to say I bought the government's line about it being a bitter pill we'd all have to swallow. That was until I stopped to think about it for two seconds. Not to say that the J-gov is the only one in the world that's fat and corrupted, but I'd say it's pretty high up there among democracies. Cut wasteful gov't spending and take your thumb off the consumers-- that's the way out of this problem.

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With such televised contests now a major part of the global music industry, in Asia they are spurring a migration of talent between countries


There's a certain nonchalance in the choosing of words here.

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I'm not sure that anyone could reasonably argue, after 3/11, that nuclear energy is a prudent choice for Japan in the long-term. However, they NEED at least some power generated from the idled reactors to sustain the industries that in turn power the economy and drive the movement toward alternative energy sources.

People should try to understand that if you have leukemia, you don't stop your heart to fix the problem. You keep the blood flowing, because your body needs it, while you look for a cure.

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Good question-- maybe 15 years for each victim?

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China is like a horror movie with it's own government sometimes. A truly unbelievable story.

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What's wrong with you anti-whaling people? How are you going to give the most down-votes to Schopenhauer, who simply gave a short recap of whaling history and then went on to say that there are other options for protein today?

How is it that you read "people are less inclined to buy FROZEN whale" and then infer "people don't want whale?" I guess you just see what you want.

And @plasticmonkey, two things:

Read the article-- the whale meat being discussed is from the Northwest Pacific, which is not the Antarctic. The argument that vendors are being harrassed by the likes of SS or other activits is perfectly legitimate-- in fact, last year SS traveled all the way to Tohoku to harrass tsunami survivors that were eating whale for lunch as they struggled to clean up their destroyed village. Pig-headed arrogance and insensitivity at its finest.

Now bring on the down-votes!!!! I generally find that the more logical a post is, the more the general commenting public hates it.

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No, I didn't. Could you show me the source for that statistic?

Even if that were true, its a gross generalization for you to say that America is "filled with bad ones." If I have a room filled with 130 people and only one of them is an incarcerated criminal, you wouldn't really call that room of 129 dogoodniks "full of bad ones," would you?

What's more, I believe you may have missed my entire point. You seem to have inferred from my comment that (bad people = gun violence). Not so. What I'm saying is that guns are a red herring-- the violence is going to happen regardless of what the weapon is. And believe me, while I admit there are some holes-in-need-of-mending in the screening process, guns are much better regulated than kitchen knives, piano wires and baseball bats.

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I feel like all the anti-gun posters here are conveniently looking straight past the white elephant in the room, which is that the shooter was driving an automobile under the influences of both alcohol AND drugs. Guess what? The gun wasn't the problem in that scenario. It is soooooo much easier to kill someone with a car than a gun-- easier to kill lots of people at once, for that matter. Want to ban cars too? Go ahead-- compare anual gun deaths in the US versus annual motorvehicular deaths. The math is pretty simple.

As for violent crime based on location, there isn't a country in the world that can claim to be free of it, so quit singling out America. The fact that the US has gun freedom makes guns an easy target for people who want to blame violent crime on a mechanical object and pretend that removing that object fixes society. But gun deaths are first and foremost caused by criminals and crazy people-- and those are everywhere. Take away their guns and they'll simply switch to knives, glass beer steins, acid, fire or automobiles.

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@voiceofokinawa and @johninnaha:

You guys are awesome. Thanks for bringing me the lolz in the middle of this slow and cloudy Wednesday. If you guys have any serious commentary, though, that might be refreshing too.

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Where are you getting this bit about 3 people. It was a pregnant woman and a 2nd grader. Where's the 3rd grader you keep talking about?

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@ basroil:

If your assumption is correct, well then, um, he's dead. That's not enough, you think?

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I completely agree with all of you that performance bonuses should end as soon as performance stops being good, but it's important to realize that there are countless big corporations on the global market right now which continue to hemorrage money and yet continue to give exorbitant bonuses to lackluster execs. At least Sony is moving in the right direction.

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I really admire Sony. They have a track record of trying to do the right thing, even at the cost of their own financial comforts. The PS3 is a great example-- they believed they were delivering a quality gaming platform that consumers deserved, and so they took losses on each unit manufactured and sold for a significant period of time (don't recall how long exactly, but I believe it was around 2 years or longer)-- basically the exact opposite of Microsoft's rush-it-to-market-despite-the-red-rings policy. Now they're slashing bonuses for executives. There are not a lot of companies willing to do that these days, despite their struggles and poor performances.

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I live in a place very similar to Isesaki, and I fully believe that it's extremely unlikely this was the girl's fault. Of course, as some posters have pointed out, it's impossible to say for certain because of lacking details in this article, but Gunma drivers are atrocious. As another poster mentioned, if you see one of these trucks wheeling through city roads, 7 times out of 10 they're on their keitais. And drivers in Gunma, not just trucks, are absolutely notorious for not checking for bikes, joggers or walkers as they swoop into combini parking lots, make turns or blow through the first 2 or 3 seconds of a red light (which happens at almost EVERY red light).

Besides, as disillusioned pointed out, the pedestrian ALWAYS has the right of way. If you're piloting over two tons of rapid moving steel, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure no one is in your way. That's part and parcel to the privilege of driving.

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