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Guy Kazama comments

Posted in: Tokyo police crack down on cycling violations See in context

I'm in the minority here, but after being ran into at full speed by two morons here in Kyoto, I hope the cops crack down on these idiots. I'm tired of having to look over my shoulder while walking down the sidewalk, for fear of another jackass--usally female--flying at me. They are the ones who should be paying attention. When operationg a motor vehicle back in the States, the driver, not the pedestrian, is obliged to pay extra attention. The same should be true of these bicycle boobs. :-)

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Posted in: Fukushima residents say 'no' to nuclear energy See in context

openhauerAug. 02, 2012 - 07:54AM JST

They welcomed the nuclear plant in Fukushima until the accident happened. Cities, towns and villages around the plant enjoyed the money the nuclear plant brought.

So, what's your point? Because they enjoyed money from the plants in the past, they have no right to protect themselves now? Are you a moron? By the way, do some research before you post idiotic comments. The reason they accepted the plants was because they were lied to. They were assured that the plants were safe. Just like in the USA, the government approaches poor, rural communities who are desperate for economic help with the promise of jobs and lower-cost energy. Combine this with its promise of the plants' being safe, and I'm sure even a dolt like you could understand why such communities in the past allowed these plants to be built in their backyards.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear candidate loses Yamaguchi governor election See in context

The candidate lost because poor farmers in those regions are won over by government officials who promise jobs; the same happens in the USA.

Nuclear power is not cheap or safe. The amount of radioactive waste they produce is an increasing problem in the USA. In Japan, it's even worse. The area in Japan designated for that waste has already reached full capacity. Therefore, nuclear power plants are having to store the waste right at their own facilities. Where will they store it once those areas reach full capacity? And, incidentally, those plants were never designed to hold radioactive waste, so how safe can this be? Nuclear power is horrible. We had three major warnings: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. If something happens again, we've only ourselves to blame. And, someone commented that the "occasional incident" etc., is unfortunate, but not the norm. That "occasional incident" has resulted in an entire region of an advanced, developed nation being rendered uninhabitable. It's a high price to pay. Too high.

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

I remember the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski thing. People said, "What's a guy's personal life have to do with what kind of leader he is?" Well, any questions? When you lie to your own family, you will lie to anyone. I wonder if Clinton and Hashimoto ever smoked the same cigars. LOL

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Posted in: Japanese women fall behind Hong Kong in longevity See in context

Japanese women are now sucked into the サラリーマン lifestyle, which is why their lives are becoming shorter. When you work from 9am until midnight, five days a week, that's what happens.

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