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Guy-Roku-Gin comments

Posted in: Netflix to boost original series, films in and from Asia See in context

Japanese service ?? Really ??

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologises again for spending on luxury hotels, pajamas See in context

Maybe extravagance/swindling is more acceptable in France.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' becomes highest grossing U.S. domestic movie ever See in context

Please elaborate MeanRingo. Curious to hear your thoughts on the 'terrible' parts. I too am not riding the hype wave. It was a decent film but nothing great. I watched a new hope the following day with my boy and both agree it's not even close.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

This is so ironic it's cheese. The majority of any population in any country in the world are the working/lower classes. The highest contributors to those populations are from those same people. They are all the highest contributors to the tax system as there are billions of us. Sooooo, the gov devises a plan to raise the consumption tax TWICE in TWO years. ffs. Who does that hit the hardest ???? Then there's the talk of reducing the child allowance and increasing Nat health insurance. I have two kids and would love another but it just isn't going to happen. To fork out nearly 400,000 for a child delivery is obscene.( ok we got back 75% I believe but still...... Then there's the crazy kindergarten fees that charge an extra 10-15,000 per month for trips, picnics, hiking, horse-riding, AND electricity bills. ( yes, that's right. The customers pay the electricity bill) (but before anyone says, it's just for the air con, I know several teachers that have told me the charge more than covers it. Another huge, problem and maybe not nice to state but I feel the average family home in Japan isn't a happy home(environment). Everyone has quarrels bad times etc but there's very little affection/consideration after the kids are of a certain age. Maybe that's just my view though. Financially I just can't afford anymore and I'm looking at selling the rabbit. Anyone after a cute bunny ????

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Posted in: 1 dead, 2 missing in water-related accidents on Sunday See in context

It"S ME : A 4yr old drowns and the best you can come up with is 'I don't see it as cold, birth and death are parts of life.' Wonder if you'd state the same if it was your own child, your sisters child, your best friends child.

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing See in context

Saketown Profound grief does not constitute an apology. It implies deep sorrow for something dear to you that you have lost. If the term was profound regret or remorse then maybe. His speech did contain apologies for various points but his governments actions clearly do not back them up. Japanese school history textbooks surely show what they trully feel

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Posted in: 2 youths on motorbike going wrong way on expressway killed in collision See in context

Ebisen- I wonder if you'd still take that frivolous attitude if the two boys hit your car (with wife & kids??) causing a fatal accident to your dear ones. What they did was Russian roulette. Plain and simple. Doing dangerous things when we're in our teens and driving down the highway the wrong way for kicks doesn't compare.

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