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Posted in: Mother arrested after death of 3-month-old daughter left alone for 16 hours See in context

I learned as a gaijin. Japanese girls appear to more suitable as wife material by early impressions compared to North American girls.

Example fashion is much better, cleaner, nicer attitudes, seems like they'd be better cooks......

Once you get married LOL night and day difference. I won't say all girls are like this. But why do we always see these stories? It's like girls can't hardly do anything.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic protest held in Tokyo See in context

What's with the Transgender pride flag? Is this a protest to have the Olympics or not?

I feel like there's always a select amount of people who go to "protest" or cause trouble.

BLM violent protests, currently don't even have any black people attending. It's all young white kids who think they know how the world should be. Greta Thunberg the leading advisor on Corona virus!! Next on CNN!!!

As for Trans let them compete! Seriously you couldn't destroy the male part of sports. But let's see what happens!!! Especially in the more physical sports.

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Posted in: U.S. demanded Japan pay $8 bil annually for troops: Bolton See in context

Who do you believe?

Bolton (who was fired and now like everybody else tries to capitalize off Trump)



Both seem like they can be correct.

Even if Trump asked for more it wouldn't surprise me.

In reality even if Trump wants more. Is it better to let the military walk and build your own army?

But us simpletons will just use this to bash Trump. I guess negotiations are bad? What a world we live in.

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter rally held in Tokyo See in context

Black Lives matter.

The BLM movement is crap.

They're against the nuclear family. Probably due to the fact that 70% of kids grow up without a father in the home so instead IN their Mission statement they say they prefer a village family mindset... Maybe that works but definetly not in America people live seperated by distance.

Hows about teaching positives

Like being responsible for your actions. (Something Liberals have a hard time dealing with)

Also don't attack cops. Yes the Minneapolis one was murder but if we get into the actual stats of unarmed blacks and whites killed by cops in the US it was 8 blacks and 20whites.

Yet somehow nobody mentions the whites killed (it's ok not to)

Also what about the cops being killed? We can't talk about that either.

The issue here is racism exists. However it has gotten much better as time has moved on. Also I'm all for trying to make there be less racism. But just like global warming the projection from the left is making this stuff seem 100x worse then it is.

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Posted in: Premier League clubs lost £600 million in season before virus, says report See in context

The NHL had this problem and fixed it long ago. A Salary cap is needed.

The problem is, if the EPL has a salary cap they'll lose players to leagues that don't have it.

Lucky enough for the MLB, NHL, NBA there isn't much competition for players. I think soccer should do a salary cap worldwide and teams split revenue with players 50/50

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Posted in: Top prosecutor tenders resignation over mahjong gambling scandal See in context

LOL I love many things about Japan but this is madness.

I bet my friends a chu hi once for Superbowl pick. Should I lose my job. Lol what a joke

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Posted in: Obama calls Trump's handling of pandemic a 'chaotic disaster' See in context

1st America 9 million tests

2nd Russia 5 million

3rd Germany 2 million

Japan 202,000 tests

More tests more catches?

Or do we not agree with stats and facts here?

As stated by studies conducted in California and New York it seemed in New York that 2.8 million people already had antibodies. Meaning if you check any sick people you'll probably catch more.

Japan probably had the better system. Don't check and low numbers!! We can go to parks and restaurants because we have low numbers!!

But hey Obama can talk a big talk. Didn't Isis appear under his rule?

He did great with the FBI as well. The whole Flynn thing was some great work as well.

Finally I LOVE the double standards here. People bash Japan for not testing enough. Then bash America because they have high numbers but have tested the most BY FAR.

The reality is you guys hate Trump and don't care about facts or reason.

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Posted in: Gov't suggests schools reopen for some grades See in context

I don't mind another month off!

Since I started living in Japan it was long work weekdays. Leaving at 7am then getting home at 7:30pm.

Weekends my wife always wanted to go out to a mall or somewhere where you don't get direct sun.

Now we just stay home aside from groceries or a small walk. It's been great

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand open beaches, ease other coronavirus lockdown restrictions See in context

LETS Continue to insult Japan!!!

"New Zealand had a strict lockdown in place"

Instead of our "thoughts" please consider the STATS - REALITY - TRUTH - FACTS

Cases per 1 million people

New Zealand 300+

Japan 100+

Personally I don't really care which countries are doing better then others. I care about the Truth and not posting stuff based on my perceptions.

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Posted in: Seiyu to pay special bonus to store staff working during pandemic See in context

People will always find a reason to complain I guess. $150 isn't amazing but it's nice.

I'd take an extra $150 and working hours then no money or hours......

"$150 for a life" pretty ignorant comment.

Look at the antibody studies in New York and California. This virus has hit sooo many people and it can be deadly but the actual death toll is still like 0.5. Stop over reacting.

Yes it's super contagious and yes it's nasty. But people are acting as if you are going to die if you get it.

Take precautions and listen to the government.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor under fire for saying women dawdle at shops See in context

Of corse it's true.

My wife gives me a list and I'm in and out in 2 minutes. She seems to take 4x as long. She agrees with a laugh.

There's no need to be offended by his comments. The sad part is everybody knows this is basically true, yet feel the need to complain because he stated a gender role fact.

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