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Posted in: Fireball that lit up Tokyo sky confirmed as meteor after pieces found See in context

Yeah I hope the person who FOUND it got some serious coin for it!!!

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

I see Fukushima has been KICKED to the CURB...…..

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Posted in: Snow White manners See in context

LOL says boarding while one dwarf is being pushed OFF the train LOL!

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

As some posters already noted, non-Japanese permanent residents are entitled to a fast-track (re) entry

Nori, can you expand on that, have not heard of any fast track, just if you try its roulette, depends on the immigration officer etc.....

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Posted in: European Parliament urges Japan to revamp child custody rules See in context

Japan if you cant & seems you WONT do what is right for non-Japanese parents at least have the STONES to do what is right for the 100s of thousands of Japanese parents who have had their children abducted from them!!


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Posted in: Japan to consider easing travel curbs for Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

I spoke with an advice hotline today re the immigration re-entry issue. Quite helpful. He warned me that when you depart, the immigration officer at Narita or wherever will make you sign a statement admitting there is no guarantee of re-entry, even if you have a death in the family etc.

The above is my understanding from what I have read.

It basically means you are free to leave BUT there is absolutely NO guarantee you can return to Japan.....This is seriously messed up & the govt should bloody address it. As of present it means there is NO POLICY for those with PR, NONE!!!  And to make it even worse immigration staff etc also have no idea what to do should someone with PR return!!


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Posted in: In Tokyo, a temple offers pandemic-hit Vietnamese workers a safe haven See in context

The govt is an abettor, but not the perpetrator.


The govt set this up, KNOWING, exactly how these loopholes would be used, they have WILLINGLY ENABLED Japan Inc to EXPLOIT cheap foreign labour!!

Big SHAME on Japan, where human trafficking IS accepted, for SHAME!!!!

And 10,000 cheers for the temple!! There is good in Japan as well, seems hard to find sometimes, again  a big THANKS!!!!

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Posted in: Japan to consider easing travel curbs for Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

This reeks of desperation, while I realie the topic needs to come up, they seem to have forgotten that there are 200+ countries that also have to coordinate travel restrictions on their OWN countries, factor in flights or lack of, especially from less fortunate nations...…………..I don't think its doable.

I expect just like when Canada informed they were pulling out for this summer, the same will happen again & sink the ship so to speak

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Posted in: U.S. says foreign students whose classes move online cannot stay See in context

I could understand putting things on hold for NEW students, but those already in country studying.....WTF!!!

Maybe the US should CLOSE ALL universities & make them all online ""assuming"" that is possible.....this admin just keeps getting dumber & dumber, there is NO bottom for trump & his ilk, bottomless!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seek COVID-19 defenses, but what exactly? See in context

Unless international air travels starts becoming normal again NEITHER fans or athletes can even get to Japan.…..there is no way they are going to pay for airline charters to bring in athletes, coaches etc from what 200+ countries.

A lot HAS to happen & as of now NOTHING good is really happening that points to summer 2021 being able to freely travel......

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Posted in: 308 Japanese companies affected by U.S. work visa halt: survey See in context

Getting work visa's for coming to Japan for work is on hold now because of the virus, many people I work with come into Japan to work for a few days, maybe up to a couple weeks, then move on to other countries, just not happening at present

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Posted in: Kirin releases Home Tap Beer Service See in context

.....sorry no thanks, what do you get may 2pints per tiny plastic ""keg""  the servers will end up in the gomi in short order, daft instead of DRAFT!!!!

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 14 missing after floods in southwestern Japan See in context

Damn, Kyushu is getting hit like this every year now it seems......loss for words

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Posted in: China accuses Canada of meddling over Hong Kong law See in context

And we need to help the people of Hong Kong, sadly it looks like Hong Kong is toast, next on the list will Taiwan sadly, UNLESS we all start doing something, stand up for whats right instead of whats profitable!

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Posted in: China accuses Canada of meddling over Hong Kong law See in context

Time for me to harp again, sorry!

Another PRIME example of why the rest of the world MUST stop feeding the Chinese govt MONSTER!! They get uglier by the day.

Western corporate greed, needs to end with respect to China & other despotic regimes, investments need to STOP, current investments dismantled & moved elsewhere, more many reasons.

China is clearly on the path for confrontation, its already been happening for 30yrs now & looks set to get much worse.

Pay now or we pay a LOT more later!! Its THAT simple!

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Posted in: Mizuno’s new athletic footwear nicknamed 'Akira Shoes' See in context

Is it just me or have a lot of sports type shoes become real gaudy & nasty looking over the past decade....

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Posted in: Google-backed groups criticize Apple's new warnings on user tracking See in context

The masses NEED these thieving conglomerates to keep this simple, opt in or out of tracking, data stealing, I mean sharing :( …….

I imagine the vast majority DONT want to be tracked etc, & IF we say yes then WE should be PAID for our data!!!! How about that google!!!

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Posted in: The labor shortage is real and the war for talent will intensify as economies normalize. Japan's nexus to Asia in general, and China in particular, means that the manufacturing sector here will pull out of recession well before America recovers. See in context

I don't think the quote applies well to Japan because to present there still really isn't much of a flexible labour market, very few still change companies mid career.

Recently had a conference call with about 12guys from my 1st year Uni residence & one guy had started & sold a business, another failed & he was now working at his 17th different company, now that is a lot but in Japan still very few change companies & careers & this NEEDS to be a thing & be accepted, would do Japan a world of good or it will continue to fall behind as it is doing at present

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Posted in: In Fourth of July speech, Trump slams his enemies within See in context

The US as I have said before may well be headed for civil strife even war, this time it wont be north - south, no one will have any idea where its coming from.

The US is looking scarier & scarier, I really hope this sheer idiocy can be turned around, otherwise the US could end up like Zimbabwe!

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 131 new coronavirus infections on Saturday See in context

Still climbing......wonder where we will end up

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Posted in: Japan's single mothers, female nonregular workers hard hit by virus See in context

What about single fathers, like men in general, just not on the radar......

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Posted in: Google stymies media companies from chipping away at its data dominance See in context

Google needs to reigned the hell in, they are not so slowly taking control WAY too many areas of the internet, this is not GOOD!

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Posted in: Fuji TV had deal with 'Terrace House' cast on how scenes played out See in context

A lot of this could be remedied IF these kinds of contracts were made illegal, the restrictions & punishments are INSANE.

This stuff happens with everything in TV, movie, music etc .

Fuji should be on the hook for this one!

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Posted in: Food poisoning hits 3,453 teachers, students in Saitama schools See in context

My bet is on the mayo in the potato salad, you need to eat that stuff once it is made in the summer, eating later or next are rolling the dice with the way school lunches would be handled as there are just too many ways food is sitting un-refrigderated

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Posted in: UK to end quarantine for travelers from 'low-risk' countries See in context

This could prove interesting....

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

HKG is the START, the world needs to reign in the Chinese MONSTER!!


This article ties in perfectly what I have often harped on about as the Chinese MONSTER!!

As I have said many times, we pay NOW or a LOT MORE LATER!!

Corporate greed has been the main driver for all this the last 30+yrs. And if companies DONT start getting out of China THEY will be a BIG reason for the eventual war the west has with China & the millions of dead that likely will pile up, but don't expect big business or western govts to take much responsibility.

This article CLEARLY shows the corporate greed does NOT care PERIOD!!

I am fine with basic capitalism, but insane growth wanted is clearly no where near sustainable.

Bottom line is Corporations, Govt & us People will need to make some HARD changes in our lifestyles to avoid a war with China!!! Sadly I don't think we are up for it, the war will happen sadly.

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Posted in: Hospital grapples with coronavirus aftermath See in context

As many of you with even only a couple years in Japan knows that THOUSANDS of women every year end up in ambulances & taxi going from hospital to hospital JUST to give birth, so hardly surprising whats happening to covid patients....very sad,  another 10,000 cheers for Seibu Hospital!

As for the people complaining about nurses & calling the hospital to complain, I hope they get THEIRS at some point in time!! This dark, EVIL side of Japan is really dis-heartening, sadly we see all the time from history past to PRESENT, shame on all them, nasty vile human beings!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, France prod companies to rely less on China, but few respond See in context

Desert T,

You are not factoring a MAJOR factor though, QUALITY, our vacuum from the 60s cleaned our house into the 80s!! Ditto for washing machine & dryer.

From the 80s to present QUALITY for a lot of stuff is way way DOWN & DESIGNED to be replaced in a year or two, meaning today we are basically buying GARBAGE!! Most things we buy end up in landfill etc in short order, rinse & repeat.

We need to go back to MORE quality in my opinion as best we can, for reasons more that the issues with China!

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Posted in: Japan pandemic jobless data mask problems for millions: experts See in context

The J-govt has been fudging un-employments rates for decades & counting, since forever basically.

I figure as a rough estimate one should at least double to govts rate & possibly add a couple more percentage points to get a more realistic figure

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