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Posted in: Amber Heard's friend says she saw bruises inflicted by Depp See in context

This witnesses credibility is so so so less than ZERO!!!

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Posted in: Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater See in context

Like I have said since the beginning this contaminated water WILL end up in the ocean, there is ZERO chance of avoiding it. The only control humans have is to allowed releases over time or WAIT until Mother Nature releases the water into the ocean(slowly through rusty tanks links, typhoons or quakes etc).

If we wait on Mother Nature then I suspect we will have a mix of slow, sudden bursts or one big dump back into the ocean, but thats for her to decide!

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Posted in: Jury sees photos of Heard's swollen face after fight with Depp See in context

This article is just AWFUL! There is TONS of info out there & they choose to ignore it, especially all the lies AH has be caught with, to wit:

Johnny's finger, there is AUDIO of her admitting DOING this.....

Media when she got her restraining order, SHE(her team) alerted them, SHE walked in/out the FRONT door when the court has basement access for the famous....I mean JD was in Europe at the time, what a joke!

AH's lawyers drafted a letter demanding several penthouses, cars, money etc etc ....for a ""smooth"" settlement, was clearly BLACKMAIL!

Oh yeah and her fake bruises....totally debunked, plenty of pics the next day of her smiling away, no shades & NO BRUSIES!!!

The ACLU....what a mess she promised them $7million & has paid $350K. BUT her new boyfriend Musk paid the ACLU $6million......then the ACLU trotted out AH as a poster child for DV, ALL without JD being tried for anything & the ACLU is SUPPOSED to believe all people are INNOCENT till proven guilty.....yeah right!

The damage AH has & continues to do to real victims of violence is massive.

Hey I hear Disney is wising up & is or will blacklist AH.....a little & certainly late!

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

Another scary thing is that the ""bank"" likely has a computer/drive that uses floppy disks, LOL, & myself being an admitted digital dinosaur am just shaking my head.

Excuse me a second while I check my pcmcia card, seems to be acting up!

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

My bet is most Russians are wishing putin was gone long ago & are now dreaming of doing what the people of Romania did to CEAUSESCU!!!

The only way for Russia to try to redeem itself now is to get rid of its ""leaders"" & beg forgiveness to Ukraine & the world or they are in for many decades of sanctions!!!

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Posted in: Cormorant fishing See in context

This is pretty cool, I recently bought a nice Aloha shirt with cormorant fishing as the motif/ design & I like fishing so its perfect!

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Posted in: Lessons I learned about body positivity after visiting a Japanese hot spring See in context

Yeah I am sick of this body positivity crap, enough already, just get clean, then get in the onsen, relax & stop talking about it!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka launching her own sports agency: report See in context

I wonder how this will work for her.....hopefully her partner can make it work as I dont really see Osaka san as being able to be more than a famous face, I am not sure if she has the experience to be an agent for others......time will tell I guess

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Posted in: Heard takes stand, accuses Depp of violent sexual assault See in context

I am all for transparency but this is a domestic case. What is gained by televising this, except for making it a circus?

Simple, for too many decades abuse has only been that men do it 99.999999% of the time.

Women do it too...A LOT!!! Sure AH is super psycho but just ask the millions of men accused of abuse in family courts & what it costs them, the system has been shafting men for many decades non-stop! The systems are insanely anti-male.

Look what it takes for a guy like JD to defend himself......for mere mortal men.....there is only lose, almost no chance for a fair shake.

And yeah AH has done tremendous damage to many who have REALLY been abused.

CLEARLY we simply CANNOT just believe women.....or men for that matter, it needs to be investigated FAIRLY!!

And currently if you are male well FAIR is just a pipe dream for most. That is why this trial is very important, among many other reasons.

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Posted in: Never mind New York City: For Mako and Kei, there's no place like home See in context

With crap like this written about them, then the only time they should be in Japan is for a VISIT!!!!

If this blurb isnt proof enough I dont know what is!

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Posted in: Heard takes stand, accuses Depp of violent sexual assault See in context

Bad acting.....

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Posted in: Amber Heard testifies she was assaulted by Johnny Depp See in context

Hook her up to a lie detector please.

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Posted in: Amber Heard's lawyers revised article Johnny Depp sued over See in context

I'm not sure why this trial is receiving such coverage. Other than his odd behaviors, it's just not that interesting a case/story.

It is a VERY IMPORTANT case, clearly JD has been wronged on a massive scale.

Also this same thing has happened & continues to happen to millions on men in family court throughout the western world, needs to end. Courts need to be FAIR, surely that isnt too much to ask for........

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Posted in: Amber Heard's lawyers revised article Johnny Depp sued over See in context

The above article CLEARLY without a doubt shows that the article that JD is suing about absolutely IS ABOUT HIM, end of story, AH's lawyers have fully admitted it is.

AH's lawyers simply tried to wash it so they could have plausible deniability......but they simply dont.

AH needs to be severely punished for everything she has done, clearly she is a serial abuser & lies almost as much as trump does!

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Posted in: Cereal killer: Kellogg's challenges UK over obesity strategy See in context

Its about time, while sure there are choices, the world of cereals most of it has tons of sugar. Too much cereal is like soda pop, what I call slow poison!!!

Going beyond cereal there are far too many processed food loaded with sugars & salt & you see the result looking western countries....a TON of people with weight issues & far too many seriously obese, not good!

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Posted in: Depp recording warns of 'bloodbath' if arguments escalate See in context

Clear as day that heard both mentally & physically abused the hell out of JD.

When Heard is on the stand they should hook her up to a lie detector!!

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Posted in: Is it possible to heal the damage we have already done to the Earth? See in context

As others have pointed out, geological time is VERY different from time us humans experience, in the end the earth will "recover" but as other have also pointed out, way before mankind started wreaking havoc on the planet, mother nature has done her thing, life expanded, then contracted several times. And this WILL continue.

When looking at the damage us humans continue to cause the answer is simple, the only way the earth will start recovering is when mankind is in irreversible decline towards extinction, until we reach that tipping point mankind will overall continue to destroy. Rest assured mother nature is working on this as we all type, but she takes her time, but she WILL PREVAIL.

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Posted in: 10 confirmed dead after tour boat with 26 goes missing off Hokkaido See in context

Sad, sounds like some severe professional negligence likely.

Water that cold is almost impossible to survive in unless people could have been plucked into life boats within a few minutes of hitting those waters!

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Posted in: Narita airport deploys net traps to stop turtles infiltrating runway See in context

This made my friday, thanks JT. It's always nice to read articles that care about wildlife and are making ways to save them from accidents with human activities.

Almost certainly the turtles, in invasive will be put down, if they find any native species they will likely be released elsewhere , but its unlikely they will find any native species, just red eared sliders from the USA & pond turtles from China.

Or they will make the traps so whatever is trapped drowns

an invasive turtle species -- apparently breed in bodies of water nearby.

Doh, turtles live in the water but lay their eggs on land!!

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Posted in: Depp's friend expresses doubts over Heard's allegations See in context

“His family has been completely wrecked by all of this stuff, and it's not fair,” Baruch said. “It’s not right, what she did. ... It’s insane.”

This times a million, she is a serial liar.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp, ex-wife Amber Heard head to court again, this time in U.S. See in context

Oh and her antics have caused Warner Bros to lose BOAT LOADS of $$$$$ & counting, she wasnt supposed to bring Warner Bros or other actors into her trial .....but she HAS LOL!!! Warner Bros took her lies & its costing them dearly, believe the CEO is either fired or ""leaving"" and some lower level execs as well are being canned.

Really wanna see Johnny rise back up & watch those who sold him down the river beg & grovel for forgiveness

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Posted in: Johnny Depp, ex-wife Amber Heard head to court again, this time in U.S. See in context

She is TOAST She has been now caught is so many lies, her lawyers have lost many times regarding evidence etc along the way to this trial. I hope she gets her due!

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Posted in: Understanding Japan through ‘Love is Blind’ See in context

These shows are just daft, DONT DO THEM, fools, but then again its JUST for entertainment, people like to watch people succeed or fail while sitting on their couches LOL!!!

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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck (again) See in context

A couple a fools, doomed to fail, Jlo is zero for 4 for crying out loud LOL!!!!

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Posted in: Will Smith gets 10-year Oscars ban over Chris Rock slap See in context

Mrs Smith will always be his children's mother by the way

She will always be the mother but unless Will has had DNA tests done, .....well he may not be the father......

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Posted in: Will Smith gets 10-year Oscars ban over Chris Rock slap See in context

I am 100% sure M. Smith's wife is rewarding him each night for his behaviour. And he can't say it, yet, but he would do it again if going back in past.


You need to google his wife is is downright NASTY!! A vile person, the guy August referred to above, she got with him when he was having MENTAL issues, she is a predator, Will needs to get her OUT of his life so he can heal, it is dangerous for him to remain with her

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Posted in: Will Smith gets 10-year Oscars ban over Chris Rock slap See in context

The punishment is WEAK!

OK, Will now get to a divorce lawyer, cut your toxic wife out!.......and start healing.

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Posted in: Will Smith resigns from film academy over Chris Rock slap See in context

at least now jada is getting royally roasted in all know what they say about karma!

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Posted in: Will Smith resigns from film academy over Chris Rock slap See in context

Interesting, there is now footage of Jada laughing at Chris R getting slapped.....

Will get OUT, stop letting this person manipulate the hell out of you!

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Posted in: Will Smith resigns from film academy over Chris Rock slap See in context

Below is a recent quote for OssanA & Cleo:

“I don’t give two craps what people think about this bald head of mine, because guess what? I love it.” - Jada Pinkett Smith

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