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Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for stealing food See in context

Wow the yaks have gone from making onigiri's to give away to having to steal them because they are hungry!! Hopeully they are on their way out!

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Posted in: Trump calls N Korea's Kim Jong-Un 'madman with nuclear weapons' See in context

Forget his tax returns, I would LOVE to see his high school transcripts, maybe hear from his English teachers LOL!!

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Posted in: At least 19 dead, 50 injured by blast at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester See in context

RIP to all the victims & may the perps be caught soon!

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Posted in: Ex-ASDF chief Tamogami found guilty over illegal payments to campaign staff See in context

Nice Japan, ANOTHER one getting away with it!!! How come so many criminal politicians pretty much NEVER see the inside of a cell, this is clearly all very very wrong, totally MIJ!

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Posted in: Skeletal remains of woman found in her residence by siblings See in context

Off the charts bizarre this one..... sister is hikkomori & they guess she moved out, they NEVER entered the room that was hers all the while the other two siblings LIVED THERE,,,, for two years!!....WTF!  That is DAMNED cold.

Sadly we are going to hear of similar & likely even more bizarre tales for decades to come!

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Posted in: Japan to tighten crackdown on coercion in porn video business See in context

As usual perception more important than reality, ie. govt will pretend to do something while doing next to nothing.

It should be EASY to investigate JK businesses & shut them down & jail offenders but we pretty much NEVER hear of this.

As for porn the easiest thing would be for the keystones to stop by the nearest video place & rent all the RAPE video's some of this stuff is brutally violent, the info on the video case would point where they need to go & lay charges, make arrests, SIMPLE.

Will any of the above actually happen, not likely, come on Japan prove me wrong PLEASE!!

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Posted in: Female stork shot mistakenly by hunter in Shimane See in context

I have no problem with legal hunting for ones table as long as limits, season etc are respected, if not then you are a POACHER not a hunter, anyway....

Why on earth this fool( my guess is over 65, likely by some years!) was out with his gun at this time of year??!!??

And pointing it at HERONS a big WTF! There are ZERO reasons to be pointing anything at herons except maybe a long lens or pair of binoculars!!

This guys needs to be charged & his guns taken away pronto!

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Posted in: 2 men beat woman returning home in Saitama See in context


You must be new in town, stuff happens in Saitama all the time, That's why poster often toss the ole ahhh Saitama again, because stuff happens there time & time again, just does

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Posted in: Protest calls flood police after big cash theft in Hiroshima See in context

This is crazy, how on EARTH can they seriously investigate THEMSELVES!!

No wonder they have no suspects.........INSANE!!!

And even more insane the key was in a desk drawer WTF!

And no CCTV just like the interrogation rooms!

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Posted in: Gov't eyes banning entry of gambling addicts to pachinko parlors See in context

Haha this is hilarious, this will work as well as Japan's labour laws!!

ie. it WONT work doh!!!

And if they put this is place they would HAVE to shut down pachinko as they are all FULL of addicts for the most part, ditto for the horse, boat & bike betting, too funny, but actually rather sad!

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

Too much CO2 is harmful to everything!!

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

The climate changes all the time. It changed before man affected it and it is still changing today. There were ice ages in the past and antarctica was forested at one point. What we don't know is how much man effects the climate. There are so many factors involved here and so many different greenhouse gases that it is really hard to know if we can ever really know these things

Correct! But do you know an ice age is, how long they are etc??!!??

Clearly you DONT! Otherwise you would know the happen over 10s of THOUSANDS of years, NOT within ones LIFETIME!!!

With what mankind has done & CONTINUES to do how could we NOT affect climate, bottom line is we are BIG TIME, its starring us RIGHT in the face & so many on this site cant see the OBVIOUS, incredible

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Posted in: Woman, daughter lost overboard during ferry trip See in context

50s & young.....

I expected to see more of this from 65 & over, if more young people are killing themselves its a damning indictment on society, there needs to be more help for people struggling with $$ problems, taking care of kids with various health issues, alzheimers  etc

And people need to stop HIDING their problems!!

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

@lucabrasi Where have these crop failures been happening? There is a massive surplus of food in the world thanks to four years of record harvests in most of the world. Yes, there have been a couple of small localized minor wrecks but those happen somewhere every year.

There have been LOTS of crop failures & droughts etc, its in the news all the time

Russia has had wheat crop failures, Australia has had severe droughts, ditto for California.

India also has problems regularly.

Heck more locally look at potatoes in Hokkaido, also many places had too much rain whipping out a lot of winter veggies in Japan.

It IS in the news IF you pay attention.

Also wrt to rising ocean levels, several South Pacific nations are under threat, Bangladesh is hit with more & more flooding.

Its there to see IF you are paying attention.

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

Weather and climate are different.

NZ2011, you are of course correct, people like BBush are either simply unwilling to see the obvious or perhaps truly are unable to understand the difference between weather & climate, pretty incredible but there seems to be many who refuse to see whats right SMACK in front of them.

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Posted in: Major Japanese firms expect record combined profit in fiscal 2017 See in context

And now we will hear something along the lines of,.... ok we had a good year BUT we must see if this is ""sustainable"" before we can consider even minimal wage increases.

This BS has been going on for over 30yrs now WORLDWIDE, during that time the rich have vacuumed up an obscene amount of wealth & they think they have earned it.................

There needs to be a serious re-think as the masses are not going to take this &%^&^ for much longer without it getting NASTY!!

1%ers YOU have been warned!

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Posted in: U.N. panel calls for revising Japan-S Korea 'comfort women' deal See in context

Yep MIJ!

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Posted in: G7 finance chiefs warn U.S. not to upset global growth See in context

aso is a Tora san wannabe! Sorryaint cuttin it!

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Posted in: Gov't names and shames 'black' companies violating labor laws See in context

OH MY GOD, look they made a LIST, otsukaresama NOT!!

Like others are saying fine the damned offenders & COMPENSATE the abused!!!

Way to go govt you have just given the GREEN LIGHT to carry on with the abuse, what a joke!

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Posted in: Global summit in Tokyo discusses women's empowerment See in context

Unfortunately Japan treats women in the workplace & work/life balance, like it does its history. With insincere lip service & then hopes everyone will move on & forget about it!!

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Posted in: Fukushima village begins sowing rice for 1st time since nuclear disaster See in context

This rice should be packaged sold & fed to top "management" at tepco & make sure they eat ALL of it!

I would like to trust authorities, but I just cant, so so many food scandals & cover ups over the years have left me simply not trusting them, YMMV

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

Ok well that's where you and I differ. I think it's fine and if there's a Somalian saying he's proud to be Somali, and a Turk proud to be Turkish...I'm cool with that and even happy for him as long as he isn't insulting anyone else. You are repulsed...alright then.


Yeah no problem there, but if they start putting up little posters or handing put leaflets.....then cringe worthy!

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

If I went back to NYC and saw a poster of a dude and it said "I am a proud American! Raise the Stars and Stripes high!" would this be a controversial thing to say?

Controversial...ehhh, definitely lame, actually absolutely cringe worthy!!

Since the group that is putting these up in Kyoto  didn't identify themselves, they are clearly embarrassed to do so! My ca$h is on right wingers who blindly follow the ldp!

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Posted in: Study finds large regional disparities in Japanese marriage rates See in context


Fill us in on yr thoughts in Okinawa, I always thought it was more family oriented down there relative to other parts of Japan....

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Posted in: One man stabbed to death, another wounded at BBQ See in context

I have noticed a significant percentage of people here don't like it when others enjoy themselves or have some success.

And some even lash out, this seems to be one of those cases

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Posted in: Demand for condos slowing in Tokyo but growing in Osaka See in context

Another big city sucking the LIFE out of the country, the some ole problems getting worse, oh well................

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Posted in: Japanese ways of getting work done no longer cut it in today's world See in context

WOW, the people in this article are delusional!!

Back then, recalls Toyokazu Ono, who joined Matsushita Electric in 1971, “working 100 hours of overtime a month was normal.” Now it stirs fears of karoshi and the corrosive publicity it brings. Employers are almost desperate to get employees out on time.

Ono, please open your eyes and SEE what kind of society you have created doing this non-sense!

What changed? Two things essentially, says Jonan Shinyo Kinko Bank president Tsuyoshi Yoshihara. One: the team spirit among workers snapped. Two (not unrelated to one): the goal narrowed.

What the.............

Like I said delusional!

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Posted in: No. of children in Japan falls for 36th year to new record low See in context

Sadly the population pyramid has been staring Japan in the face in plain site for the last 30-40yrs & NOTHING was/is being done to manage population decline is a smooth manner, in fact the opposite is happening with the birth rate having dropped like a stone & very unlikely to climb upwards, in fact the population pyramid shows its likely  to continue to decline. Combined with a VERY top heavy elderly population its all rather grim.

This is one a many reasons we choose not to have kids, the other biggie was the education system, I don't like what I see & the costs in time & $$ are obscene.

Those with kids I hope they turn out well & if they cant find opportunity in Japan(its brutal NOW for young people!) they can elsewhere!

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Posted in: 20 crows found poisoned to death in Saitama See in context

And yet the police are treating the poisoning of 20 crows as a crime?? And wasting investigation resources on it? If I have cockroach poison around my house, is that now contraband?

And what if someone's dog or KID ate some of that BREAD, then what eh!

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