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Posted in: How do you think movies made in recent years will be perceived in the future, say, 50 years from now? See in context

All I can say is thankfully I wont be here in 50yrs, the way the west is quickly rotting it will be a very different world, not likely to my liking & yes as others have said recent movies will be considered crap if the world is capable of even viewing them. I imagine our digital world is going to get hit will a real hard re-set that we should be more worried about

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Posted in: Fundraising scandal in Japan's ruling party turns up heat on embattled PM Kishida See in context

The LDP have been collecting $$$ on the sly & passing brown envelopes around non-stop since the end of WWII, toss in all bid rigging(olympics anyone) and the amounts involved are insane, one of the reasons things are expensive & why we get so so so little value for our taxes here, but they are above the law.

Time to ""sacrifice"" a couple of the usual fall guys, ie. "secretaries" who are designed specifically for this purpose...... rinse & repeat!!

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Posted in: What to stream this week: Nicki Minaj's birthday album, Julia Roberts is in trouble and Monk returns See in context

Thanks for reminding me why I stopped watching the idiot box about 10yrs ago & have no interest in streaming, all the same stories over & over again, just swap out doctors, lawyers, aliens, firemen, nurses, teachers, kids, adults etc etc over the same lame stories


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Posted in: Musk uses expletive to tell audience he doesn't care about advertisers that fled X over hate speech See in context

Musk aside for a second the reason Disney isnt advertising is because of all their woke movies have lost millions & millions of $$$$$, they cant afford to advertise LOL!!!

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Posted in: Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose accused of sexual assault See in context

Sadly its become dangerous to interact with females in the west, hell a simple accusation is enough to ruin a mans life, proof, simply not needed, and even if you are cleared the man still loses MASSIVELY, there are plenty of examples of false accusations where the one lying gets off scott free.

As for this buzzer beater case.......looks like a $$$$ grab, as pointed out above by another poster she ADMITS that Axel would have to have been a mind reader, NO ONE can do that!!

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Posted in: Microsoft hires OpenAI founders to lead AI research team after ChatGPT maker's shakeup See in context

Folks, just watch this AI stuff is just going to make things worse & worse over time, scary stuff!

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Posted in: A nosedive means children being born now will be thrown into a society that becomes distorted, shrinks and loses its ability to function. See in context

This quote is what I have been saying here for more than 2decades, even if families have 3 or more kids the population will STILL decline, Japan may well already be beyond turning this around sadly!

It is a bit more complicated. There are a minority of families with 3 or more children who like and can handle a big family and another minority that either are single or married with no children.

Even 3+ kids is not likely to do much to population overall at this point, as I have harped for ages LOOK at the population pyramid for Japan the BASE is SHRINKING & that base CANNOT expand over time as things currently are, its really simple sad reality

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Posted in: ChatGPT maker OpenAI fires CEO Sam Altman for lack of candor with company See in context

Damn I thought it was bad when I could no longer trust photos once digital was here(& I love photography!) was here, but now with AI, you really cannot trust anything, we have no idea what, where & how AI is going to screw up societies worldwide.....

The Geni is out of the bottle with AI....... I feel sorry for young people, tech has & is destroying people much more than helping them, with AI this IS going to get a LOT LOT worse.....

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Posted in: YouTube creators will soon have to disclose use of gen AI in videos or risk suspension See in context

AI is clearly going to cause a TON of problems in so so many aspects of life, so glad I am not young, the future is going to get worse at an insane rate.....and its already been getting worse at alarming rates the last 2-3decades...

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Posted in: No ex-Johnny's singers in NHK year-end show 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' after sex scandal See in context

I would be ok with this IF NHK apologized for knowingly supporting J&A just like MOST media etc in Japan did for decades, NHK was a part of the problem, they & other media should also be paying some sort of price for turning blind eyes for DECADES!!!!

For shame!

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Posted in: ‘The Marvels’ melts down at box office See in context

Like I said on the other recent articles, rumors were out, they were correct, this flick is crap, woke & will lose a ton of $$$, so many idiots at disney etc etc

Sadly this woke crap is pervasive in many areas of the west, thank god I dont have to work back home its gone insane & its sad watching companies implementing HR policy hoping & praying it prevents lawsuits, what a damned mess!!

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Posted in: Female superhero team battles uncertain times in 'The Marvels' See in context

And while Larson's 2019 film "Captain Marvel" grossed more than $1 billion, it suffered from sexist trolling and "review-bombing" online -- patterns that have sadly been repeated and amplified with "The Marvels" and its three female leads.

Well its out now & reviews by REAL people, not like the author of the fluff piece above, are coming in & seems the rumors are true the movie is crap, sadly unsurprising, dont waste your $$ on it!

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater actress' suicide due to overwork, bullying: lawyer See in context

Sadly, as I have been saying for decades bullying is very much a part of Japanese culture, it is absolutely, pervasive is so so many ways

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Posted in: Nia DaCosta makes her mark on Marvel history with 'The Marvels' See in context

 By any measure, “The Marvels” is one of the fall’s most anticipated titles.

Pure comedy LOL, this flick is dead in the water, another dumb woke flick, seems hollywood never learns

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Posted in: School's out forever in parts of aging Japan See in context

I find is stunning to see so so many on JT who dont know what a population pyramid is...Zone2Surf, Fighto, suggest you search for Japans & LOOK at the BASE, it is narrowing at an alarming rate!!!

As Rainyday says correctly, the longer this current state of de-population continues even if the birthrate jumps to 3+ per couple the population will likely still be declining!!

And NONE of the core issues have or will be dealt with in any likelyhood.

It is indeed sad to literally watch Japan rot, those that say the population will stabilize just arent looking at how many elderly there are & how FEW young people are in Japan, its likely too late for Japan to fix without REALLY opening up to the rest of the world, Japan likely wont have a choice in the matter the way things are going!

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Posted in: Emmer withdraws bid for House speaker hours after winning GOP nomination due to Trump objection See in context

GWToday 11:11 am JST

I have watched the decline of the USA in many aspects for over 20+yrs now, even for me the rate of decline we are seeing the last few years is staggering, the GOP has a lot of problems, way more than just trump.......

The US has existed with shutdown government for long periods before and this isn't even a full government shutdown.

I wasnt referring to the the govt shutdowns, I am talking about overall decline, politics, infrastructure, marriage & birth rates, the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer, its all happening

I now find myself thinking that a military coup is becoming more & more a possibility in the excited US of A!!!

How exactly would that happen? You heard what Mark Milley had to say about people planning martial law: they're not going to __ succeed.

I said military coup, didnt say whether I think it would/could work just that you never know could be attempted......

We are indeed in the decline of the ""Roman"" (ie the West) Empire once again!!! Like Japans falling birth rate the West in many ways is too far gone!!

Which point are we in? Beginning of the Principate? Crisis of the third century? The Tetrachy? Invasions of the 5th century? Lots of history can go on before a country gives out.

True but things happen at a MUCH faster pace now, societies are a mess on many levels from men/women to families to towns, cities, countries its all happening rather quickly much faster than the original!

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Posted in: Emmer withdraws bid for House speaker hours after winning GOP nomination due to Trump objection See in context

I have watched the decline of the USA in many aspects for over 20+yrs now, even for me the rate of decline we are seeing the last few years is staggering, the GOP has a lot of problems, way more than just trump.......

I am no fan of the democrats either......

I now find myself thinking that a military coup is becoming more & more a possibility in the excited US of A!!!

The west in general is declining at quite a pace, went back to Cda for a wedding & usual meet up of family & friends this summer & its insane just how bad it is getting in my homeland, I used to think I wouldnt trade my passport for a Japanese one(since we cant to dual) but its going to reach a point where I might consider it.

We are indeed in the decline of the ""Roman"" (ie the West) Empire once again!!! Like Japans falling birth rate the West in many ways is too far gone!!

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Posted in: 'The Rock' waxwork in Paris retouched after skin tone complaints See in context

.... well is looking rather pale in that wax so I can see why he would want that to be fixed up to be more realistic

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Posted in: Jada Pinkett Smith says revealing separation from Will Smith is a 'weight off my shoulders' See in context

JPS is the worst of the worst, a narcissist on steroids, the queen of toxicity, a compulsive liar, and WILL............ like it has been said already above has been cucked beyond belief, he should have ran for the chopper decades ago!!!

No man/woman should go through what JPS has & continues to do to Will & lets not forget their messed up children.......a complete utter diasater!!!!!

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Posted in: Paris Olympics organisers and event management firms raided See in context

The IOC is a truly despicable organization & needs to be SHUT DOWN!!

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Posted in: Sex abuse-tainted Johnny's discussing talent agency name change See in context

This is all sick as hell, it was COMMON knowledge for over 30yrs for crying out loud, the agency was of course the worst BUT the entire Japanese media WILLINGLY went along with this pedophile the entire time, heads need to roll throughout all the TV stations, print media etc etc, THEY ALL KNEW about this & keep sweeping under the rug for many decades,......

Name changes, how about putting some people behind bars & tossing away the keys!!!

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Posted in: Canadian fire crews battle wildfires; all Yellowknife residents evacuating See in context

Not good at all, my nephew works at the Gahcho Kue mine flying in/out.....and I am flying home to Calgary for his wedding next week, talk about crazy, my sister who now lives in AUS is back & had planned to go to Yellowknife.....

I was born in NWT, I hope all escape & can return safely sooner rather than later....

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Posted in: Thinking of buying a new pair of jeans? Breaking down the cost over time might help you decide See in context

Sad reality is stores like uniqlo etc are basically just selling GARBAGE, their stuff ends up in the trash real quick most of the time.

Japan is great for denim goods, lots of brands selling top notch stuff with denim in 15-25oz that LAST, costly but over time are worth it. You can even by MIJ levis that are much better then regular levis etc which are actually not that great anymore.

Same applies to other non clothing items, its scary how much stuff we buy that quickly ends up in the trash, needs to be reversed for sure!

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Posted in: Woman arrested after beating husband with wooden coat hanger See in context

Sadly typical, women getting away with violence etc & the man is made a fool of.

If roles were reversed the guy would have been put in a cell, but since the woman is the perp the cops are interested in what led to the violence, the violence itself gets a pass........need some equality here!

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb victim's paper cranes eyed for UNESCO heritage list See in context

 Few seem to know that the Japanese were ready to surrender but that they wanted to keep the emperor as their head. The US policy was unconditional surrender.

I am sick of these BS bits about Japan willing to surrender, their ""terms"" were beyond rediculous!

The US insisting on unconditional surrender was absolutely ON POINT!!! And needed to happen, was the BEST outcome for Japan clearly!! Japan having killed between 20-30million in the Far East & SE Asia was in ZERO position to dictate ANYTHING!!

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Posted in: Nothing remote about short-term sex work See in context

 The women I knew gave up what they were doing once they got their A.) teaching degree, and B.) doctorate. They went on to lead respected, productive lives. They did not hurt anyone, and they bettered their lives. They seemed to be well adjusted, to me, as well as hard working and, of course, beautiful. There were no drugs or coercion involved, other than the impetus to better themselves.

I hope these ladies freely share their pasts with boyfriends, husbands etc, but that is sadly highly unlikely, they will most likely lie about & then live lives based on lies, to everyone around them, kids, spouses, families, and it gets ugly quickly when the truth comes out.

So anyone doing this kind of work, please be honest about it

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Posted in: Japan faces headwinds in drawing foreign workers despite visa change See in context

I have been shaking my head for 30+years now watching Japan continually getting it horribly WRONG wrt allowing foreigners here to actually stay & set up a life, possibly get permanent residency etc.....and we continue to see insipid little "improvements"....sigh!

"The time when Japan dominated has ended," said one Japanese employee who works for an organization that assists Vietnamese people in working abroad. "At this rate, we will be left behind."

Japan's time as a leader was already very noticeably disappearing when I arrived here back in 1991 and has only gathered steam over time & will sadly continue unabated.

And as I predicted a few decades ago foreigners will be less & less inclined to consider Japan for so so many reasons, and it continues to get much worse for Japanese as well, its insane the decline I have witnessed here, it could be so MUCH better but now too much water has passed under the bridge in my opinion.

I DONT recommend young people to come to Japan unless they only stay say a max of 2years otherwise you will seriously jeopardize your furture potential......

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Posted in: Fans demand Johnny's talent agency investigate sexual abuse claims See in context

This guy has been known to do this for decades & NOTHING was ever done, they should shut down this company PRONTO!!!

The perp is friggin dead now, Japan can you belated do whats RIGHT!!!!

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Posted in: BuzzFeed, Vice woes signal crisis in digital-only media See in context

They may have started off more middle of the road but both of these started pumping out too much left/woke BS pieces & are reaping what they have sewn, low quality, no balance of opinions.

We see the same now happening with Fox on the right, admittedly a bit different but basically a similar thing playing out.

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Posted in: Japan has a peculiar history related to immigration policy. In the 1960s and 1970s, Japan succeeded with economic growth without new immigrants and became the first Asian country to achieve industrialization with a very conservative division of labor. See in context

Meanwhile the base of Japan's population pyramid continues to narrow, ensuring ever increasing DECREASES of population per year going forward.

There will come a time(maybe already here) when even if young families have 3-4children the population will still decrease, I dont see Japan having even a slight chance of turning this one around without immigration

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