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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse over Japan's wartime actions See in context

The Emperor is still somewhat handcuffed & cannot say what he feels but is clearly sincere

What is & CONTNUES to be theatre bizarre is all the Japanese who CANT figure out what the hell their ancestors were doing OUTSIDE Japan...……….and they cant figure out WHY they suffered OUTSIDE of Japan

And all this whining about  3million dead...……...DISGUSTING IGNORANCE & NO understanding of the 20-30million who died at the hands of JAPANESE in the 1930-40s as of today

CLEARLY far too many Japanese STILL HAVE NO CLUE about WWIII!!!

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Posted in: 4 drown in waters off Kanagawa beaches; 2 missing off Chiba See in context

.....problem is when at the beach at the OCEAN too many don't have the knowledge & don't respect the powers at play there. Even waters that don't look like much is going on can be dangerous.

I grew up around lakes & rivers(that were basically small & thin lakes joined by smallish waterfalls) but oceans are a totally different beast, which personally I have little experience with so simply would go in most of the time!

Common sense folks!

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth to separate: media See in context

But in an interview for Elle magazine's current issue, Cyrus said that she didn't like the idea of being called "wife," which she said was "confusing."

LOL too funny, actually I could never picture this tart as wife anyway!!

What a joke she is.

Hope Liam comes out with some $$ off the divorce, must have been a painful way to "live"!!

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Posted in: Portable fans a breath of fresh air in sweltering summer heat See in context

Use those freeze packs! My I am uchiwa all the way, sensu also work but don't pack well for a guy anyway!

Haha should have been I am sensu all the way, uchiwa not so easy to pack & pull out for a guy LOL, MUST be the heat frying my mind!

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Posted in: Portable fans a breath of fresh air in sweltering summer heat See in context

Few others beat me to it, most of these gizmo's will end up in your local landfill or incinerator or on the ground some where, it is truly amazing how much GARBAGE we all buy, I have been trying to catch myself BEFORE I buy stuff I know will be trash.

Trying to get the wife onboard but she is NOT good, in fact pretty bad so I always TOSS this crap out in front of her, hopefully it will start to sink in!

Use those freeze packs! My I am uchiwa all the way, sensu also work but don't pack well for a guy anyway!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers, FINA test water quality, temperature See in context

This is beyond STUPID, I heard athletes complained about the stench & temperature being too was too warm.....well DOH!!

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Posted in: Stations, roads packed as travelers leave for summer holidays See in context

This will also affect travel for 2020 next year LOL, the insanity of it all.

As pointed out above even when you can take a holiday it is INSANELY STRESSFUL, people come back in worse shape then they left especially those that have to ""DRIVE""

Just NUTS!

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Posted in: After #OscarsSoWhite, Hollywood trainees see progress on diversity See in context

How about this for a suggestion, most capable person gets the job, produces the best work. Race, gender, sexual preference, whatever; irrelevant. You know, the real equality. Clean slate, simple.

Sorry common sense not allowed, have to "balance" everything to please SJW's cant just encourage & let things morph organically MUST happen over night!

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Posted in: Japan to resume effort to tackle contaminated water problem at Fukushima See in context

Like I said shortly after 2011, this water WILL end up back in the ocean, either by the hand of man or mother nature, only time will tell which it is!

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Posted in: Disney to reboot 'Home Alone' for new TV streaming service See in context

redoing Home Alone...……….STUPID!!! Just STUPID!!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for arson threat to Aichi museum over 'comfort women' exhibit See in context

Wow, a very rare follow up on something & appears they have possibly caught the culprit …...more of this please!

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Posted in: Japan says S Korea export curb not retaliation for court rulings See in context

Clearly its retaliation, only a fool would believe otherwise!

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Posted in: 1,000-km relay to honor 2011 disaster victims ends in Tokyo See in context

This relay started 2wks ago...….Then why on earth wasn't it in the "news" except for the last few metres…..WTH!

Getting tired of this lip service to 2011!

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Posted in: China warns of countermeasures if U.S. puts missiles on its 'doorstep' See in context

As I have been saying for AGES, in China the WEST has had a HUGE hand in creating the MONSTER that is the Chinese govt(not its people!)

WE feed this monster saying it would lead to better govt & society in China, but alas this has NOT happened, the MONSTER has only grown more belligerent & OPENLY HOSTILE to everyone around China...

So, what to do, well, we need to dis-engage economically. This is starting to happen but needs to speed up.

The other thing as I have always said is China is a fire cracker that is LIT......question is does China explode, implode or BOTH.....whatever happens it WILL likely get real nasty & cause a massive amount of death & destruction.

We are at the point where all we can do is watch & wait sadly....

The WEST should NEVER have fed the Chinese Monster, we will all pay for this massive MISTAKE!

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor criticized for demanding halt to 'comfort women' exhibition See in context

This is both good & bad, Governor = GOOD, Mayor = BAD!

It just clearly illustrates how so so many in Japan still fear & refuse to come grip & certainly DONT admit what Japan did in the 1930-40s...………

Simply nuts!

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Posted in: 'A star is born!' Golf-mad Japan salutes 'Smiling Cinderella' See in context

Like I said on the first thread CONGRATS!!

Same here.

Some of the quotes in the article are rather cringeworthy tho!!!!

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Posted in: Shibuno holds off Salas to win Women's British Open See in context

Congrats, well done!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Japanese artist makes super realistic animal pictures See in context

Sadly true, I used to love photography but digital ruined it for me, the anything goes that has become the norm means any in=mage will & SHOULD be questioned.

While I totally understand digitals use, photography to me has now become a big MEH, who cares kind of thing.

I miss checking out my processed slide film etc to see if I got what I was hoping for or not, now its to easy & way to fake, you just cant accept ANY image at face value these days manipulation is the norm sadly

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Posted in: Tokyo public schools will stop forcing students to dye their hair black, official promises See in context

Japan please STOP being so damned PRIMITIVE!!!!

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

Anyone who has lived in Japan long enough has seen this happen ALL THE TIME!!

How many times has something about Nanking been cancelled because of threats of the infamous "CONFUSION"

Japan for the most part just simply CANNOT accept or deal with anything in its past that was nasty simple as that.

We would have the SAME result in Aichi today even in Japan & S.Korea were having fantastic relations, we would have still had rightwing nut jobs get things cancelled

Oh & I will be surprised if we hear about any of these nut jobs being caught making threats unless they make a spectacle in public!

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 26 wounded after shooting at Walmart store in Texas See in context

lets face the US is a on\off war one, simple as that!

While it will take a VERY long time to clean out the INSANE amount of weapons around to so called "greatest" country in the world(boy that saying is a real joke)

It needs to start already, start with amnesties easy to get going, THEN start doing a REAL job wrt to gun ownership issues & pronto!

Do nothing...… the same as doing something, do nothing means 1,000s more will die in the land of stupid or non-existent gun laws!

Sadly nothing will likely change

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Posted in: 11-month-old girl dies of heatstroke after mother leaves her in car See in context

Too many of the wrong type of people are having kids in Japan the last couple decades & the little ones pay a terrible price for the negligence  of the parents, expect more & more sad stories from inept "parents"

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Posted in: Life expectancy of Japanese women, men continues to rise in 2018 See in context

Perhaps Japanese should all yearn to grow old in your country, whatever that might be?


Actually I recently went home for 2wks(trying doing THAT & being Japanese!) & both my parents are in different facilities for the elderly, mom just moved from a nice place where she had front & rear gardens but that kind of stuff was getting difficult so now she is in an apartment with various services & plans as SHE needs, very flexible, very nice, I would be totally ok moving into the apartment she just entered VERY NICE & a fantastic view, close to some shops, a lake.

so HELL YEAH if I could transfer some of these to Japan I bet Japanese would JUMP at the chance to move in!!  MUCH BETTER then Japan

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

Dumb & dumber! What sheer idiocy!!

Why am I surprised NOT!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 organizers to open 2nd-chance ticket lottery on Aug 8 See in context

You might have to take a train 30 mins outside Tokyo, but there will be places available. It's much easier for those of us living here to do that than people visiting from overseas.


I don't share your optimism, I live within an hours drive of Tokyo, but since I will be working doing crap for these games & have ero interest seeing events not an issue for me, but I suspect outlying accommodation is being sucked up quicker than you think

And I know countries & federations, IOC sponsors etc have all BLOCKED rooms in the city ages ago with the help of the govt, it will be a real task for locals & YES brutal for overseas visitors,

I am absolutely dreading next summer, just hope simply to make it out alive

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Posted in: Tokyo subway car provides child-friendly space See in context

Like a couple others WHAT exactly is on offer here....

What does  childcare support spaces"  mean exactly...

Are these cars Only for people pushing strollers...….article doesn't say, sounds like anyone can enter, if that's true it wont offer much respite from the hells of Tokyo train riding.

So other than stickers & decoration what else is there, hopefully this initiative with have some substance instead of the usual "perceptions" of zero substance

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 organizers to open 2nd-chance ticket lottery on Aug 8 See in context

If you live away from Tokyo be careful if you win tickets as accommodation is likely to be NON-EXISTANT !!

Just sayin!

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Posted in: Life expectancy of Japanese women, men continues to rise in 2018 See in context

You don't live 80 to 90 years old if quality of life was bad, or crap as you call it.


Like another poster said, live for far too many, most, is more like existing than LIVING, hence many, myself included think Japan NEEDS to do more quality, the quantity will take care of itself!

And like Yubaru I sure as hell am NOT looking forward to growing old here, its depressing as hell to witness, affordable options for the masses...……..very sorely lacking, like I always say, do you really wanna grow old in Japan......

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Posted in: Longer, wetter than usual rainy season ends in Tokyo area See in context

H'mmm will we see a poor rice harvest like in the late 90s I think it was when Japan ran out of the stuff, those who MUST have rice might be a good idea to stock up a bit, just sayin!

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Posted in: Darvish criticizes Japan's high school baseball system See in context

Good on Darvish!!!

I have always CRINGED bigtime when seeing news about how some high schools have done so well by having their star pitcher pitch EVERY game or damn close to it, INSANE!

Needs to END, just FORCE teams to rest pitchers by setting proper criteria & then ALL must follow, DONE!

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