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Posted in: Rethinking of gender roles is a prerequisite for raising Japan’s birth rate, experts say See in context

Sadly I think Japan is past or will soon be past the point of no return, the number of young being born is dropping like a stone & much more likely to accelerate in that direction than the other.

Combined with a massive number of old folks, it will take more than a miracle for Japan to survive the train they have gotten themselves onto!

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Posted in: Crown prince urges daughter to update public on marriage plans See in context

The Crown Prince seems to be a little ……...out of sorts of late, little too much stress me thinks!

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Posted in: National Stadium officially completed ahead of 2020 Tokyo Games See in context

Nice propaganda piece this.

A large number of WiFi hot spots have been installed, allowing some 30,000 users simultaneous connections in order to cope with the anticipated high demand due to mass access to social media sites for text and video.

Thought the IOC wasn't going to allow people to post video of  2020 LOL!!!

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

Folks I think we can agree on one thing here, Japanese as a language can be VERY vague, with many interpretations, drives me nuts at times.

As to this idea...….not the best one I have heard, no matter what gender suggested it!

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Posted in: Long hours of gaming adversely affect daily activities: survey See in context

When I first washed up on these isles in 91 everyone was playing Nintendo, especially Mario cart.

One guy would come into work looking like crap, I ask if he is ok & he says or rather hands his hands out like he is holding a game gadget & I shake my head, & then he says with bourbon sleeping from 3-4am & then into work by 9am....insane

And it is so much worse now, clearly there is massive problem, that survey shows 70% spends a lot of time gaming....

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Posted in: Giuliani calls Trump to tell him he was joking about having an 'insurance policy' See in context

i almost spit out my coffee reading this headline!

I guess its soon RGs turn to lay out on the road to be run over, this would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious!!

How on earth can certain posters deny the obvious & if the parties were reversed the last 3+yrs they would be baying for blood non stop!!

I find it scary how so many repubs back trump over their OWN country, beyond insane!

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Posted in: Grocery-carrying robots are coming. Do we need them? See in context

Will someone just shoot me please, this world is getting craZier by the day!

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Posted in: Australian volunteer firefighter charged with lighting 7 bushfires See in context

Damn! Glad they seem to have caught the SOB!!!

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Posted in: Parents denied visitation rights in Japan to keep fighting gov't in court See in context

What an absolute nightmare Japan is when it comes to divorce with children. And an embarrassment to all humanity with their so called "justice system" beyond primitive, beyond caring, beyond any common sense!

DTHustle, all the best, there is only so much punishment one can take, best of luck in a new start, I find myself dreaming of doing the same from time to time, Japan is a great place BUT it also GRINDS on your very soul in so so many ways over time, and needlessly so in most ways. Japanese seem to "love" to have to endure crappy thing I will never understand,  collective good is not understood here very much.

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Posted in: IOC’s Bach asked to intervene in Tokyo Olympic labor dispute See in context

IOC clearly doesn't give a damn, witness Olympics being held in China, no more need be said!

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Posted in: Self-confessed Chinese spy spills secrets in Australia See in context


Fellow Canuck here, as a student at UoW in the early 80s I got to witness first hand Chinese students in math, engineering, physics, computing etc just vacuuming info, books you name it. They were on a mission, the few I talked to that opened up a bit said they MUST excel at uni or there would be hell to pay back home as the motherland was footing the bills & made huge demands of students.

And this was being repeated at Cdn Uni's across the whole country & has been going non stop to present. The amount of tech etc that was given away & stolen is massive.

And if we factor in the US & the rest of the western world, this is what I refer to by feeding the monster.

In the 80s China was nothing, don't get me wrong I want China to do better BUT the west let China steal its way to where it is

And the goal was the west thought China would eventually CHANGE, but sadly they were hugely wrong & we have known it wasn't going to work since the 90s but the west kept & keeps feeding the monster to our own detriment!

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Posted in: Self-confessed Chinese spy spills secrets in Australia See in context

We need to stop feeding the Chinese Monster we all helped create!

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Posted in: Court rules against divorced parents seeking access to children See in context

Even I still worry about it. Even though I know he wouldn't even dream of it, even if the world went crazy and we ended up hating one another. But he also has a very... stereotypically Japanese mother. I don't know what she would try to do if we got divorced as she is constantly trying to take over 'parenting' our daughter. Basically any decision I make she tries to overrule me or go behind my back to sway things in her direction. So even I still worry about it even though I'm in a stable and loving relationship with my husband.


You are correct to worry about your MIL, hopefully your husband stand up to her on things that apply to your life together, MILs can be as much a part of these problems as the J-spouse abductor!

I am sure we have all read about the cases where the MIL has abducted kids when a J-spouse has passed away & STILL the foreign spouse loses all their rights......very scary stuff.

Hope nothing but GOOD comes your way!

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Posted in: Court rules against divorced parents seeking access to children See in context

Marrying a Japanese comes with some additional risks that likely none of us(self included) paid attention to before marrying a Japanese spouse. My excuse is the internet was just kicking off so info was pretty hard to come by.

Thankfully we have no kids, for more reasons than abduction, but I imagine EVERY non-Japanese spouse worries greatly about this issue & every time there is an argument with your J-spouse people see flashes of the kids disappearing & there is NOTHING anyone can do, & as mentioned this problem MOSTLY affect other Japanese, not just foreigners

Japan has all this so horribly wrong, scary awful situation too many are in & great many fear could happen to them in an instant!

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Posted in: Hong Kong campus stalemate persists as U.S. bill sets up China clash See in context

I feel sorry for HKG, the China govt is clearly reneging on  the UK deal big time, not sure how much the west can figure into all this but we should show support for HKG vs being consumed by the Chinese MONSTER!

It would be a huge shame for HKG to succumb to the mainland commies who only have self preservation in mind they don't give a damn about HKG or mainland Chinese people, only about maintaining power

As I have been saying for ages we need to STOP feeding the MONSTER that is the Chinese govt!

Three cheers for HONG KONG!!!

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Posted in: Japan grapples with serving Fukushima food at 2020 Olympics See in context

Folks it doesn't matter where a competition is, athletes try to maintain the same diet they train with at home when abroad.  These competitions are NOT for trying local foods while traveling.

And as we can see from many quotes in this article there are still a LOT of things TOCOG & the IOC etc haven't decided on with 8months to go till the start …...insane!

And a big YES to 3rd party testing & verification Japan has totally blown this, NO ONE trusts the govt, period! The govt has done a huge disservice to Fukushima & clearly it is still ongoing bigtime!

I don't know how, but I suspect there will be no Fukushima food inside the Village......if they do then the govt risks the embarrassment of people passing on it & pictures worldwide...…..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics announce brand new heat-prevention measure: 1,300 tons of ice See in context

How about they buy two fans place one at the north & the other at the south pole facing Japan & then turn them ON!!!

This just keeps getting worse

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Posted in: Japan needs extra budget of over ¥10 tril: LDP No. 2 Nikai See in context

Pure insanity, nothing more, nothing less!

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Posted in: Trump says he will 'seriously consider' testifying in impeachment inquiry See in context

I have the PERFECT solution:

Inquiry asks trump questions via twitter

trump replies via twitter

DONE!! And he would be done as well LOL!!

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Posted in: Trump says he will 'seriously consider' testifying in impeachment inquiry See in context

He wont speak, his words would quickly sink him in something like this, would LOVE to see it though!

As for written answers, I say fine, if, he is stuck in a room with the questions, some paper & crayons & answrs them with NO lawyers doing his writing for him!!!  He would never to that is to chicken!

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Posted in: Japan hosts arms show looking for an edge in tech See in context

This show would be mostly for Japan looking to buy foreign made weapons.

Japan's industry for the most part would be like it is with mobiles for example, that is a PARTS supplier

Very unlikely any J-made ready to use equipment\machinery would interest most overseas buyers

But if the govt keeps pushing who knows, personally I cant see it ending well for Japan persuing this road

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Look I am like everyone I don't want this dumped int o the ocean, but as I have been saying since 3\11 that is EXACTLY where it will end up, only questions are how & when!

But I didn't expect to hear the govt say they would simply release it, I figured they would wait until a typhoon or the next big quake to release the stuff!

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested for killing husband, parents-in-law See in context

What a nightmare this country is becoming, the govt is ALLOWING this to keep happening at an alarming rate.

This is depressing as hell, but this has all be in plain sight for decades and as expat says the govt just sits on its hands

And yes its going to get much much worse over time, a horror show!

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Posted in: Joseph to take Japan to next Rugby World Cup See in context

Here's to hoping Japan keeps on surprising us!

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Posted in: Oscar-winner Mo'Nique sues Netflix for pay discrimination See in context

Sounds like she is gambling the WOKE crowd will jump in & help her out.....

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Posted in: 'Beverly Hills Cop' back on the beat in new Netflix sequel See in context

Good idea on S&H, would love to see that & Huggy Bear!!

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Posted in: Taylor Swift-label feud underscores tensions over music ownership See in context

Here is the rub, when artists\bands start out no one knows if they will make it or not MANY DONT!

So recording companies naturally try to cover their risks, who wouldn't!

I mean IF TS didn't sign & tried to do it on her own fast forward to today & she may have NEVER existed in the pop music world, she has done incredible well & with a TON of help early on, now she just wants to reneg on the deal!!

AND in fact it seems that she DID in fact cut a pretty good deal for HERSELF seeing as she will be able to take ownership form next year!

STOP whinning & get on with it!

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Posted in: Japan may slide toward recession as Abenomics impact fades See in context

For petes sake "Abenomics" is simply a horrible HOAX!

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Posted in: Swift says AMAs performance in jeopardy over music dispute See in context

A minnow eaten by sharks and you blame the minnow for being in the ocean. The woman is an artist not a manager nor a lawyer. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who expect us all to know everything right out of the gate even they themselves have been screwed over by unfair, greedy and unscrupulous people themselves at some point.

Marshall S,

LISTEN, artists have made bad decisions or gotten ripped off for ages BEFORE TS showed  up!!

She should have KNOWN better...…………….HER MISTAKE, she should OWN it, but she is being a whinny baby & trying to get the woke crowd to do HER pleasing!

The ones I feel sorry for are all the old BLUES artists way back in time who were shafted left right & centre , TS has NO EXCUSE!!

Look I agree sounds like the current OWNER is not the nicest chap around, but again TS made her deals she should honor them or BUY her back catalogue back or wait a year,

I do not feel sorry for her & playing the defenseless woman bit in the age of equality just shows she wants her cake & EAT it too...…..BOO HOO!!

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Posted in: Women leaders driven offline and out of work by social media abuse See in context

At this point in time only an idiot or a very young person should be surprised at the MESS social media is, I just try to avoid as much as possible, like another poster said so much of it is utterly meaningless & a waste of time.

If ANYONE puts themselves out there they will get some abuse PEROID!

But as others have correctly pointed out women are often their own worst enemies, as the saying goes & has been around WAY BEFORE the internet, just saying

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