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Posted in: Reporter sues government after his passport invalidated See in context

Sadly once again Japan gets it WRONG...….Japan can & SHOULD be doing better, hope this guy soon gets his passport back!

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Posted in: New Zealand, France announce bid to stop social media being used to organize terrorism See in context

While I understand the sentiment I disagree with the way this seems to be going or they want it to go...…

If this gains traction we WILL lose some of our already decreasing freedoms.

Again I dislike that this idiot streamed his act of terror, haven't watched it, don't intend to, but I think that this did get out is PART of the price we NEED to pay to keep more of our freedom, even though it WILL mean some ugly awful things will happen...…….. mark my words it will be MUCH worse overall if we all start losing more & more of our freedom & THAT is exactly what will happen.

NOT a good thing, as NO ONE is capable to "policing" this so to speak, this could easily get WAY out of hand, in fact this stuff is already happening on youtube etc with very arbitrary bans, people are losing their jobs etc we are heading in a rather bad direction

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Posted in: Heisei to be remembered as period of peace, disasters, wealth gaps See in context

Heisei to be remembered as period of peace, disasters, wealth gaps

Same as any other period...…………...

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Posted in: Japan's 10-day break to fete new emperor may breathe life into economy See in context


Correct on  the employment situation!! I cant believe how many here on JT don't understand the problems of Japans age\population distribution, more than a few here don't seem to be able to understand what a population pyramid measures & for Japan what it means as the base quickly narrows while the top is getting super fat……..truly mind boggling

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Posted in: Prosecutors suspect Ghosn's wife contacted parties linked to his case See in context

This is so so beyond the pale, I have been calling the J-justice system barbaric but it seems like such a compliment these days...…..

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Posted in: Abe, Macron discuss G20 summit, trade, Nissan-Renault alliance, N Korea, Notre Dame See in context

Well if THIS isn't proof of J-govt's direct involvement in detaining & the on going fiasco of Carlos Ghosn then I don't know what is!

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Posted in: About 70 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Old man, Ganbare Japan

This is NOT about Japan's war dead, it is about war criminals! This pathetic parade held twice each year would NOT happen if the war criminals were NOT THERE at yasukuni!

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Posted in: Competition for talent forces Japanese firms to revamp recruiting process See in context

Uni's are afraid that companies would realise they might be better recruiting after high school rather than waiting till after Uni is done LOL!!!

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Posted in: Japanese firms less willing to increase graduate intake in FY2020 See in context

Folks, while some companies may be saying they will decrease new recruits I don't think this will affect grads getting job offers as their numbers are dropping every year so they will likely still get offers & take jobs

But yes I agree a lot of issues are still not being addressed & companies looking the other way for the most part hoping they can get by

I don't think it will work well for most in the longer run.

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Posted in: LDP loses 2 lower house by-elections in Osaka, Okinawa See in context

I smell a tax increase going away now...…………………………………….AGAIN!

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Posted in: Japan looks to fight gambling addiction ahead of casino openings See in context

Dumb & DUMBER!!

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Posted in: Ghosn to be indicted on new charge on Monday See in context

Like MANY others have been saying we don't know if he is guilty or not, just TRY the damned case(s) ALREADY!!!

What is going on here is PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL!! The only thing the prosecutors haven't done yet is PURE physical torture, that is ALL that is left from making Japan no different than some of the worst dictators/regimes on the planet!!

Like others this is getting scary on a personal level.

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Posted in: Japan rugby chairman Mori quits months before World Cup See in context

"Mr Mori has said he will continue supporting the World Cup but expressed hope that young people should take the initiative in pushing for the sport," the spokesman said.

Like maybe a 70year old? Or a really young person in their 60s perhaps!!

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Posted in: LDP calls for law to tighten regulation on IT giants See in context

While I am NOT sympathetic to big IT companies, hate most for what they are ACTUALLY doing while the masses GIVE AWAY their valuable data, as we can see it IS coming back to bit us all on the A$$!!

That said what Japan REALLY needs is a REAL consumer protection agency that DOES their job! Japan Inc has been fleecing Japanese & us gaijin since the 60s BIG TIME!!

As an astute poster mention JTB is a REAL problem in Japan, toss in phone companies etc, there are MANY industries that RIP off all of us, the biggest is likely hands down the LDP!

But as others have pointed out, this is going after foreign companies primarily, have seen this time & time again, but it ISNT helping Japan, it just makes it worse as too many companies here don't adapt or improve much over time, tons of deadwood companies, hell 70% haven't been paying any taxes for over 3decades!!

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Posted in: Applications to buy tickets for Tokyo 2020 Games to open May 9 See in context

Let the rip offs begin!!!

I cant wait for the inevitable ticket scandals!!

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Posted in: TEPCO to employ foreign workers at Fukushima plant under new visa system See in context

This is despicable! Shame on Japan to doing this!!

Another aspect of this is rather SCARY, as clearly there are labour problems...… that means the SAME at other nuclear plants...…..SO if Japan cant even staff plants with workers it clearly must start shutting down & de-commissioning ALL nuke plants as labour issues will only worsen over time like in the rest of the economy.....

This is getting fricken INSANE!!

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife fears his trial may be unfair See in context

Like I have been saying for years the Japan ""justice system"" is the DREAM of dictators WORLDWIDE!

What the prosecution did was utterly DISPICABLE!!!

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

Ok, I would be surprised if a foreigner here had not experienced discrimination, to be expected I would say.

And while it is getting better over time, it is very slow.

What I would like to see is some legislation banning discrimination, because until there IS, it means discrimination in Japan is defacto LEGAL!

Also toss is some bits about age & sex discrimination as PLENTY of Japanese are discriminated in the work place, yes Japanese are more than happy(sadly!) to discriminate a fair bit amongst themselves as well!

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Posted in: Suntory sells 'world whisky' blend as premium tipple See in context

………. yeah sad all the good stuff has basically disappeared from the shelves, Chita is quite nice, if you like very smooth stuff give it a try.

Not sure about this Ao, might give it a try if I see it at Y5000 but if the stores have it jacked up than for get it, hell you can simply try blending your OWN world whisky from stuff on your shelf at home.

Hopefully there never is a severe issue for the stuff from Scotland, THAT would be a disaster!

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Posted in: Docomo to lower mobile phone fees by up to 40% from June See in context

Yes we have been getting fleeced for decades & not just for phones!

Hey J-Govt how about some bloody consumer PROTECTION LAWS with some damned TEETH.

I am sick & tired of Japan Inc being able to freely STEAL from the masses in this country, needs to bloody END!!

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Posted in: Digital dilemma: Japan flirts with overly aggressive online copyright law See in context

Sounds to me like the FOOLS at JASRAC have been let loose in other industries.

This is just too STUPID! Period.

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Posted in: 1st exam held in Japan for foreigners seeking new work visa See in context

Sorry Japan, but this new visa thingy is NOT going to help with the decline of the labour force only a tiny bandage applied here & there.

Will be interesting to see how many take the test over the course of a year

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Posted in: Japan's working population drops further See in context

Shrinking population would have been a problem in the pre-industrial revolution world but not in the 21st century. We can more than make up for a decrease in population by increasing productivity. What’s all the fuss about?


You really NEED to look at the population pyramid for Japan, look at this to better grasp Japans problem:

Then imagine over time as the bottom narrows while the top fattens up! it AINT going to be pretty!

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Posted in: Japan eyes law to tighten control on gene editing of human eggs See in context

….It is going to be a scary future because all these "advances" WILL get out of the bag so to speak, who the hell knows what will happen, glad I wont be around to witness too much(hopefully) of this kind of stuff

There will be a LOT of un-intended consequences I am telling you!

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Posted in: Japan's working population drops further See in context

Folks as I have been saying for ages here, the decline I predict is going to be much more rapid than the govt's usual lame predictions!

At some point it will likely nose dive once people realize the costs of raising kids & the FUTURE COST their kids will be expected to pay, ie the countries DEBT!

Japan is in for s super rough ride, again like I have been saying LOOK at a population pyramid for Japan it is quickly INVERTING! We are perhaps witnessing the demise of a people.

At some point also the # of foreigners willing to come to Japan will likely decrease rapidly so Japan will be getting hit HARD at both ends of the age spectrum, hell this is already happening, but it is going to get a hell of a lot worse over time

This is SO MUCH MORE than just a decline in population going on here in Japan!

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife back in Japan for questioning See in context

Gutsy move coming back! Time will tell if it was a good one or not.

She is either crazy or has more nads than most of us posting here!

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic minister resigns over 2011 disaster remarks See in context

"Takahashi is more important than reconstruction." I do not understand the meaning of this sentence

Means Takahashi is more important those that suffered from 3/11 & that continue to suffer & more important re-construction of areas damaged by 3/11

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Posted in: Emperor, empress mark 60th wedding anniversary See in context

Quite the milestone!

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Posted in: Ghosn not getting much help from France, analysts say See in context

Jpn_guy, lays it all out nicely at 09:12!!

It is amazing how many posters cant/refuse to comprehend that, quite scary actually!

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Posted in: Ghosn not getting much help from France, analysts say See in context

The sad fact is most countries embassies/consulates are NOT set up to help their own people overseas etc. They are set up for two things primarily, diplomacy & big business...…...PERIOD!

One would have to have some sort of status, in a good or sympathetic way for most govts to do much of anything for a national. The only other obvious exception is when there is a natural disaster, but then all ones country's nationals then get an elevated status due to the situation, so they can receive help, other than that one is usually pretty much on their own!

I mean I often feel I am interrupting Embassy business when simply trying to re-new my passport

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