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This one CLEARLY needs to be dumped & PRONTO, end of story

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As I have been harping for ages here it certainly looks like Japans birthrate & number of newborns will continue to steadily decrease & dare I saw may well plummet...….either way it is NOT looking good for Japans population distribution, the pyramid continues to point LITERALLY upside down

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I would agree you are TECHNICALLY correct, but many many still do refer to the centre by the ole slang name to this day, I use both depending on the situation as I know that shonen yokocho doesn't sit well with some :)

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Yeah been going there for almost 30yrs, also known as shonben yokocho, I love yatai laden alleys!

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If we ever get an update, we will almost assuredly find out the wife had severe health issues that NO WAY an 87yr old could realistically deal with, yet many are & MANY will be driven to do these things!

The unthinkable IS becoming THINKABLE.  an option for those whose stress is off the charts!

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This is ALL our futures HERE in Japan, so do YOU wanna grow old in Japan?

'Do you know what YOU may end up doing to a spouse or your spouse to YOU!!

There is little to no support for people in need in Japan, the govt CLEARLY has DECIDED to just let "nature" take its course, with often GRUSOME consequences which we will see more & more of in the news to come for the next 40years, THINK about that!

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Posted in: Raptors beat Warriors in Game 6 to capture first NBA title See in context

Excellent result!!  Would be cool to have been in Jurassic Park!

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Posted in: Trump says Sarah Sanders to leave White House at end of June See in context

This person is CLEARLY truly utterly despicable is so so many ways! It is simply impossible in words to properly describe her absolute disgrace if the "job" she was supposedly doing.

There are a lot of politicians I don't like but sarah took things to an insanely low, bad, awful level, I can only think of one person worse, anybody want to guess who THAT might be!

I hope this haunts her the rest of her life, truly awful person

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Posted in: Japanese comedian baffles, amazes judges on 'America’s Got Talent' with weird dance, Japanese humor See in context

Man that was BAD even by j-standards......

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Posted in: Tessa Thompson is OK with the 'Men in Black' title, for now See in context

For crying out loud enough of the BS!!

Make another movie if you want some for of title of your choice!

And finally LOOK at the pic at the top of this article, she is GROPPING her co-star bigtime! IF a man did that there would be absolute HELL to pay, LITERALLY & FIGURATIVELY!! Could well be career ending move!

Is that stupid, daft, well OF COURSE but NOT if you are a man these days!! Just saying!

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Posted in: Woman sues Japanese gov't for DNA data kept even after end of probe See in context

WTH!! Wow just wow, so what posting flyers about lost pets is now what,  the SECOND worst offence in Japan after ……………………


And yeah the j-cops would LOVE to have all residents DNA on file as a matter of course!

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Posted in: Japan to stiffen rules for foreign university student enrollment after 1,600 go AWOL See in context

Most see this for what it is, BUT the govt KNOWINGLY has allowed these ""universities"" to set up...…………..but not really for education, but to bring in workers for retail, small factories etc etc.

BOTH govt & "schools" know this but it is of course unwritten so the locals wont get anti student\worker

This particular "uni" just got sloppy "forcing" the govt to act...……..after a while it will be back to bi as usual, offer some visa ALLOW foreigner to WORK!  THAT is what this is all about

Oh forgot one bit, the ldps pals as said "unis" get to score some easy $$, but its all going south now with the population decreasing this little BUSINESS is being exposed from the shadows so they have to pretend to do something about it, wont last long, mark my words!

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Wow, the idiot openly admits winning an election is more important than a simple truth about pensions being well short of whats needed to survive here!

DUH that has been common knowledge for a long time, and for someone to live into their 90s & NOT be short Y20MIL they must have some much BETTER than average savings, I suspect for many 90year olds the shortfall figure will well exceed Y20mil!!

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Posted in: Trump publicly opposes using CIA informants against North Korea's Kim See in context

What an absolute idiot, but as usual he is likely lying LOL!!

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Posted in: Raptors fever runs hot across Canada during NBA Finals See in context

Make it happen!

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Posted in: Fujifilm to resume sales of black-and-white film See in context

Good news!!

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Posted in: Orwell's classic '1984' turns 70 amid enduring interest See in context


Thx for the recap of those two points of view, would seem BOTH are happening at the same time.

We are headed for rather nasty times, I don't want to be around for the next BIG correction\setback it WILL be a doozy!

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Posted in: Spreading the joy of marmalade across the sea from Ehime See in context

Cool article, wish them every success!

I sometimes enjoy these types of "jams" with hot water in the winter, sometimes add other things like good honey & even sometimes add some shochu when I don't need it for a cold  :)

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Posted in: DNA analysis identifies suspects in record 3,146 cases in 2018 See in context

And I WANT to know how many people were FREED due to DNA evidence …………

Or was it not used, buried by prosecutors when it didn't match suspects in custody

And how about using this "NEW" technology on older cases...………… waiting on this one I suspect!!

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Posted in: Blood, sweat but no tears in Japan's office chair grand prix See in context

Japan needs more of this kind of stuff

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Posted in: Human rights group asks for worker-safety probe at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

Yeah those buildings DO remind me of the ugly danchi left over from the 70-80s nasty way to "live"

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Posted in: France ready to cut Renault stake to shore up Nissan partnership: finance minister See in context

unfortunately that won't happen Renault and Nissan are far too entwined, breaking the alliance will just make both companies less competitive. As the world moves to electric and ride sharing auto companies will be selling less vehicles in the future with reduced profits and the smaller companies will have to merge to survive with the big players like VW Toyota GM


AGREED that's why Nissan needs to shut up & stop whining & get on with things or fade away AGAIN, perhaps for good this time!

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Posted in: France ready to cut Renault stake to shore up Nissan partnership: finance minister See in context

Well I guess Nissan should NOT have sold to Renault then but they DID, so they need to shut or put up!

ie. BUY shares back from Renault, I am sure they would sell if the price is right, make an offer or STOP whining!

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Posted in: Human rights group asks for worker-safety probe at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

Sadly NOTHING will happen, with basically a year to go Jpn will kick this down the road & suddenly the olympics will start, "mission" accomplished

Japan has been crapping on those low on the totem pole since forever, part of the culture sadly

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Like I have said over many many YEARS, Japan needs to re-invent itself, ALL of it!

Clearly work-life balance is simply HORRIBLE for the majority. And all the insane stuff parents HAVE to do at schools would have drove me off the deep end for sure, as you can tell I am glad I don't have kids here!

BUT it is the JAPANESE that need to make these wholesale changes, adjustments in THEIR lives, us gaijin can only do so much, fortunately many of us are able to do some of this to make our lives better, Japanese seem to be much less successful.

So as I have said in the past if Japanese DONT want to do a restoration of sorts the ROT & DECLINE will surely continue, it is for them to sort this out, I have long since stopped worrying & just concentrate on my own little tiny sphere on these isles, only way to keep your sanity...……….at least I hope too, time will tell!

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Posted in: Tough at the top: Girls believe female leaders suffer widespread harassment See in context

Ladies, newsflash for you all it is NO PICNIC for ANYONE who wants to be a leader, get into top management!!

MOST MEN NEVER GET THERE or even close! And yeah if you don't think men have to take any crap in the work place, I got news for you WE ALL DO!!

Why do you think most men HATE THEIR JOBS...………...simple because it is not a lot of fun & games for most men, so ladies if you want to join in all this go ahead, but enough of the whining & excuses.

If there is REAL harassment myself like most everyone else what to see if PROPERLY dealt with, and ladies as I said men also take a LOT of abuse in workforce just saying!

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dude you should have broken out your calculator before you started the family, I would encourage all couples to DO THE MATH, sooner rather than later!

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Posted in: No. of newborns in Japan hits record low in 2018 See in context

Once again another article about population and too many here do NOT understand what a population pyramid is or how to interpret whats going on.

Japan is burning it bigtime at both ends young & elderly BOTH are decreasing rapidly, less young less taxes, economic activity, massive DECLINING elderly population means taxes being consumed in a huge way.

Population decline isn't necessarily bad but it is HOW a population declines, hint Japan's is going to HURT like hell, already is!

And when the article talks about a 2.1 birthrate to maintain population, THAT is not exactly true, what that figure means is that the number of babies born each year will be steady, so if the base of the population is narrower at the bottom than the middle, and in Japan it IS, then even with 2.1 population will decline, with 1.42 its going to decline a LOT MORE.

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Posted in: Nissan had tech that drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger idea See in context

Really don't like these cringe worthy articles that "supposedly" have all the behind the scenes info.

We see this kind of dribble about how J-politicians play & plan "behind" the scenes in international politics etc, can be rather embarrassing to read.

Its like watching those way too numerous tv shows that have gaijin fawning Japanese this that & some other thing with all the wonderous expressions of "talents" popping up in the corners LOL!!

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Posted in: Putin says Japan's military cooperation with U.S. is source of concern See in context

Come putin baby you are looking & sound rather trumpy today ie STUPID!!!

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