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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

As I said a few days ago, these protestors are a bunch of whiny babies, they need to GROW a pair, seriously!!!

Their miniscule numbers cant be allowed to influence what netflix programs or any other broadcaster!!! If these radical, & YES they are radicals get their way, its going to suck bigtime!!!

Say it with Dave Chapelle MATERS, DC Matters!!!!

I am all for these people going out & saying their piece, but will be very foolish to give in to them in any way at all, we will just ignore THEM like THEY should just ignore Dave!!! Real easy to do!

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Posted in: Tokyo area set to end COVID-19 restrictions on eateries See in context

I sincerely hope the downward trend continues, BUT, I think there is a chance we will once again pay the price of easing restrictions too soon.....

Only time will tell, personally I think we should be cautious till next spring, but looks like this opening up will happen so in my opinion its a gamble.

I hope Japan wins.....but its not without risk & yeah this opening & an election......doesnt sit good with me at all!!!!

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Posted in: Rapper formerly known as Kanye West is now just Ye See in context

Ye(ah), who cares, I dont LOL!

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Posted in: Streaming wars heat up See in context

Thank goodness I basically stopped watching the idiot box about 6yrs ago, no need to ""worry"" about not watching some show, so now I can waste my time on other things, some which are actually good for you LOL!!

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend to meet her parents ahead of marriage See in context

The unprecedented decisions come as the crown prince maintains the view that the marriage is not supported by many Japanese and therefore the traditional ceremonies cannot be held.

The above ticked me off, Komuro should tell daddy he is way off base, take a hike & stay the hell away from NYC!!! The ol'man sounds like he is being a total arse!

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Posted in: U.S. sets new lower salt target for food industry See in context

Ok, reducing salt is what I call a start, as others mention above processed food is FILLED with what I dub "slow poison" because its laced with tons of sugar, salt & way too many man-made additives.

We all eat the stuff but best to really try to limit processed stuff, try reducing & what I do is use some more like a garnish than the main sauce if you will, I will use one serving & stretch it into 2-4 meals over several days rather then quaff in one sitting.

I predict when truth comes out that we will find processed foods have been causing all sorts of health issues for people & the more you consume the worse off you will be, hence slow poison, it WILL shorten your lifespan potentially by a lot for some people, especially for those over weight, be careful

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Posted in: U.S. college student learns the hard way to get your Japanese kanji tattoo checked by an expert See in context

I say leave it as is, if it doesnt suit her now it will likely soon enough!

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Posted in: Trans Netflix staff plan walkout over Chappelle special See in context

But Terra Field, a software engineer who identifies as queer and trans, tweeted Tuesday that she had been "re-instated" and "felt vindicated."

These people are privileged whiners, if the above was a heterosexual, especially male, they would have been fired !

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Posted in: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the first bisexual Superman See in context

Folks trying to paint this as left or right is just, well lazy!

Making Superman bisexual is just stupid plain & simple, no need to bring lame left this or right that BS into it.

I wish these ""creators"" would do just THAT....CREATE, as in something NEW....then you MIGHT have a chance at genuine success.

Changing old moves & superheroes into something woke isnt going to FLY, sorry couldnt resist!

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Posted in: Rise in singles, who face economic costs, worry U.S. researchers See in context

More & more men have recognized that marriage is simply a huge risk, more & more are simply deciding to never marry, makes perfect sense given the divorce rates & how family courts fleece men etc.

Many married men also are at best content, many arent happy but they sure love their kids, the know their wives can at any moment divorce them & cash in & make their lives miserable so they have to walk on egg shells.

Also men who opt out know they simply DONT need to make as much $$$ to be happy & live a good life so many can find work that is less stressful, more enjoyable

Its easy to see why men are walking away from marriage, the odds of success there is 40% at best & most of those in that 40% are as I described above, maybe content & hoping the wife wont divorce them

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Posted in: Japan has lowest share of women studying science: OECD report See in context

I think this is all very easy to explain, as I have been saying for over 30yrs here MOST Japanese women simply DO NOT want to become salarymen......and who can blame them, I sure dont want to become one!!!

And yeah people should also look at happiness, western women are the lest happy EVER since records were being taken, yet so many of them pretend they are ""OK"" & its not turning out well for many women but they dont want to admit they are not enjoying life working the same as men.....

Its causing a lot of problems, Japanese ladies simply dont want to work in these fields & they should be free to choose as they wish & same for those who wish to persue STEM type careers!

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Posted in: Instagram and teens: How to keep your kids safe See in context

What a mess this digital has become, thank god I didnt grow up with ""smart"" phones.....

They are wrecking havoc not just with kids, but adults as well, digital is really messed up societies worldwide & it gets worse by the day

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Posted in: California makes it illegal to remove condom without consent See in context

I would hope most would agree removing a condom during sex is NOT cool & downright nasty!

As a few have also noted this whole topic needs expanding. Women lying about being on the pill trapping guys should be a crime, paternity fraud should be a crime, BOTH of these are NOT minor issues but very huge numbers wise, women should NOT be allowed with getting away with these!

And while were are at marriage laws need MASSIVE updating they are insanely anti-male in most western countries

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Posted in: Trump to invoke executive privilege in Jan 6 House probe See in context

This is beyond pathetic, the reason why trump does ALL this cram is for one reason:

So he doesnt end up in JAIL!!!

THAT was a why he ran for the repubs in the first place, he needed it, so he could keep investigators & debt holders away from his businesses & he continues to do this since he LOST so HUGE in 2020!

He is just trying to keep outta jail! And so many repubs are blind to this, beyond scary at this point, clearly he will willingly set his own country on FIRE rather than face the music!!!

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Posted in: Bureaucrat's widow asks Kishida to look into scandal that led to suicide See in context

Once again we see how govt holds its own people with utter contempt! Beyond disgusting

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Posted in: 'Should I date this person?' Go hiking and you’ll have the answer, Japanese Twitter user says See in context

Yep, this hiking thing is indeed a very good idea, if your date is easily getting irritated or worse, DO NOT continue dating!

Having said that, my fiance Patricia and I haven't had one argument whilst spending time together. I guess we read each other's balance well.


be CAREFUL!!! Sounds like you need to test her some more, try saying NO to some things, like some movie or something insignificant, watch the reactions, can be VERY telling, just sayin!

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Posted in: The next fashion trend is clothes that don't exist See in context

As with so much of this digital world my bet is this will generate more negative than positive, the world is not so slowly going bonkers LOL!!!

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Posted in: Farmer referred to prosecutors for killing protected crane See in context

The man told Kyodo News he saw cranes that were about to enter his field and fired five shots to scare them away, but found one crane lying on the ground and reported to the police.

The crane had been hit by two bullets, the sources said.

Clearly the guy is lying, air guns dont make much noise at all so firing warning shots would be likely useless as warnings.

Clearly he was shooting AT the birds & somehow managed to kill one, as a pellet gun likely would hurt birds too badly unless they were shot in the head.......

The article also mentions bullets, so was he using a pellet gun or a rifle.....either way they guy screwed up

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 87 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 602 See in context

I will wait a few more months before giving too much credit for anything,,,,,,,time will tell, too early, lets not get ahead of ourselves!

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Posted in: China seeks cooperation of Japan for Beijing Winter Olympics See in context

ReasonandWisdomNipponToday  07:33 am JST

Quote :"Japan has just successfully hosted the Tokyo Olympics" without spectators at almost all venues, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. "China gave strong support to the Tokyo Olympics, so we hope we will receive the understanding and support of Japan."

Please read that part above.

All of you bashing the Olympics in Japan for months now. Months.

Guess what.... Japan did an excellent job.

CCP China itself wants help and advice from Japan. No great friend of Japan, yet they are impressed with the results of the Olympics in Japan.

Sorry R&WNT but you post doesnt match your namesake. Let me spell it out for you so its easier to understand.

What china is saying is because china CAME to summer games that Japan needs to do the not boycott!!!

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Posted in: 2 women in LDP party leadership race get mixed reactions See in context

It will take many many decades for women to ""progress"" in J-politics given how politics ""work"" here & I use the term very loosely.

In the 30+yrs I have been here there has been NO CHANGE whatsoever with how the ldp keeps running Japan into the ground & is still not so slowly killing the country with its head in the mud the entire time.

It will take likely something real bad like a world war or massive Tokyo earthquake to affect any slight change in politics on these isles sadly

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Posted in: United Airlines to dismiss 593 workers who refused vaccines See in context

Good for UA!! I boggles my mind at how so many arent not getting their shots, stupid beyond belief!

And these unvaccinated are getting people sick & killed, its kind of like saying driving drunk should be a personal choice......HELL NO!!

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

If you have read comments above this one you will no doubt note there is a NUMBER of things happening at intersections fir ALL drivers whether going straight or turning either direction that contribute to dangerous driving habits.

One more little bit that has away bothered me about intersections WITH right hand turn arrows is that when the straight through has turned RED it will often return to)(or another light) turn YELLOW before the RIGHT ARROW turns green......this has always baffled me & no doubt some drivers going STRAIGHT will have NOT seen their light turn RED but see another YELLOW & go through......

I think we can all agree too many intersections are poorly designed, the light settings are awful, fines too low & cops are NEVER around until AFTER there is an accident then they are out in force........

Stay safe!

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Posted in: Gov't to accept Princess Mako's decision to decline ¥150 mil marriage money See in context

Good for her, seems she is giving a BIG middle finger to the IHA!!!

Seems she wants OUT of the cage!

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Posted in: Canadians released after Huawei CFO resolves U.S. charges See in context

As part of the deal, known as a deferred prosecution agreement, she accepted responsibility for misrepresenting the company's business dealings in Iran.

Above she clearly admits to improper dealings with Iran, so to me seems she was certainly doing wrong.

That china so openly held Cdns hostage so blatantly is so disgusting on so so many levels, I hope Cda pulls the plug on the winter games, clearly Cdns are NOT SAFE inside china, stay away from that god forsaken place!!!

Perfect example of why the west MUST disengage from china, its truly an evil regime, its all on display......

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Posted in: Suga tells U.N. Olympics were symbol of global unity See in context

Sickening! All the games did was put greed & $$$ front & centre meanwhile the people in Japan got sick in RECORD #s & lord only knows how many DIED because of these games!!!

"hopes and dreams to everyone across the globe."

Disgusting, the people of Japan will continue to personally pay very a very high price for this olympic folly!

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Posted in: Tensions grow as U.S., allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement See in context

china has been LYING about its intensions for the Far East & SE Asia for 3decades & counting, especially the last two!

They have been saying one thing & DO the exact opposite at the same time, the WEST has LET this happen unchallenged & it IS & WILL continue to cost us.

Its about time we started calling china out for its lies & hypocracy!

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Posted in: Would-be-wasted apples upcycled into tasty autumn treat – Apple Cinnamon Ale See in context

I love these kind of brews but also wish they could find a way to tame the pricing some to make them more accessable to beer lovers!

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Posted in: The deletion is another example of a company bending to outside pressure and conforming with the majority opinion. See in context

Japan, been white washing since 1945!!!

Hint to Japan, this ISNT helping you, doing the opposite, very unbecoming!

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Posted in: PM hopefuls seek summit with N Korea on abduction issue See in context

.....just DISGUSTING, once again like we have been seeing for DECADES, the abducted being USED as pawns for political gain........


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