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Posted in: Tokyo subway car provides child-friendly space See in context

Like a couple others WHAT exactly is on offer here....

What does  childcare support spaces"  mean exactly...

Are these cars Only for people pushing strollers...….article doesn't say, sounds like anyone can enter, if that's true it wont offer much respite from the hells of Tokyo train riding.

So other than stickers & decoration what else is there, hopefully this initiative with have some substance instead of the usual "perceptions" of zero substance

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 organizers to open 2nd-chance ticket lottery on Aug 8 See in context

If you live away from Tokyo be careful if you win tickets as accommodation is likely to be NON-EXISTANT !!

Just sayin!

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Posted in: Life expectancy of Japanese women, men continues to rise in 2018 See in context

You don't live 80 to 90 years old if quality of life was bad, or crap as you call it.


Like another poster said, live for far too many, most, is more like existing than LIVING, hence many, myself included think Japan NEEDS to do more quality, the quantity will take care of itself!

And like Yubaru I sure as hell am NOT looking forward to growing old here, its depressing as hell to witness, affordable options for the masses...……..very sorely lacking, like I always say, do you really wanna grow old in Japan......

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Posted in: Longer, wetter than usual rainy season ends in Tokyo area See in context

H'mmm will we see a poor rice harvest like in the late 90s I think it was when Japan ran out of the stuff, those who MUST have rice might be a good idea to stock up a bit, just sayin!

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Posted in: Darvish criticizes Japan's high school baseball system See in context

Good on Darvish!!!

I have always CRINGED bigtime when seeing news about how some high schools have done so well by having their star pitcher pitch EVERY game or damn close to it, INSANE!

Needs to END, just FORCE teams to rest pitchers by setting proper criteria & then ALL must follow, DONE!

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Posted in: Traffic reduction falls far short of target in Tokyo highway test See in context

Last Wed about 1800 the onramp I wanted to use was closed off meaning I was stuck for 90minutes to crawl about 3km to the next one which was THANKFULLY open

Traffic is one thing the govt will have little control  of other than pricing, someone above mentioned making it cheaper or free on stretches......h'm that might be an idea, BUT I doubt the DUMMIES that be would consider that!

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Posted in: Japan's annual eel-eating day hit by high prices See in context

Since when eels are marine ressources!

Open M

Here is a challenge for you, before you can take a holiday you MUST catch an eel elver in FRESH water, then you can go home.

Hint you wont be going home again!

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Posted in: Japan's annual eel-eating day hit by high prices See in context

I really cant understand why so many Japanese seem to have little or no care for marine resources.....

Japan has led the world eating tuna, eels, squid, octopus & many other resources to near extinction & few seem to give a damn, its just NUTS!

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Posted in: HBO chief: Sorry, fans, no 'Game of Thrones' do-over See in context

Too funny!! I was back home for a holiday recently & this topic came up & people were furious about the crappy ending, they felt they WASTED years watching to see a lousy finish!!

So glad I don't spend much time around the idiot box

Hope the prequel flops!!

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers test heat countermeasures in sweltering Tokyo See in context

Ha I thought this WBGT thing was an article about LGBT LOL!!

Why on earth introduce a new system last minute for measuring heat humidity etc

Where I am from news always announce the temp & then how it FEELS with humidity, like 28C with humidity feels like 31C  so bloody SIMPLE, working like a charm for many decades back home!!

And in winter they add wind chill factor SIMPLE!!

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Posted in: TEPCO to scrap 4 more reactors in Fukushima See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo holds test to ease highway traffic during Olympics See in context

Update, for me I got into Tokyo, Shinagawa area ok around 1600, but when I was finished doing my job I couldn't get onto the highway where I wanted & it took about 90minutes to go about 3km to the next one......not fun.

If they close many more during 2020 it will likely be INSANE on local roads, even if many stay home!

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Posted in: Tokyo holds test to ease highway traffic during Olympics See in context

This is sheer idiocy, lets hope the media PROPERLY reports the likely chaos today, hell I have to go to something in Shinagawa around 1600, sure hope these closures don't screw my plans up too badly, will be leaning heavily on Navi-chan today!

Why on earth would they close gates on toll booths SURELY that in itself will GUARANTEE traffic jams...….I just cant wrap my head around this so called "logic".

I GET traffic will be nuts next year, the only sensible thing to do, although people will be steamed, is jack up highway tolls. I would go so far as to say ALL day long, there will be a LOT of 2020 traffic after midnight to & from venues because they sure as hell cant do many deliveries during the day!

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Posted in: Tokyo begins trial to ease congestion during 2020 Games See in context

Suzuki you moron, you need to try arriving at 0830am to have a hope in hell to see what might transpire!!

These games are going to cause mayhem for locals near venues etc

And getting around Tokyo is going to be extremely painful for many not fortunate enough to be able to somehow avoid the nonsense that will ensue next summer

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Posted in: Man shot after pub fracas in Tochigi See in context

While I know how a shotgun is compared to a gun firing bullets my thinking was with handguns being rare it might be a shotgun, especially being rural.....anyway the guy recovers ok

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Posted in: Man shot after pub fracas in Tochigi See in context

Shotgun perhaps...……….not good!

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Posted in: Japan struggling with social worker shortage to help recluses See in context

Seems the govt's response like on so many issues is to simply do next to nothing

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Posted in: Surfers test waves ahead of sport's 2020 Olympic debut See in context

Japan, meanwhile, is hoping to get a boost from Kanoa Igarashi. Born in Huntington Beach, California, the 21-year-old Igarashi recently received dual citizenship in order to compete for his ancestral homeland in 2020.

Dual citizenship...…..really...

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Posted in: Yoshimoto president ordered comedians not to meet press over scandal See in context

The "talent" agencies need to be shut down, they are clearly a plague & the control they exert should never have been allowed to get to the levels its reached at present

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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

Wow, an epidemic in the making!

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Posted in: Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't See in context


William B,…...seriously.... what has Japan actually DONE wrt to its rapid increase of old folks & ever narrowing number of young people when viewing a population pyramid exactly...…

I honestly can think of anything other than VERY empty platitudes....the people are just reacting to poor govt & overall BAD situations for FAR too many Japanese!

The govt has set up dodgy programs to entice cheap labour from poor countries but nothing else I can think of  & the amount wont help much in the long run...….

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Posted in: Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't See in context

Like I have been saying for decades we are witnessing the death of a country right before our very eyes!

And the birth rates WILL continue to decline so even in the birthrate were to skyrocket to 2 or more the population will still DECLINE!

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Posted in: Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan See in context

The picture at top is downright scary!!!

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Posted in: Asian firms with women leaders deliver better financial results See in context

All fine & dandy but when are we going to see a similar article asking for more women to dig ditches or climb utility poles, you know even up things in the blue collar area. And also make sure there are more male nurses & teachers & daycare workers...……...

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Posted in: Japan to tighten export rules for high-tech materials to S Korea See in context

……. A play from Orange Man's playbook maybe...…...

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Posted in: 2 comedians suspended by agency for performing at gang party See in context

Yoshimoto shud close its doors!  Do the right thing!

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Posted in: Court orders compensation for families of leprosy patients See in context

This is a particularly disgusting example of HOW the GOVT treats its own! Truly shameful.

Same with Minamata & even more disgusting is how we see Japanese people REALLY treating their OWN with such un-describable ways. This is one aspect about Japan that is really scary & very much alive in Japan even today, we only have to look to Fukushima for a modern example of this nastiness!

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Posted in: Big plastic user Japan fights waste ahead of G20 summit See in context

Japan is also the world's No. 2 exporter of plastic waste. It used to export about 1.5 million tons per year, mainly to China. After China stopped accepting plastic imports in 2017, several Southeast Asian nations became new targets, but some countries, including Malaysia and the Philippines, are now turning the shipments back. They accused rich countries of pushing their garbage onto poorer nations.

The above is what really pisses me off, when I learned that THE ABOVE was how Japan was recycling it really made me mad, I know other countries were\are also exporting garbage to other countries BUT this was a betrayal to the people of Japan who falsely thought they were doing right but we are all still doing wrong!!

Japan, start banning plastic bags, pet bottles to boot for a quick START! We will be able to make the adjustment.

Good on China & SE Asia for refusing our gomi!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic domestic sponsorship tops $3 bil as companies pile in See in context

Prepare to be DISGUSTED!!

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Posted in: For Japan Inc, discretion is the better part of activist valor See in context

There are pluses & minuses...…….sounds like modern nemawashi to me!

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