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The governor, according to the news some weeks ago, has been expecting this. (Even an average, everyday person like me predicted it in early March. Please see my post of March 12.)

Anyway, the peeps here in Osaka, unfortunately, didn’t bother to read the memo about the “Japan model.” They’re pretty busy supporting local restaurants and booze joints and having lovely outings with their partners in mask-free shops and cafés.

Come to my neighborhood in central Osaka any night of the week and you’ll quickly see the reason.

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Very sorry to hear about your situation. The long-term effects and prospects for recovery are as yet unknown, but I hope there is eventual recovery for long-haulers such as you.

I know one younger guy who was regularly running full marathons up till the end of 2019. He caught it and spent six weeks in the hospital, 10 days of which he was unconscious. After getting the full complement of treatments (oxygen, blood transfusion, Remdesivir, steroids, and others), he still has difficulty climbing several flights of stairs. But he says he’s very slowly getting better.

Another guy with whom I’m very well acquainted has been experiencing neurological problems (brain fog, shaking, double vision) and other things like shortness of breath and burning skin for close to one year, but he’s also getting better month by month.

So, Skipp, hang in there and keep up hope. Also, keep spreading the word that this isn’t a normal virus.

Everybody else, stay as safe as you can while getting on with your lives during this fourth upturn. Hope to see all the posters happy and healthy here at the end of the year.

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Yes, it’s here. I wasn’t hoping or wishing for it, but, just as predictably as last year, it has inevitably come nonetheless. It’s the same cycle as last year: parties, Hanami, more parties, and the predictable boom. Please see my comment of March 12.

Everybody, hope you all stay safe and comfortable in your own ways!

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In the years I’ve been in Japan, overall the cherry blossom peak has been getting earlier and earlier every year. A few outliers obviously don’t make a trend.

Common sense, I know, but some people have to be knee-jerk [insert issue here] deniers and just can’t accept the reality around them. This graph tells the tale:

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Looking at another big wave?

Only a prediction — and once again I very much hope I’m wrong — but another, bigger wave is coming. It’s just starting now and will get serious in the last few weeks of April.

If we consider the end of the SoE in many prefectures, the upcoming farewell parties (company organized and/or informal co-worker affairs), hanami parties, new employee welcome parties, the other events around the change of the school & fiscal years, plus the potentially more infectious variants floating around, there’s only one likely outcome.

In my area in downtown Osaka, the spring rumspringa has already started.

Again, I hope I’m wrong.

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Totally agree. But the number of cases and tragic deaths are reported in the early evening, so there are around six hours before the day’s grim total is in. Here’s a good place to see the previous day’s situation:

According to Worldometers, the total # of deaths yesterday was 96. It’s been just under or over 100 for the past few weeks.

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This may — or may not — answer part of your question:

It doesn’t say, however, whether the numbers are included in the official count of the COVID deceased.

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Spot on! His marketing strategy may need some fine tuning...

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When I read the news about this yesterday, I assumed he was a young dude who didn’t want to sit the exam. Reading this, however, has me thinking professional intervention might be in order.

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Very troubling news, but totally expected. No warm smiles today...

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Unfortunate news, but @klausdorth is probably right. It is without bounce in my bungee that I read this news. I hope for — but don’t expect — better news next month...

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Here in Osaka, fewer people than usual were wearing masks this morning, and on my short walk to the station I encountered three older dudes who looked comfortable in taking off their masks, coughing with great vigor, and then expectorating on the sidewalk. My warm smile has lost its motivation...

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I’m also happy to see any drop!

This is a one-day drop, however, not a trend. According to other news sites, this is the 9th consecutive day of an increase in critically hospitalized covid patients (i.e. people who may tragically not be here much longer):

Pls. have a look-see here:

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Very unfortunately, this was totally expected by the so-called “doom-and-gloom” crowd as far back as the spring. They were criticized by many, but a lot of the posters here knew this was coming. I’d obviously be happy to have my predictions be wrong and see the situation trending downward.

I’m just left to wonder where the warm-smiling NipponGlory and other sunnysiders are these days. I hope they are starting to grasp the severity of the situation. More importantly, I hope all of you here in Japan and abroad reading this are keeping well and doing your best to stay well on the last day of this tragic 2020.

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