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“Be afraid everyone! Fear is what unites us!“

Ha, ha! Sarcasm w/o the humor or any meaning!

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Yes, it’s accurate. I could reiterate what you have written, but that’s what I see every day, too. For those who think this thing is over, I admire your optimism and positive attitude — and vitamin D intake.

Live your lives as you are now. I am — whilst taking sensible precautions :-) — and see you in the 7th wave.

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This increase may affect my lifestyle for a few weeks. But gotta love the people who don’t care and still come here every day to tell us they don’t care. Hysterical! ;-)

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Tragic. I’m working in a building just across Yotsubashi-suji from the scene, so I saw things unfold on my way to work and from a window before I started work. Smelled the smoke, saw an EMT giving CPR to someone, and heard the sirens for several hours. There are still news helicopters flying overhead as I write this.

So sad and numbing. Being so close while it was all happening, I’ve just been thinking about the families that were affected. Tragic.

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OMG… people have lost their minds!!!

Uh, no, not the peeps around me. But thanks for sharing! It’s hysterical — in both major senses of the word. :–) The rest of us are cruising along just fine in our daily lives with no drama or histrionics.

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Like Zichi, I was wondering where you had gone. Sorry to hear about your experience, but very glad to see you back.

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Sven Asai,

Totally agree. Yes, right now have a lull between waves. And each successive wave has been bigger than the previous one, but I’m optimistic — whilst taking sensible precautions! — that they will start getting smaller and smaller.

BTW, if your post is “fear mongering,” I must misunderstand the hysterical (both senses!) use of the term as we often see it used and overused here. lol :-)

The sixth is coming for a variety of easily understandable reasons, but I’m hoping it’s not so bad.

With no fear — and a spring in my step — I’m enjoying a lovely afternoon in central Osaka. Everyone, enjoy the nice autumn weather!

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Unfortunately, yes.

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Thanks! I rebooted a few times, but 3G vs. 4G was still spotty. Seems to be ok now.

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I noticed this yesterday and this morning — my iPhone was back to a very slow 3G. I’m also, incidentally, a Mizuho customer, and they’ve only had (so far) eight system problems this year. It might be time to evaluate my allegiances.

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@Richard Gallagher

Hear, hear!

Yes, the short term will be unpleasant, but in the long term Japan will in the end be better situated for a rapidly changing global redistribution of resources.

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Sorry, not yet. A sixth spike is coming in mid November.

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Yes, the sitch is disturbing. And, as usual, I agree with you — a lot of us here predicted it without too much mental exertion. I saw this coming at the beginning of June (posts of June 2 & June 4) and unfortunately I may be right. I hope not.

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Unfortunately, it is the start of the next wave. In Japan, the first significant uptick will be at the end of June, and by Tanabata we’ll be well into the fifth wave.

I hope all the good peeps here stay safe and in good spirits during the next one.

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You have, unfortunately, nailed it. The fifth-segueing-into-sixth wave will start with an uptick at the end of June and reach its stride right around Tanabata.

I don’t hope or wish for it, but it’s hard to not see to the plethora of factors that will lead to it.

Do what you feel necessary to stay safe and well, all the good denizens of this comment board, and continue to enjoy your lives to the fullest.

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Here’s the only thing I could find in English:

Hope it’s helpful for your journalist friend. Everyone, do your best to stay safe and continue to enjoy your life.

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I was also curious about the story @anon mentioned. Here’s one news article I found:

It’s in Japanese, but it’s NHK, so there’s probably an English version. No time now, but I’ll check later.

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Me, too! Any decrease is good! :–)

Have we really, finally, truly — using the Japan Model — reached the summit? (Remember, you promised us back in November and December that we had peaked, but the numbers unfortunately skyrocketed in January.)

So the numbers will go down from here until we reach the Olympic opening ceremony, right? Stay safe!

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@Space Cochonne

Yes, I agree that these measures are not enough. But, they will have some short-term effect.

And when they’re lifted, you’re right — look for the mass of humanity beeline to the nearest watering holes. I think you’ve also correctly called the continuation of the 4th wave or the start of the 5th. I’m not a gloom-and-doomer, but it doesn’t bode well for the Olympics.

Everybody, stay safe — no cowering behind the sofa! — and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

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I usually start my day by singing this refrain to the tune of “On the Sunny Side of the Street.” Not a perfect fit, but it can be shoehorned in.

It seems that the numbers will go up and down a bit following GW, but they are, unfortunately, sure to surpass the third wave’s peak. So, sorry to say and contrary to a glorious popular belief, they haven’t peaked yet.

As always, hope I’m wrong and hope all the posters here stay healthy during this wave.

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@zoroto (11:06)

Thanks for the link. I’ve also been seeing these kinds of news stories on different news sites for a few weeks now, and living and working in central Osaka, I find it a definite concern.

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According to many articles these days — and the docs I know at a major public hospital here in Osaka — Ashley Shiba is right. Here’s one such article I read a few days ago:

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Thanks, but I believe it started off as a misspelling and then acquired the words needed to make it an acronym/initialization.

I could be misinformed, but if you trust Investopedia — and other investment websites — they explain that it’s an example of folk etymology:

If I’m wrong, I stand corrected.

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Perhaps someone posted an answer and it was deleted, so just in case... HODL (a misspelling of “hold”) refers to buying and holding on to an investment. It’s usually used of cryptocurrency.

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Any one day drop is nice to see, of course, but it’s still a large number of people with a new problem in their lives.

635 new cases reported last week, but 879 today — an almost 40% increase. And I think we’re still over a month away from seeing this wave’s peak. (Not hoping, of course, just predicting.)

Despite the daily bleak news, I hope everyone here is relaxing, staying well and enjoying their GW.

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Hi, @garypen.

Thanks for your input. In my many years in Japan, I’ve never heard パンティー used in Japanese to refer to men’s underpants. The article also mentions “lingerie,” a word I’ve also never heard used for men’s underwear. So after reading the article — clearly about female undies — I couldn’t get the meaning of @Samit Basu’s sentence and parsed it as having “panties” as the subject.

Your reading also works, and your point is well taken. If given the following choices, which one would you tend to use?

1. For those who are not British, "crisps" refers to “potato chips” in American English.

2. For those who are not British, "potato chips" refers to “crisps” in American English.

(Or 3. For those who are not British, "potato chips" in American English are what the British refer to as “crisps.”)

Finally, a Google search using the keyword パンティ showed lots of female undergarments, but no men’s briefs. The original title on Yahoo News is:

37歳男性宅に侵入し女性用下着34枚盗んだか 20代男女逮捕 男「パンティーなど盗んだのは間違いない」

Thanks again, though, @garypen & @Samit Basu. Any food for thought is a good thing. Stay safe and enjoy GW!

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Thanks, @Samit Basu, but North American English is my native tongue, and if a man in the U.S. ever referred to the panties he was wearing, he’d be laughed out of the room and reminded of it for years to come.

Please check an American English dictionary like Merriam-Webster or American Heritage to confirm.

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Yes, the Tokyo numbers are, of course, going up. (Please see my post of April 15.)

Osaka will probably beat Tokyo today, but @Zoroto is right — the numbers will go down due to the holidays, and the warm smile and glorious afterglow will return for a few days.

Hope the holiday gives the populace and the frontline healthcare workers a little respite. To all the good posters here, hope you enjoy a relaxing, safe GW!

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This, unfortunately, was expected.

As everyone knows, a one-day drop does not a trend make. We’re only about halfway to the fourth wave peak. Still, another month or so of pre-planning meetings, planning meetings and real meetings by the decision makers, so we all have to take care of ourselves.

I feel fortunate, though, that I’m still able to go about my daily life here in Japan in relative safety with no stress. Please give a thought to the people who aren’t.

O/T (as of this moment, so be patient and wait a few hours) but the Osaka numbers probably won’t be gloriously promising, either.

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I also hope that this thing has really peaked.

Some people, however, have predicted since last year that it has peaked, and each successive wave has gotten bigger, so I’m unfortunately sure that this wave hasn’t peaked yet. Today’s numbers (Tuesday) will be much higher than yesterday’s.

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