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GyGene comments

Posted in: 66 more people confirmed with coronavirus on cruise ship in Yokohama See in context

I only read a few comments, so maybe this has been mentioned: I think they should ask doctors how to handle this. Surely the government is doing that. All I know is this is a tough situation.

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Posted in: Japan ranks as 3rd-biggest country for U.S. trade deficit in 2019 See in context

Ossan, research, not goog is helpful. I use anything other than goog. For me it’s startpage.com

I'd rather have deficits with Japan, Mexico than China! Or Germany.

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Posted in: Is it too early to make a decision on whether or not to cancel or defer the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games due to the outbreak of the coronavirus? See in context

I think definitely wait and see approach is wise. And, like some said, cooler weather is a plus. This virus will surely affect olympics no matter what.

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Posted in: Data show Fukui Prefecture may be best place to live in Japan, but survey results differ See in context

Many places I love, and have lived from inaka to Tokyo. Reckon I’d take somewhere in Tokyo Metro area. I love the convenience.

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Posted in: How your clothes become microfiber pollution in the sea See in context

Cotton boys, that’s where the future lies. Cotton and wool. That’s all I want on me.

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Posted in: Panel says Fukushima water release into sea best option See in context

Have I mentioned lately how I loathe all things nuclear? I do. Hate the mess.

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Posted in: Japan classifies new-virus pneumonia as designated infectious disease See in context

The flu is serious. And more widespread. Not to minimize this virus at all. I loathe smoking, but I’ve noticed that my friends who smoke almost never get colds or flu! I wonder if tobacco smoke kills the virus? Two good friends died from smoking caused cancer, but they never had a cold or flu! I don’t know...

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Posted in: Iraqis rally against U.S. troops, demanding they leave See in context

Good, Serrano, I agree!

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Posted in: Japan's 2019 convenience store sales rise to record See in context

I love Japan’s convenience stores! Can eat healthier at these than many supermarkets in USA!

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Posted in: New Toyosu fish market already sinking on its foundations See in context

I only went to Tsukiji to eat sushi a few times, but I wish they had kept it there. Tsukiji just meant fresh fish to me.

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Posted in: 'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders See in context

Somebody mentioned our choices in voting. To me, it’s almost always trying to figure out the person/party that I determine is not as bad as the other person/party. Lately, it’s been the Republicans (ewww...). Yes, I usually have to hold my nose and vote, but I WILL vote! In spite of what many people say, I do think President Trump really does want the best for the USA and the world. Even though he is very egotistical it seems, he’s never been in politics like the career politicians, and I think he doesn’t care at all what they think. And, the USA economy is really doing very good lately! And, as a Christian, I simply cannot support a party that promotes killing children. That’ll ruffle some feathers probably. There truly is good and evil. Much of the world has cast that truth away for seeming convenience.

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Posted in: Bongo the robot dog: Like a real dog but quieter, cleaner and cheaper See in context

Cleo, if you trained a cat to use toilet, well, I think you’ve got a marketable skill.

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Posted in: Japan looks to protect intellectual property in wagyu beef cattle See in context

I think Japan is right to protect the rights of farmers, scientists who developed beef over the years to be what its become. Some American ranchers are selling what they call wagyu, but I’m doubtful it is The Real Thing™️. Gary Yamamoto, famous bass fisherman and lure maker has a wagyu, maybe Kobe beef ranch in Texas. Closest I’ve ever had was Yamagata gyu. Excellent! Well, I have had wagyu only in Japan. In its strictest term, all wagyu is, is 和牛。

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Posted in: How crime suspects are treated by police and prosecutors is unknown to many Japanese, who tend to trust authoritative figures and assume anyone who gets arrested is guilty. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

Of course I agree with a factual statement like this strangely worded sentence. I think the people who said No didn’t understand the sentence.

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Posted in: Japanese firms join global calls to ditch coal-fired power See in context

Anything but nuclear power.

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Posted in: Survey ranks Japanese prefectures by how much people want to continue living there See in context

I’ll take Okinawa. Love the warm weather, people, food, ocean, a favorite place for me.

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Posted in: Mister Donut teams up with French patisserie chain Pierre Hermé for new range of luxury doughnuts See in context

I’m for Mister Donut. I really like them. A good place to take oyatsu.

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Posted in: Ghosn seen on security camera leaving Tokyo home alone on Dec 29 See in context

I think you got it right, TigersTokyoDome. Anyway, I am glad he got out.

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Posted in: New Tokyo fashion store has free coffee thanks to charity donations See in context

Now that’s a kanji combination I love: 無料。

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Posted in: Train stations, airports crowded as New Year holiday exodus begins See in context

This is the most depressing holiday in Japan.

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending the Christmas-New Year period in Japan? See in context

We love Christmas in Japan because we celebrate in our traditional way, Christmas Eve church service, etc. But I can barely endure New Years time in Japan! It’s very depressing to me at New Years in Japan.

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Posted in: Eight-year-old is highest paid YouTuber, earning $26 million in 2019 See in context

That’s it. Yes, I am a to’al failure at 71.

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Posted in: Does living in Japan change the way we speak English? See in context

Me go. You stay. Heap big trouble come!

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Posted in: New Nissan boss vows to restore trust after Ghosn scandal See in context

All the scandals aside, just talking about their cars, in the USA, Nissan is tainted because of their continuous variable transmissions. Nissan owners I know love their cars, if it doesn't have that ridiculous transmission! Our rural mail man had a new Nissan and told me after only about 40k miles, transmission went out and cost over$2,500 to replace. Cannae be rebuilt! Anyway, Nissan used to be great. I hope they can make it.

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Posted in: Dream big: Japanese students seek new paths to overseas study See in context

"Theres plenty of Japanese studying and working in Australia in the last five years"

Wha'?! Somebody disagrees with your assessment? Seems like just a simple observation to me. Anyway, this is a difficult problem for Japanese kids returning after having been in schools overseas. It's almost impossible for them to fit back in to Japanese system. Language is probably the biggest problem.

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Posted in: 4 killed in failed robbery shootout in Florida See in context

Hey thugs, you's guys don't stand a chance theses days. Cameras everywhere recording your every move, people videoing you jerks on cell phones, hidden cameras, you name it, y'all idiots ain't got a chance. Do the crime, it's the end of yo sorry time.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants rocket to top of best in world list See in context

I haven't eaten at every restaurant in the world, but I've made a good attempt at it. From Rawalpindi, Copenhagen, Naples, Florence, Capri, NYC, LA, San Francisco, Bangkok, San Diego (best raw oyster was here), on and on, I've been around the world and ate at a heap of great places. But, I will say, for my palate, Japan has the best all around eating choices of anyplace I've been in the world. USA is maybe one of the worst for everyday food. Whew, one doesn't get very far from some form of sandwich in USA.

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Posted in: Westin wheels See in context

Do this: Go. Just GO to Ebisu Westin Hotel and eat. Oh me... we love it!

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Posted in: Japanese beer exports to S Korea fall to zero See in context

I don’t buy Korean mess. Especially scamsong. So there.

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales post sharpest fall since 2015 as tax hike hits demand See in context

Tax and spend, repeat. Recipe for a country’s downfall. Hey Venezuela.

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