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Posted in: Hair loss in Japan: The causes—and solutions See in context

Well now I know why I went bald.

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Posted in: North Korea slams Japan over its trade spat with Seoul See in context

We all know North Korea is a total mess. And we know South Korea keeps acting immaturely. Whew. I want Korean peninsular peace and prosperity, but it looks dim.

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Posted in: Former Mitsubishi workers seek assets sale for forced colonial-era labor See in context

All I know is I’m sick of this mess. South Korea... I don’t even know what to say except foolish.

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Posted in: Hokkaido ski resort tackles growing tension between Japanese, foreign residents See in context

The influx of foreigners is bound to grow, and its slapping everyone in the face (just an expression, that’s all). Yesterday, my wife and I spent two hours in a meeting addressing this exact issue to a group of Japanese and foreigners, about 30 people. Tension has come up, and we were asked to hold a question/answer session since we speak Japanese, have lived here over 30 years, raised our daughter here rather successfully, and me wife is an expert professional child educational specialists with doctoral degree, many years as teacher, professor, etc. So there (just teasing). The Japanese group we’re struggling with the foreigners’ expectations, and foreign group wanted more understanding from Japanese. We were able to really help smooth things over, and hopefully, both sides will try to grow in patience, understanding, and love. Yes, love. Anyway, this foreign growth in Japan will definitely continue and increase. It’s going to take real effort on both sides to make it be a Good Thing©, but it certainly can be. If the work is done to educate foreigners coming here, and Japanese about how closed and difficult it can be for foreigners to adjust. And, if you plan to stay in Japan, making learning Japanese must be a top priority! A foreigner coming here is deaf, dumb (cannae talk), and illiterate. We foreigners really need to work very hard to learn Japanese. Hey, Japanese, foreigners, we're all in this together; I’m pulling for us all.

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Posted in: Seoul asylum See in context

I’ve never liked Hecho en Korea stuff, now I won’t buy them. Samsung, etc. Whew, Korea just won’t grow up. Kind of like me. But I ain’t a country.

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Posted in: People willing to move away from Tokyo to be paid ¥1 mil by Aichi government See in context

Now Reckless, you speak my language. Free land, interest free loan, now we’re talking bag packing.

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Posted in: Russia protests over G20 map it says showed disputed islands as Japan's See in context

I surely don’t know what is right. But, I usually pull for Japan, especially against Russia. My opinion is worth less than these words I type.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven mobile payment users lose ¥55 million by unauthorized access See in context

I’m by no means expert in these things, but I have been reading a lot about payment systems and security for many years. From my research, it seems Apple Pay is maybe the most secure payment method. Of course it’s not yet in Japan, but I use it often in USA. Six years ago while in Japan, someone in USA got my Visa card number and spent $1,500.00. Only cost me time and had to get a new card, but with Apple Pay that kind of thing cannot happen. Anyway, Japan is sure behind the world on banking and payment systems.

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Posted in: Depopulation in Japan leads company to renovate two apartments into one huge living space See in context

Sounds like a great thing to do. Only if cost of buying or renting is not expensive.

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Posted in: Elderly drivers – are you aware of the suffering that results when you cause an accident? See in context

I’m 70 and been driving since I was 12, but I am fully aware that the day might come when I will not drive. I’ve already been telling my wife that when that time comes, I will give it up. No way will I be the cause of danger to anyone. I’m consciously keeping aware of my driving abilities, response times, things to do with safety. I’ve already noticed that I absolutely MUST look left, right, left, right again, then proceed with caution.

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Posted in: Which of Japan's three mobile operators — NTT Docomo, SoftBank and KDDI — would you recommend and why? See in context

Japan desperately needs cell competition. I’ve been with au and Softbank, will not use docomo. au (KDDI) was easy to leave, don’t know how they are now. Cell service is still a notorious lip off (bit of bilingualism there).

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Posted in: New law takes effect, banning smoking in gov't buildings, schools See in context

Good. Japan is making better progress than USA with cemetery sticks. I’ve noticed what seems to be a strong resurgence of coffin nail sucking in USA. Ta’oos and smoking growing like crazy there. USA has been on a steep downhill slope since hippie generation.

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

The use of whale oil (fat) for lamps, etc., up until about 150 years ago is what really hurt the whale population. It’s amazing that it was such a huge industry back then. I’m actually more worried about all the plastic and Fukushima radiation than I am about Japan’s whale eating.

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Posted in: M6.7 quake strikes off northeast Japan; at least 26 injured See in context

Glad no one was seriously injured it seems. We head to Tohoku in a month...

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Posted in: Do you think a protest rally similar in scale to what happened in Hong Kong could ever happen in Japan? See in context

As long as Japan stays a clean, open (I hope) democracy, no, I don't think so. As for Hong Kong, oh me, sad that they have to go through this, but alas, kommie China has rule now. No telling what will happen there.

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Posted in: G20 agrees on international framework to reduce marine plastic pollution See in context

I'm all for this. I have come to loathe plastic. It's pitiful when you have to pull plastic off your body while swimming in the ocean! All the poor sea crits that have to try to survive with this mess, a shame. The world is engulfed in plastic mess.

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Posted in: Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers See in context

If it was some other country trying to make it look like Iran, it will come back and bite them. Some day.

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context

Well boys, I've lived in worse places than that looks. I know it's probably not reality, but dagnabbed if that place doesn't look pretty decent. Not saying I want to go back to those living conditions, but I've been there (not prison). And I've seen much worse living conditions and food in many places in the world. Not defending the place at all, especially the Japanese system of interrogation, guilty already, etc., just that the place looks decent even if not the real rooms where people are.

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Posted in: Denny’s rolls out new Kyoto Uji matcha green tea desserts See in context

Keep'em coming, Denny's. We be there next week and give them a try.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s new rental umbrella service is perfect for sudden showers, staying dry on the cheap See in context

Shoot, I'd forget me old haid if it wasn't halfway attached. I like the ¥70 umbrella rental system. Will probably using it soon.

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Posted in: Spreading the joy of marmalade across the sea from Ehime See in context

My mouth is watering. I buy this. Getting some soon!

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Posted in: Maker's Shirt Kamakura: The family business with the right business garment for the times See in context

Uh, use PerformingMonkey as screen name here, and don't like Maker's Kamakura Shirts? Okay. Anyway, what about the shirts? Are they good? I have like Japanese shirts I own and really like them, only short sleeve though because I big old boy, 6'2", 215 pounds of muscle, sinew, and bone.

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Posted in: What do you think of sports stars who shriek, grunt or yell out during play? See in context

I don't watch tennis, but wouldn't like the grunting. I've seen it of course, seems kind of foolish to me.

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Posted in: How to break up with your partner in Japanese See in context

もうイヤだもん。終だぜ。アチ行け、俺から離れ。お前 There, that should do it.

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Posted in: Intensity, emotion and a lot of noise at sitting volleyball See in context

Wow. Now that takes some skill!

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Posted in: Parts of Japan experience record high temperatures for May See in context

Whew, I hope it’s not as ho’ as last summer!

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Posted in: WWII researcher: Sea wreck near Japanese island must be plane of U.S. MIA pilot See in context

Yes, may this never happen again. We who enjoy political and economic freedom now owe a great debt to those who fought for the future they never could enjoy. We salute you all.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Tokyo; meets Japanese business leaders See in context

I don't think I've ever seen such hatred toward a president. Most USA "news" channels admit it even, with an agenda to do anything to take President Trump down. Democrats too, wasting energy and tax payers' money doing nothing but trying to take him down. Hatred does indeed blind people. And only hurts the hater. Anyway, yes, President Trump, welcome to Japan!

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Posted in: Empress Masako conducts 1st official duty in new capacity See in context

She will be an excellent Empress. And, whew, IHA doesn't know it's the father who determines baby's gender? The old, "She gave him a boy," stupidity. He gave himself a girl. Anyway, Empress Masako is a great empress, and I have confidence that she will be very good for Japan.

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Posted in: Frosty relationship rumored between Empress Masako and sister-in-law Crown Princess Kiko See in context

...sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these... If I had a staff and they showed these deadly sins, they'd better straighten up, or sayonara. It a heart issue. Empress Michiko was very wise.

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