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Posted in: Carrying unpacked knives onto trains to be banned under new security steps See in context

A real man always has a pocket knife.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers need more foreign help with some sports, says IOC See in context

Yep, I reckon us old geezer mouth breathers need to be penned and pastured. We ain’t worth a flip now.

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Posted in: Japanese inventors step up to offer relief from sweltering heat See in context

I need air conditioning.

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Posted in: France beats Croatia 4-2 to win 2nd World Cup title See in context

Congratulations France! I’m 25% French, and 100% glad France won. Houligans make me embarrassed to have Bri’ish blood...

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Posted in: Are you for or against the death penalty? See in context

I voted Depends, because it seems at least in USA prisons are too nice. I'm for life sentences, but not in comfortable prisons with TV and other amenities. I think there should be different levels of punishment in prisons. Heinous crimes having not much but hard labor and basic food, with the chance of doing better as a person improves his life, which is possible. Even the New York killer, Son of Sam (David...) turned his life around and he was absolutely know to have visciously murdered several people.

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Posted in: Akita Prefecture may be glimpse of Japan's graying future See in context

Makes me sad to think of rural cities going down. I sure don’t have an answer, except to observe that so many young women don’t want to marry. They’ve really had the “good” life of money, travel, shopping, etc., but I wonder how these young women will be when they get in their 60s - 80s? A real demographic change.

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Posted in: Fresh grounds for coffee: Study shows it may boost longevity See in context

Smells so lovely when you pour it,

You will want to drink a quar't

Of coffee.

Lining up for it like cattle

On the streets of Seattle

Black coffee

Guatemalan or Brazilian

Makes you feel like a million

In a grande or a venti

Either one is more than plenty, good coffee.

Whether Swedish French or German,

Keep you awake during sermon, it's coffee.

Yes friends, have a pot of it today.

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Posted in: Tanabata: The night when love prevails See in context

Well at least they didn’t jump off Lover’s Leap.

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Posted in: Entrepreneur's rocket explodes seconds after lift-off See in context

Hey you’s guys, watch this!

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Posted in: Japanese firms shift to clean energy despite state's cling to nuclear power See in context

I loathe nuclear. That's all I know.

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Posted in: Scientist launches hunt for Loch Ness 'monster DNA' See in context

Well, dinosaurs were called dragons before about 1848 I think it was. Dragons existed, and still do. Now you take old Bigfoot...

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Posted in: Over 2,000 fire ants discovered in Osaka; 2 people hurt See in context

I hate fire ants. I remember where there were NONE in America. Now, they are a huge multimillion (maybe billon) dollar per year problem. I spend my share fighting the devils at my place. I can tell you, once they come to your piece of land, you will NEVER totally get rid of them. Another invasive insect, the Asian ambrosia beetle killed my fig tree, and many other trees. I've often wondered what it would be like to have only native species in USA, Japan, or anywhere else. It's gone forever.

And right, stepoutside, the 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 or whatever, they DID NOT find.

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Posted in: 39-year-old driver arrested over road rage incident on Tokyo expressway See in context

I'm trying to remember to sing my "Anti Road Rage" song, "Some beach, somewhere..."

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Posted in: Tourism boom spreads economic benefits to rural Japan: report See in context

ルラル日本(田舎の事だね。。。)。I love rural Japan. Best food there is. Of course, it helps a lot to speak Japanese...

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rules for baker in gay wedding cake case See in context

There's always been homosexuals. Even the word "sodomy" comes from the ancient city of Sodom. In civilized societies, there is supposed to be a "standard" for living. Sodom had allowed their standard to become very low.

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Posted in: Bathe naked with strangers? Welcome to a Japanese 'onsen' See in context

Ta'ooed boys, the reason they don't want ta'ooed people is ta'oos indicate yakuza boys. Most onsens don't want yakuza in their onsens. What's with all this ta'ooing about anyway? Some places in America it's rare to see pure hide that's not been all blued up. And it's for life boys. Anyway, that's why onsens have the no ta'oo rules.

Why I call them ta'oo: in Spain a few years ago, a young Bri'ish ta'ooed couple with their 10-12 years old son walked by where I was sitting, which happened to be right in front of a ta'oo shop. The boy pointed and said, "Ta'oo! Ta'oo!" Classic. They were from the part of U.K. that glottal stops the "t".

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Posted in: Department store removes wine imported from Golan Heights after protests See in context

Haruka: Then I shall boycott Daimaru. Israel is a sovereign state and protecting itself just as Japan would. Shalom

Well said. Me too. Daimaru, a stupid thing to do. Sayonara.

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Posted in: Japan's lowest mountain celebrates first day of climbing season See in context

That's my kind of mountain climbing. Plenty of oxygen.

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Posted in: Fukushima tells world radiation is down, exports up after nuclear crisis See in context

Yeah it's them petabecquerels that's got me worried.

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Posted in: Fukushima tells world radiation is down, exports up after nuclear crisis See in context

I'm the kind who WANTS to buy Fukushima products. But I also say, trust, but verify. I need to make sure stuff is safe, then I buy.

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Posted in: Lower house passes bills to lower adulthood age See in context

Yeah halierika, I was going to say 21, but 23 is better.

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Posted in: 22 of Japan's most famous festivals: A travel calendar See in context

I like matsuri. Food...

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Posted in: Do you consider corporal punishment for children, either at school or home, to be child abuse? See in context

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction drives it far from him. A small bit o' spanking only by parents and only at the right time, and very sparingly does indeed help all involved, spanker and spankee. Not with the hand (never discipline a child with your hand!) either, but a small switch or some such just to bring a bit of sting is all that's needed. My Mom perfectly used a little switch on me as needed, therefore my Dad never had to. Neither did my teachers.

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Posted in: Japan tops Henley Passport Index, offering its citizens access to record 189 destinations See in context

Good. Note to young and/or healthy people: travel while you have health! I've done mine, but now health makes flying very difficult for me. Go now while you can. Enjoy the places in the world! Especially the local people and the food! Oh me, we've seen some fantastic places, met some great people and eaten some great food from China to Kenya!

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Posted in: Former PM Nakasone turns 100; hopes for Constitution amendment See in context

Seems to me he's done a good job considering the incredible changing times he's lived through. I agree that it's time Japan made a bit of a change to that part of the constitution. Actually, I think I should read that part first. But from what I know, maybe a bit of tweaking would be good.

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Posted in: Urban farmer Jon Walsh finds fertile ground in Tokyo See in context

I think there's plenty of small plots of land all over the world that could sustain us all. If people would just use it like he is doing. We're trying to eat only natural foods without chemicals. 無農薬ね。。。

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Posted in: 69-year-old serial wallet thief caught stealing again on Tokyo subway See in context

The old boy ain’t right.

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Posted in: Do you think there is a role for monarchies in this day and age? See in context

Way over due to shed the U.K. of this king system. So tacky on many levels these days. And what an evil history of Bri'ish kings. That country would be much better off without them tax suckers.

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Posted in: Japan's new 'Airbnb law' a double-edged sword See in context

Just when we’re thinking of using Airbnb.

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