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Posted in: End of an era: Emperor's abdication resets Japan calendar See in context

I do think the government should stop using the system for documents. It is troublesome. On emperors/kings, I personally am so thankful my ancestors fought to shed the USA of the ridiculous U.K. king system. I think many of them were quite evil. As I think Hirohito was because of WWII. He had much responsibility for Japan's atrocities during that time. Him and the controllers of imperial staff.

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I'll add, for me, I'm only referring to international flights from USA to anywhere else! Heck, I've flown so much all over the world, I can about hang on a wing for these piddling 2-4 hour flights. And, yes, the Asian airlines are the best.

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If there was a bridge from USA to Japan, I'd drive. Might take me two months, but I'd be in my own car, I loathe flying that much. This is my 52nd year flying...I a geezer.

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One of my Old Man© mentors told me to keep everything for seven years, you'll need it in that time. I've quadrupled his time line...all kinds of mess I'll need some day.

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

NHK is one of the worst things about living in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor criticized for putting her hands in pockets during Tokyo Marathon ceremony See in context

Well said everybody. Japanese nit picking is ridiculous. They can never praise but are experts at criticizing.

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Okay, I have to admit for some people this could be useful. Now that I've gotten that caveat out of the way, NOOOOOO!! There are some things that should not be tampered with:

Coffee. Should be enjoyed, if at all possible, sitting in a coffee shop, or at home. I do allow in car, but don't prefer that.

All food. I NEVER use a drive through. Even if taking out. Same as coffee, food deserves to be enjoyed in a decent atmosphere.

Yes, I am a traditionalist, almost purest sometimes and about some things.

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Posted in: Farmer investigated for selling wagyu cattle sperm to smuggler See in context

Oh me, that's all we need now: China to start producing Japanese beef! No sankyu da yo.

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Posted in: 122-year-old video of downtown Tokyo shows how much Japan’s capital has changed See in context

I'd like to go back in time to be there, just a few days. But I probably wouldn't understand much of the old language.

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Posted in: One Chinese woman's passion to bring feel-good factor of silk to Japan See in context

Rich Chinese kid comes to Japan to help Japanese learn more about silk, eh? Hmmmm, with old Dad's money, that ought to work out.

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Posted in: NHK fee collector leaves threatening notes on people’s doorsteps See in context

We love Japan having lived in Japan over 25 years, BUT, NHK is one thing that makes me never want to live in Japan again!

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

“Why can’t we all just get along?” Unfortunately we never have and never will. But hey, do the Right Thing®️. Do it all the time.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's regional banks to join hands in cashless payment See in context

As a lowly consumer who is killing the entire world by my consumptive existence, I don’t like using cash. My favorite is Apple Pay. From my research, it is the most secure way to pay. I’ve had a credit card number, just the number, stolen two times and jerks spent $3,000, some stores lost that money. Just a headache for me. Excuse me while I destroy some place by drinking one more cup of coffee.

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Posted in: Russia refuses to rush Japan peace treaty in blow to Abe See in context

What a mess. I don’t know enough to criticize Abe, but I do know that in 1989, all the Russian communists didn’t just die off. I don’t trust Putin any further than I could throw him in a judo match. I hope Japan gets all the islands back!

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Posted in: Don’t forget to eat your special sports fish sausage if you’re exercising in Japan See in context

Mmmm, now that’ll make your tongue slap your head.

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Posted in: Memories of Fukushima crisis rapidly fading, warn civic groups See in context

It is very sad. I personally don’t think Abe, etc. are trying to hide things. Human nature is to forget bad things that happen. Of course there is PTSD, of which I know a bit about. But this nuclear mess is different! I saw a man being interviewed after Fukushima and he said same as me: all this percohertz, serviets, whatever, I don’t even know what it is! They might as well be speaking Navajo for all I and the man know! Can’t see, smell, feel, it, but that deadly mess is just there. And spreading. Fish, plants, mammals on USA west coast, no telling how bad it is on Touhoku coast and out at sea. I loathe EVERYTHING nuclear.

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Posted in: Do you think democracy is the best form of government? See in context


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Posted in: S Korean assembly speaker says apology needed from Japanese emperor See in context

I am really tired of all this from South Korea. I think most of you are too, good comments, for the most part. Enough South Korea. You're really beginning to hurt yourselves.

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Posted in: Suspected abuse of record-high 80,100 children reported in Japan in 2018 See in context

The saddest news ever to me. Many said it well here, but Kobe White Bar Owner, I agree. Jesus was very tender toward children. His disciples were like many adults today, wanting to make the kids go away, they thought kids were a jama to Jesus. You know what he told them. He even said one time, it would be better for a person to have a millstone tied around their necks and thrown into the sea than to offend one of the little ones, i.e., kids.

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Posted in: Chocolate hot spring bath opens in Japan See in context

Eh to, no sankyu da yo. I love onsen and I love chocolate, but not together.

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Posted in: Overcompetition, demographics hitting beauty parlor trade hard See in context

All I know is Ethyl and I love hair shops in Japan. Of course me being mostly bald, I don't really need it, but it's a real luxury I indulge in still. I don't like massages like in Thailand, but the way a good shop in Japan massages head, shoulders is very good. We will keep going. And paying a lot for it.

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Posted in: Hundreds gather near Japan's embassy in Seoul to mourn S Korean 'comfort woman' See in context

I am so sorry for what people have had to suffer during war. It's terrible. As a Vietnam veteran, I still have bad dreams and feelings about that. So I know a little bit about some of these feelings. But, I agree with the majority of posters here. It's enough. And it seems the South Korea is using this politically as mentioned. Thepersoniamnow really said it well. And, this is not just South Korea, people in USA still blame others for their problems too. We've got to move forward.

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Posted in: Fun in the snow See in context

Wow, I just love to see those cranes! To me, they just say "Japan."

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Posted in: Do you think Nissan's sales will suffer as a result of former chairman Carlos Ghosn's prolonged detention in Japan? See in context

I'm with speed. I just want whichever car I think is the best for the money. Heck, if we stopped buying from companies that have CEO and policies that we don't agree with for whatever reason, we couldn't buy anything! "Lets boycott Disney because of blah blah blah...let's boycott Apple because they blah blah blah... let's boycott Name the Company..." Sure, I want to support responsible, ethical companies that believe like me, but I have to watch out for my own bank account.

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

South Korea is doing nothing but hurting their best interests, and especially for any surviving real women from WWII. Most of you above said it already. It's pathetic how some of these South Korean politicians act about this. Pitiful.

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Posted in: Convenience stores to stop selling adult magazines by end of August See in context

For those mocking people who might be offended, I rue the day when we completely loose all sense of dignity for women and children. We've come pretty close...

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro offers free food to ease crowding on Tozai line See in context

I'd take them up on this! Free food, get to work early, then when everybody else came in, while picking my teeth, I'd say, hey boys, how y'all?

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies in Japan at 113 See in context

Oh, I see town in kanji up there. Ashi yorii...can't read it correctly. 足寄町

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies in Japan at 113 See in context

Where'd he live?

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