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Posted in: Frosty relationship rumored between Empress Masako and sister-in-law Crown Princess Kiko See in context

...sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these... If I had a staff and they showed these deadly sins, they'd better straighten up, or sayonara. It a heart issue. Empress Michiko was very wise.

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Posted in: Lawyer for Ghosn slams 'outrageous' rules on seeing wife See in context

It's outrageous, even by Japanese standards," Takano said.

Wha', Japanese standards are low, eh?

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Few years ago in Salou, Spain, heavily ta'ooed Bri'ish couple walked by with their sone, about 12 years old, where we were sitting. Behind us was a ta'oo shop. The boy pointed at it saying, "Ta'oo, ta'oo..." Just like that, ta'oo. Hehehehheeeee, loved it! I always call them ta'oo now. Ta'oo ta'oo...

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Posted in: Would former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn's arrest be a factor in whether or not you decide to buy a Nissan car in the future? See in context

Over the years I've noticed that companies with bad people morale usually go downhill. Your people are your most important asset. So, all this mess at Nissan puts me off their products. Hindus call it karma. Bible says, "be not deceived, for whatever a man sows, he shall also reap." Do wrong, it will come back to you. Something is wrong at Nissan.

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Posted in: Health insurance law revised to limit coverage to Japan residents See in context

We were on kokumin hoken until 2004 when we left living in Japan permanently (miss living here full time!) and loved it. Self employed with 3 in family I think we paid about ¥17,000 a month if I remember. And service was great at hospitals! USA system is a total mess!! If not for family, we'd retire in Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese seniors turning to flea market apps to declutter See in context

Oh the Golden Days where ichiman yen bills flowed like water and the Oriental Free Market (sodai gomi) overflowed with Solomon skis, nice color TVs, excellent coffee cup sets, etc. We got some of all of this from that free market back in the 1980s, Golden Days of the ¥10,000 bill. Now, we hit up the ¥100 shops. If I were just starting out in Japan, I'd furnish my house from places like Hard Off.

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Posted in: How to find a lost cat: Unique method proves to be surprisingly effective See in context

Oh me, this is ridiculous. Everybody knows that you should talk to animals. I do it all the time. Wild birds, snakes, and of course pets! Why, right now, I'm talking to my dog. She understands English and a bit of Japanese. Chinese is hard for her though.

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Posted in: Perdue barbecues to sell Japanese on buying more U.S. beef See in context

Blacklabel, you got it right. We don't eat much beef, but we like quality when we do. Had it all, and USA beef is also excellent. Of course, you can always get some bad meat from anywhere. And some excellent. Like a man said to me in supermarket recently about all the young yuppie wives asking about where the grass fed meat was: "...grass fed? That's what the sombeeches eat!"

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Posted in: Foreign tourist warned for flying drone over Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

I've gotten so tired of seeing drone videos used on youtube. Especially with that stupid intermittent finger snapping background "music" mess! I've unsubscribed from some channels I used to watch because they started that mess.

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Posted in: To slurp or not to slurp: Tourists’ reactions spark online debate on noodle manners See in context

I don't mind Japanese slurping in Japan, but dagnabbeded it, don't slurp when you go overseas. Old boy who comes to my USA house often slurps even his cheerios, which he loves. I've tried to gently tell him don't slurp in Beikoku. I've even gotten to where I can slurp with some of the best slurpers in a good ramen shop. In Japan. But not outside Japan! Now drinking soup from bowl, well, that's just the right way. Whole lot easier than using a supuun.

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Posted in: A look at the emergence and development of the Japanese national health insurance system See in context

We have been on NHI and love it!! The USA would do well to study and implement a similar, maybe exact, system! But noooooo, all USA wants to do is look to Europe and Canada! It's been my understanding that NHI is based on family size and income for premiums. Ours was very affordable. In USA before I retired, I was paying $1,250.00 per month for two! And still had to fight with company for payment, and had to still pay the deductible and 20% up to $10,000.

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Posted in: Japanese man jailed in Ecuador for trying to smuggle out insects See in context

Hold on there, Hirokazu-kun, we got plenty of bugs in Japan. Even those devilish fire ants have made their way here! Hate them nasty buzzards.

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Posted in: Kono opposes giving food aid to N Korea See in context

It's impossible to give real help to North Korean people.

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Posted in: Meghan and Harry name son Archie Harrison See in context

Archie Bunker Andrew would be a great name.ABA.

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Posted in: Fast-food chain Yoshinoya to sell beef bowl without rice See in context

I'll take a bit o' rice, please. I don't eat enough rice to hurt. But I want some occasionally. Best rice I ever had was in Toyama Ken.

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Well boys, we've come full circle alright when US Marine Taiji Hirose is helping guard Mt. Fuji. This is deep, very deep. Good job, marine.

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Posted in: Rush of travelers returning from Golden Week holiday intensifies See in context

In prophetic news, the expressways will be backed up for 70 km at the obon U-turn.

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Posted in: Mass wisteria See in context

I don't know where wisteria originated, but I loathe that mess in USA. An invasive species that takes over forests! We have to fight it at a summer camp in Japan too.

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Posted in: Over 82% feel affection for new emperor, 79% support woman on throne: survey See in context

I like the new emperor and support a lady to be empress.

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Posted in: Anti-imperial system See in context

I like what little I know of this emperor and his father, but from what I know about grandpa Hirohito, he was really responsible for Japan's WWII role. He could have stopped Japan from committing the atrocities and even stopped Japan from going to war. I personally don't like the emperor/king system. But these poor blokes who have to carry that role cannae help their lot in life. They just have to buckle up and follow all the protocol. Wha' I cannae stand is arrogance while doing it. E.g., U.K.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested after barging into koban, demanding money See in context

Well, obviously the old boy wasn't thinking right. At first when I saw the article, I thought it was funny, but it's not. It's sad. I hope the old boy gets some help. He's probably a decent bloke.

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Posted in: Trump offers 'heartfelt appreciation' to outgoing emperor See in context

President Trump acknowledges the strong USA/Japan friendship and cooperation and how important it is. Me too.

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Posted in: Key questions and answers about Emperor Akihito's abdication See in context

I think this is a good thing for Japan. By the way, pressure was on Masako, but isn't it the father that determines the baby's gender? Uh, Japan, get with the times.

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Posted in: Heisei to be remembered as period of peace, disasters, wealth gaps See in context

"The tide rises. The tide falls..." Let's hang in boys, we're gonna make it.

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Posted in: Japanese shops selling tins of Heisei air See in context

Since we cannae edit our posts, I must post again. This reminds me of one of my favorite songs: sao dake, mono hoshi. Mono hoshi, sao dake... sa, ippon de, ¥500. Sanbon de ¥2,000. San jyu nen mae to onaji nedan. Sao dake, mono hoshi...

Yaki imo. Ishi yaaaaaki imo. Yaki imo. Ishi yaki imo...

If these sellers ever stop in Japan, it will be a very sad day for me. I absolutely love having them come by my neighborhood! Ramen man, milk/yogurt man used to come by, but he stopped. Tofu man, etc. A wonderful tradition!!

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Posted in: Japanese shops selling tins of Heisei air See in context

Wow, hope to sell 1,000 cans, eh? I think they will sell way more! They better ramp up the canning machines. Way more that 1,000 idiots around.

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Posted in: Do you believe Carlos Ghosn will receive a fair trial in Japan? See in context

No, he will not get a fair trial here. I actually think he is innocent of charges.

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Posted in: Emperor performs ritual to report abdication to Shinto gods See in context

Toyota Century. Now, that's a cyar (bit of Geechi speak). Notifying gods, eh? Reckon they don't know so much.

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Posted in: TEPCO to employ foreign workers at Fukushima plant under new visa system See in context

Y'all boys pretty well said it. Wow. Sick. Disgusting. All I can do is agree with about 99% of you's guys (bit of native Brooklyn speak there).

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Posted in: Japan's alpine sightseeing route featuring snow walls opens See in context

Oh to be in an onsen body could use it.

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