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Posted in: Fukushima reactor briefly loses cooling during inspection See in context

Nuclear. A hopeless mess. Once it's out, like now in the Pacific Ocean, etc., what can be done? Wait a few thousand years? Loathe the mess.

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Posted in: Shosenkyo: Japan's most gorgeous gorge See in context

I go.

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Posted in: What do you think the Japan-U.S. relationship will be like after Donald Trump takes power? See in context

To the extent the new administration is stable, firm, and allies know exactly where USA stands on issues, it will improve.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga wants to drive all over Tokyo See in context

Gag, I have driven all over Tokyo, many times, and I love driving here. Much less stressful than America. People in Japan are trained how to drive. One state in America has already had 1,565 highway deaths this year! One state. The only problem driving around Tokyo is parking. You can find parking, but it'll cost a lot.

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Posted in: Blame Comey's moral vanity for dumping U.S. in newest election mess See in context

I agree with all those above (and future comments against Clinton below) that do not want another Clinton as president. America no longer has journalism. It's sensationalism and "entertainment." The media in America is so left wing it's unbelievable. No objectivity at all. I'm against Clinton, for many reasons. Too many to begin to list here.

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Posted in: Who do you think will win the U.S. presidential election on Nov 8? See in context

With all the new Clinton scandals, she's going down fast. Americans are fed up with both parties, the establishment politicians. That is why Trump is the republican nominee. Very simple. We are totally fed up.

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Posted in: Abe, Duterte sign military, economic deals See in context

I like Filipino people, and hope their best, but it's not good to talk so bad about America. As far as I know, the USA has only always wanted to be good partners with PI.

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Posted in: Duterte fans See in context

I agree with him on cleaning up the country of drug users and pushers that have ruined millions of lives. And trying to stop government corruption. Philippines seems like one of those places with some potential, if, IF they can learn to properly rule themselves and stop crime. Crime will kill a place faster than about anything.

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Posted in: Panel meets to study emperor's possible abdication See in context

Well, it surely would be a historical event! Not easy for Japan to do such a thing. I hope they change the system to even allow for an empress.

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Posted in: Fly away See in context

A good airline, but the muslim jerk behind me on a trip to Dubai kept touching my head and saying "Hey, American man." The last half of the trip! About 5 hours of that mess, as well as loud sounds of various kinds. Then when we landed at Dubai, the jerk started some weird whistling or some such. I don't blame the airline, they were great. Just don't want to ever go back to a muslim country!

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Posted in: Do you think automatic translation technology will get good enough one day so that we won't need human interpreters or translators? See in context

As of my post right now, there must be 41 people here who earn money as interpreters and translators. Yes, ONE DAY, the article says, some day...

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada previews new song, hikes Japanese Alps in beautiful videos See in context

All I know is that for years, to me, Suntory Tennensui has been the best water in Japan. Commercial water I mean. We love it! Smooth soft just great water. Hey Suntory, I could do an honest ad for you!

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Posted in: Unable to keep pace with change, salarymen over 50 'destroying their companies' See in context

Like someone mentioned, if Spa had used any age group with those kinds of questions, it would have been the same. Of course, I'm sure there's truth in the statement that some in their 50s are not doing much for the company. Social media. That's what's making youth so outspoken now days. Continually freely giving opinions online, like we're doing here, can make people, more outspoken. I think that's the change from say, 30 years ago. And, this is a worldwide issue, probably more prevalent in other countries. I know in America the generation gap is huge in the workplace. This is probably also caused by social media. Anyway, hey, we're gonna make it boys. Let's hang on to the end...

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Posted in: Virtual love on display at Tokyo Game Show See in context

Wow. I'm ready to get to'ally off the grid. Somewhere.

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

Here's the scoop on cost savings for those who think you have to be rich to use Apple products: they last a long time! I mean a long usable life. Plus, the security is the best of any other phone or computer. I've been using only Apple products since 1986 when I bought an American Mac Plus which I could just insert a Japanese word processing program and write in Japanese! I don't know how long it took Windows to be able to do that, unless you bought a Japanese specific computer. Anyway, I'm still using an iPhone 5 every day, nary one single problem with it! Saving money, that's what I'm about.

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Posted in: Razzle dazzle See in context

Hurts me old eyes.

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Posted in: Talking medicine: Mayumi Sawada opens doors to Japanese healthcare See in context

domtoidi, right on! I've been hospitalized in both America and Japan many times, most recently, June in America. Me? I'll take Japan medical care over USA any time! Not to mention the ridiculous insurance, payment, costs mess in America! First world cost and third world bureaucracy. It's an absolute mess.

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Posted in: Man uses karate skills to fight off bear in Gunma See in context

Wow, what a story! Way to fight, Mr. Aoki! And, spahn, man, you also did great! I keep forgetting what to do for grizzly or black bear. Fight with one, play dead with the other, can't remember. What a mess that'd be! Wait Mr. Grizzly, let me check what to do with you. Fight, or play dead? Must be play dead, I don't think anyone could beat a grizzly.

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Posted in: Seoul: Surviving sex slave victims will receive $90,000 See in context

I think timing has to do with Olympics too. Has Germany ever paid to concentration camp survivors or descendants? There could be no end to all this payment for past crime mess. Somebody probably owes me.

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Posted in: Golden return See in context

From what I've seen of Brazil, I'd be getting Ng out of that place as soon as possible.

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Posted in: The man behind Japan's finest ryokan-style hotels See in context

I knew his father in Karuizawa. I loved Hoshino Onsen! Still go there for just the bath when I can. Canno' quite afford room there.

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Posted in: Ichiro's milestone raises familiar questions about context See in context

I just say, WOW, what a great player! And so far, he's shown himself to also be a good person. I don't mean Rose is a bad person, but everyone knows he committed an unpardonable sin in baseball by betting. But, he still is the hit king. I'm hoping Ichiro keeps going and going and going...

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Posted in: Large mansion listed on Yahoo! Auction for cheap due to its macabre history See in context

Used to live near Chibaly Hills, know the area well. I'd buy it, but utilities and taxes would put me in the poor house.

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Posted in: Do you agree with U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for Japan to drastically increase its financial contribution to maintain American military bases? See in context

Bertie, if USA had not helped Korea in the '50s, there would be no South Korea now. They'd all be living under Kim's rule, the entire peninsula. I hate war, been in one myself, but we must be prepared to deal with tyrants. The world keeps producing plenty of them.

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Posted in: Is banning international trade in such endangered fish species as bluefin tuna the most effective way to protect marine resources? See in context

I don't know anything, except they taste good.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

All I know is the air and water pollution in China is caused by communists, and is killing people.

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Posted in: 2 British ships arrive in Japan to transport plutonium to U.S. See in context

I loathe nuclear mess. Hate it too.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Donald Trump become the next U.S. president? See in context

One thing I do is find out which candidate China, Russia, Middle East, Cuba, and liberal Europe wants for U.S. president, then I vote for the person they do not want!

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Posted in: Radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores See in context

All I know is that I loathe nuclear anything.

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Posted in: Waseda University offering ridiculously cheap breakfasts See in context

Right, turbo, that's wha' I was thinking. I'll be going there if it's open to public. I wonder how's the coffee? Japan does indeed have the best food anywhere I've ever been, which is about everywhere!

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