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I saw a documentary o him a few months after he first joined. Nice house, nice car (Merc of course) but absolutely no life - he looked really bored. Felt a bit sorry for him (fixed once I knew how much he earns!), but definitely not his ideal lifestyle. Could be worse though, he could join a club in Manchester!!

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Is there any colour that they haven't used?

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I can't really follow some of your arguments, let me explain why:

You're completely misunderstanding what I wrote. I do not want to take your work for free. I do not want to take away your rights or your income. The only thing I say is that your rights are limited to where enforcement affects the civil liberties of everybody else. It's a matter of priority.


That's fine. And I have no objections when you check all kind of publications whether they make unauthorized use of your images. I have no objections when you sue somebody who violates your rights. It ends when you want to ask my ISP to scan all my private communication because I might violate your copyright.

OK, got your point here, it isn't good to be spied on, very much in agreement with that. But..

A construction worker also does not own the building he creates.

Absolutely right! In as much as a paintbrush does not own the copyright to a painting too!! In the construction example, the ownership is with the building owner who charges you rent to exist in the building, or admission fee if a public facility like a stadium, etc. The architect owns the rights to the design, which if you copied, you would be in breach and fined accordingly.

Generally speaking, people have been "spoiled rotten" by the internet and access to information. Suddenly everyone thinks that everything is free because they CAN download it. However, you CAN drive on a UK highway (motorway, sorry!) at 200mph if you want to, but you will be caught and arrested because it is against the law.

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I think over the past 50 years, I've spent more than $100,000 on music, first records, then tapes, then discs, then iTunes, and also so many concerts but I never bought a single t-shirt. Do I now care if I download some stuff, heck no, I've more than paid my dues.

Borderline if you are downloading what you already have but also could be classified as pure laziness - just import into itunes if you need to. Couldn't be simpler, could it? Or are you running off the back off of someone elses effort to migrate it to a format that you want? But also, do ask yourself the question, if you already have it, why do you want it again?

If you are downloading new stuff then you are misled by thinking that you have paid enough. Or are these the "civil liberties" mentioned?

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What I still don't understand is why should we give the industry any power at all?

It is a fair point and one that really makes a mockery of the proposed bills. Record companies could shut down youtube if ONE poster put up a video with copyrighted material. It would happen too, unless you paid them a sum of money to NOT shut them down. In other walks of society, it is called a "protection racket"!

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Sounds like a lot, but works out at less than 4man per person in Japan (natives only). 70tril would be half a million each.

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I can't believe the article to be honest. Had it been posted on April 1 it would make sense as it is a complete joke! It mentions "civil liberties" no more than 4 times. WTH? Liberty to buy and then distribute free of charge any work by any artist?? Free to download whatever they want whenever they want? I think the author has got confused with "civil liberties" and "taking liberties".

PIPA, SOPA, and ACTA are not the best legislations I can think of. They go too far in giving too much power to the industry, but open sharing of peoples work is just wrong.

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Are you a CIMA salesman, or what?

Nope, clearly state it isn't my type of car. For ths amount I would buy the diesel Mercedes Estate E320CD (maybe plus a bit more?).

I have rode in a CIMA, non-hybrid, it is a nice enough ride... The engine was a humble but powerful thing, that left plenty of leg-room for passengers.

Glad you liked it, you'll be delighted to know that the interior space (despite the deceiving picture) is unchanged between the hybrid and non-hybrid. Some luggae space is sacrificed for battery space though, so less sets of golf clubs can fit in!

7.35 million yen to 8.4 million yen, is economical?

What is the criteria? If based on outright purchase price you can buy a simple Honda kei car for under a million, so wouldn't be economical there. Pitched against the non-hybrid Cima the cost price is more, but the fuel economy is better, so economical will depend on how much you drive it. Based on the limo use of this model, you can bet most will be high mileage so will make a return on fuel costs over the useful life AND have a higher resale value (absolute AND percentage) after 3 years which is when most buyers are likely to sell. Moreover, many people use "economical" to define fuel consumption and here again, compared to non-hybrid, it is better.

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Wah, good point realteacher - still no link found via the milk trail. I think the existence of the disease just sends out the alarm that it could be in the food chain, and hence a danger (not unlike radiation here in Japan!!), but no evidence it is an issue yet. Well spotted!

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And you do realise this is the same industry you purport to be an advocate of?

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Actually l have. And to be honest if l wanted to eat a fatty piece of over priced steak then this sure is the place to get it. Myself l prefer meat with fat where its supposed to be and that is not all through the meat.

Are you absolutely sure that the beef you outline actually has the fat where it should be? I mean ABSOLUTELY sure? Just curious because of 1) and 2) Doesn't look so apetising to me!

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@seawolf -the article mentions "hybrid" but not "green", and doesn't make any claims either. "Hybrid" is a description of the powertrain, not ecological credentials, and compared to a non-hybrid 3.5 litre Cima, it is more economical. We are still in the dark ages in terms of kmpg here in Japan, but the message is getting through thanks to high petrol prices. Recently, Mazda announced a diesel car, so now there will be THREE economical (i.e. low consumption) cars available to buy!

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Political forces get crowds to cheer at public event, spontaneously demonstrating love and devotion for the true leader. But this isn't North Korea!

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They (the japanese importers) do their best to mess up any agricultual imports.

Hahaha! I'm enlightened, thanks so much!

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You actually sat in one?

Do you actually need to?

Look at the ratio, front hood, to passenger space, to back window/trunk space; the closeness from seat to front windshield. It is a claustrophobic, just looking at it.

Picture is taken with a wide angle lens and distorts perspective. Try sitting in one, you WILL be surprised. Not my type BTW.

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Clearly it will be "the" media. Free from having to buy and store DVD's!

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4 door, with cramped space for passengers, luxury?

You actually sat in one?

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gyouza - maybe you could start wearing a man's bra, I'm sure you will find them on the Net...

Never heard of them, sounds dead weird. Do you help you in anyway?

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There are much better places with better food and cheaper prices.

You went for the food? ;)

Seriously though, it isn't bad value and the service is attentive (to be fair though, not uncommon in Japan). The cheesy dance - hmm, a little embarrasing. Don't think that Ginza is the right location though. Lots of madams doing their shopping at overpriced boutiques isn't the obvious market segment. Somewhere between Roppongi Hills and Midtown to catch the office crowd is probably better.

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Free exports from China? Pity Rare Earth doesn't come over too!

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For decades, the power companies have made ¥billions and ¥billions from nuclear energy

TEPCO have pulled in billions because they charge customers fro consuming the electricity they produce. That production costs money. The ratio of revenue per employee is something like 3 times the industry average. But given their huge client base in Kanto, with 30 mio people in the Tokyo/Saitama/Kanagawa/Chiba area alone and associated economies of scale, that isn't too surprising. But even their highest P/E ratio over last 5 years is just a quarter of the industry average - that isn't good.

It's time to separate companies that generate power and new companies which supply power, which would reduce the cost of power to the customer.

You often mention this, and I think it is a worthy concept. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that the people supplying to consumers should be free to source electricity from any generation firm they choose, right?

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Last year, the big earthquake and its aftereffects were fresh in people minds, amongst other factors, the TV coverage was still fairly bland and restrained and hence no-one really missed. This year, in the peak of Summer, there will be the London Olympics with some sports hitting prime time TV. You will have more people sitting at home with A/C on and watching TV's. Alos more factories in Tohoku are back on their feet and hopefully more housing will have been completed, raising the amount of consumption. In that sense, I don't think it is totally reasonable to compare last years consumption with this years. They will be different, and will be a case of how do we balance that? If TEPCO says there will be brown outs in residential areas to protect the business areas then that might force efficiency by concentrating more people into one area to share electricity.

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Think I might need one of these, but since I don't wear a bra, I'll have to find another way of not exposing that other atrocity that appears on chests (usually male ones) - hair!!

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@Miffy - well, it is renovated.

Both photodiode circuit and readout circuit are also optimized to minimize noise generation through processing to readout.

So it is really quiet then? :-p

Supersonic Wave Filter

Same as ultrasound, or is it just really quick?

Joking aside, I'd like to see one and how it works.

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It is a FANTASTIC day out there!

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It will be interesting to see how team GBR fares in this competition. On paper, bringing the best from England, Wales, N. Ireland, and Scotland should yield a powerful team, but since they've never played together before they could be at a distinct disadvantage.

Regardless, I hope that there are some good battles to watch, and that Sawa senshu gets fit in time!

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Darn, so me switching alliegence to One World didn't harm them like I thought it would? They have great onboard service, just wish they didn't invent rules to prevent common sense prevailing. Annoying!

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@skeeter27 It is not a news service, just a bbs. The issue is not really about freedom of speech, but more when illegal posts are made. Apart from narcotic related there is also bullying, and baseless rumour mongering, some of which is libellous. Point being, it is not controlled in anyway, and is probably too big to monitor in any meaningful way. For example, someone could identify you (by your real name) as a perpetrator in an alleged crime. Would you want that to be allowed to stay up and published even if you had nothing to do with it? Should that poster be protected by "freedom of speech" laws?

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Nice story, and great that he can have SOMETHING from his home that got washed away.

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will any wife like to have husband who is homesexual??

Hopefully not, as that would suggest an extra-marital affair. Or is that more acceptable than homosexuality to you? Interesting!

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