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If only the keisatsu would show the same passion towards enforcing traffic laws in Japan. Having spent the majority of my life growing up in Japan, I can't tell you how many times I've seen people blatantly run red lights. I wouldn't be surprised if those officers are on somebody's payroll.

What else do you suppose Japan should do to stop west dolphin fundamentalists in Japan?

What happens when there are no more dolphins in the ocean? There is an ecosystem in the ocean and it requires balance. When you take out sea life towards the top of the food chain, it creates turmoil in the ecosystem. Like all living things, dolphins have souls too!

If dolphins were the only source of subsistence available and was necessary for human survival, then I could see the justification for hunting them. But they're not. We're over fishing our oceans as it is already. Yet, you hear people complaining about the price of maguro or sushi in general and so on.

...we're slowly killing our planet. That's what the activists are trying to prevent.

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@souka wind and solar power cannot be constructed anywhere. wind like solar requires significantly more land area than nuclear for a given power output. wind(mills) generate low frequency noise that can be hazardous to your health. try living near a windmill. wind and solar are inefficient power generators, expensive to maintain and have a significantly lower lifespan than nuclear. modern batteries used in wind and solar have a lifespan of only a paltry 10 years. companies build these backward technologies only because of government subsidies. wind and solar are unreliable. the only reliable renewable energy is hydropower.

I wouldn't necessarily say inefficient. There are countries in Europe that have implemented windmill generators and are doing just fine. Who says that the windmills have to be on land? I think the Japanese engineering is innovative enough to find a way to build them just off the coast.

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With a Netflix account and a VPN like tunnel bear you can watch any region's Netflix. My American account works just fine watching Japanese Netflix for no additional cost. The reverse is true too, so if you don't like the Japanese Netflix offerings just switch to US, Canada, Aus, UK etc with a VPN

User beware. Yes, a VPN can help you get across the region blocks. But understand that if Netflix catches you doing that, they will ban you from the service. They are against VPNs for legal reasons. I've used Netflix in other countries (that Netflix operates in) with my US account and it has always worked fine. The subtitles will be catered to the country you're in.

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Regardless of their nationalities, what they all did was brave and noble. This could have been tragic but they all stepped up and made the decision to act. We could all learn a lot from these fine men! I will comment that the Americans were the ones who sustained a majority of the threatening injuries and was it not for the medical attention administered by Stone, Professor Moogalian would not have survived and bled out from arterial bleeding.

For me this is shocking because I was on a different hi-speed train headed to Paris on the same day! This could of easily been my train.. the threat is real and we must all be vigilant.

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voiceofokinawa: "Is there any country in the world that hosts so many U.S. bases in and around its capital and claims it is a sovereign nation equal to the U.S. whereby it must help the U.S. fight its wars by even revising the constitution?"

Europe has many U.S. bases throughout it's regions, primarily Germany. It's no secret... just look on Google maps. Japan is not the only country to host U.S. bases. Are you not at the least bit concerned about China?

Let's be honest here... how much real estate does Japan have? 70% of the country consists of mountainous regions, where else could you build a base? Keep in mind, all of these bases were once Japanese bases since WWII and were in rural areas at the time. The population and development of the Kanto plains have exploded since that era. It's not like they decided to build the bases in highly urban areas from the start. That would be almost as absurd as the Japanese who knowingly purchase homes next to a Naval Air Facilities or U.S. bases, because the land/homes are cheap in comparison, then turn around and complain! That's like buying a house next to an airport and then trying to file a noise complaint. They probably should of picked a better place to live.

But you're probably right... get rid of all U.S. bases in Japan. Terminate the alliance and Japan can defend itself against China and other enemies. Good luck with that!

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