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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

No - I would find it disconcerting if they didn't kick out anyone who spews lies and falsehood repeatedly. However, I would question if they warned said user for his past posts else kicking out without a warning would be unfair to an extent.

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Posted in: Arizona certifies Biden's narrow victory over Trump See in context

It's an interesting strategy - by Trump and Co - file several hundreds of cases, see what sticks, and if even one of them works, use that to invalidate the entire election. What happens then?

And it isn't Trump and Co money either, it's his desperate supporters willing to part from their money easily.

It's the 'Art of Undermining a Democracy'. If it weren't evil, I'd call it genius.

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Posted in: U.S. surgeon general urges 'aggressive' steps against e-cigarettes See in context

Seems like Altria (Marlboro maker) thinks this is the way ahead


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Posted in: Trump calls off Eagles visit to White House over NFL anthem dispute See in context

Seriously, who cares?

Seriously, you and everyone should. What you and other Trump fans don't realize is how he is turning you off the sport, the message, and what the players stand for.

And it's not just sports, he's made it an America vs all other (trade-deficitng) countries

Cons vs libs

Gun holders vs non gun holders (somehow now known as anti gun rights)

us vs them

You should start caring before he breaks the 'American' spirit.

Else there could be another 9/11 like incident and half of the people (63 mil?) would be like " who cares?" Or are we already there?

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Posted in: G7 asks Mnuchin to convey concern and disappointment to Trump on tariffs See in context

All six of the other G7 countries are now paying the tariffs, which are largely aimed at curbing excess production in China

Talk about missing the point!

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Posted in: 2 shot at Oklahoma restaurant; armed civilian kills gunman See in context

Excellent observation by Do the hustle.

Completely unlikely event, but what if there was another armed person who sees someone shooting a fleeing person and shoots shooter 2 in defense of shooter 1? Self defense still applies?

The only end to this madness is removing guns from all starting with shooter 1, anyway

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Posted in: Employers will become exempt from the responsibility of keeping track of employee working hours, so even if someone dies due to overwork, having the case be certified as a work-related death will be nearly impossible. The number of bereaved families who are suffering hopelessly in silence and are left destitute will only grow. See in context

company pays me and does not keep track of my time 

Agree with clippety - that won't work. They're only removing the upper limit. Maybe they'll even manage to raise the lower limit, to rub it in

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Posted in: U.S. toughens stance on Iran; lists sweeping demands See in context

First, renege on your agreement. Then, make unreasonable demands. There's a simple word for such behavior - warmonger!

Make America a warmonger(-el?) Again!!

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Posted in: Moscow calls U.S. vote meddling claims 'blabber', 'fantasies' See in context

Photo from the future !

US President Donald Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met at the White House in May 2018 

Get a sense of deja Vu though..

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Posted in: Female temp worker's fight for labor equality a full-time job See in context

I wish she created a crow-funding page or someone did so she can continue fighting the good fight.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Trump's nuclear button tweet 'spasm of a lunatic' See in context

Stupid interface, back on topic

Trumps rhetoric has failed and he's fully earned NK blustering

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Posted in: N Korea calls Trump's nuclear button tweet 'spasm of a lunatic' See in context

Six days ago, President Moon gave President Trump much credit for getting NK back to the negotiating table

Nope, did you even read that article?

He (Trump) said Moon told him the talks went well

Claiming credit does not mean receiving it!

Any way, Trump

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Posted in: Sweeping aside Russia probe, Trump says 'we're unbeatable' See in context

"Right now unless they have somebody that we don't know about, right now we're unbeatable. We're unbeatable,"

this is the same mangled English that won him his supporters. I can see an urging to the Democrats to get someone in there, but his supporters only see ' we're unbeatable'

"Something beautiful is going to come out of that mixer,"

I trust that means he still has no idea what's in there. Either way, from now, any market movement (up or down) should be credited to him.

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Posted in: Allowing nuclear weapons in Japan could defuse N Korean threat: policy makers See in context

I'm not sure what folks mean by the NK 'rhetoric' , but we must not allow that? By definition, rhetoric doesn't need an answer. Let it be.

Now, these policy makers, on the other hand, need to be named and removed immediately before they cause more harm than what they're doing by seeding doubt.

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Posted in: Abe, Moon agree on stronger pressure on N Korea through sanctions See in context

I wonder who in these meetings goes: wow, that sounds like an awesome idea, let's do it!. ?

Or, is it possible that the outcome of the meeting was decided beforehand?

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Posted in: U.S. House speaker urges Trump not to scrap 'Dreamers' immigration policy See in context

@blacklab, from your post, seems like the Dems are smart about getting what they want even being lost in the woods, losing the election and having no majority. Didn't your boy say he was a great negotiator, who in fact cannot negotiate with his own team?

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Posted in: Trump demands N Korea 'get their act together' See in context

Isn't Trump the guy who likes to mock wrestle opponents and non-opponents like CNN?

He should just do a mock or even a real wrestle with li'l Kim and whoever wins gets all the bragging rights. This can go on for another 4 oops, 3 and half years..

I'd choose an iron cage match

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

Hell yeah -

he's building the wall as promised

He's making Mexico pay for it

He's using solar - that oughtta shut those pesky conservationists well

He's gonna make it tall so it's more valuable. How tall? Well the taller the better I say, think Babel.

I don't see any downside to this brilliant and imaginative idea.

Do you @bass, @black?

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Posted in: GOP leaders plan to finalize tax bill behind closed doors See in context

what Obama did

Not the leader anymore, why are you obsessed to bring up his name?

If the Democrats get on board 

Not your elected leader - I see no mention of any responsibility of your elected leaders the Republicans.

Same as them, you seem to have no clue on how this works.

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Posted in: GOP leaders plan to finalize tax bill behind closed doors See in context

Ok, so what should The Republicans to do? 

Come up with a half decent bill that does at least some of the things  they claim. The guy in the leader's seat claimed he already had it a year ago.

Follow a democratic process of passing it into legislation rather than ramming it through. The guy in the leader's seat claims he is a great negotiator, or is that also in the past?

Simple enough process, isn't it? How would you rather have your elected leaders make a difference?

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Posted in: New tent targets campers who are more than friends, not yet lovers See in context

Ironically though, the katakana writing of 'H' is close to the Japanese slang for sex.

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Posted in: Trump to announce decision on global climate pact soon See in context

Trump supporters don't know what to say on the subject because they don't know what Trump will do. Whichever path he chooses will then become the right solution for them to trumpet

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Posted in: Trump seals $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia See in context

I'd rather like to hear the details of the deal than fetching statements about the President's previous misdemeanors. That said, I really worry the need for new arms deals. Does America offer any peaceful resolutions, ever?

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Posted in: N Korea gives Donald Trump a nuclear crisis from hell See in context

I reckon he'd twitter bomb them and call it a win

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Posted in: Mio Yamamoto leads social entrepreneurship in Japan See in context

Sure is inspirational, count me as a fan too, Yamamoto-san. Good luck for the future.

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Posted in: 89 psychiatrists have licenses revoked for fraudulently obtaining credentials See in context

The panel only 'recommends' the revoking, far from charging them for fraud, which they have admitted to!

And where can I see the list of the 89? Shouldn't this be public information?

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Posted in: University students stage hunger strike over security bills See in context

4 guys? Hardly significant.

1 person is significant enough.

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Posted in: Melbourne rated world's most liveable city; Tokyo ranked 15th See in context

I'd been living 5 years in Tokyo and have been living in Melbourne for over a year now. I love the life here outside of work. Even at work, people are friendlier, more social than the situation in Tokyo (across multiple jobs). As someone pointed out, this is also a great city for sports, both as a viewer and as an active participant. Access to good beaches, good drives while having good weather kind of rounds it up for me.

That said, I do miss the nightlife, the izakayas and the cheap food that was available in Tokyo along with easy access to ski resorts and onsens. I feel I've lived in 2 of the world's best cities and would say anyone living in either of these should consider themselves lucky

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing See in context

I don't know, I think using the word MUST means a future action. It does not say that you ARE facing it right now. So this does not constitute an apology for me. I agree that the future generations should not keep apologizing, but the first apology should be made. Or if he never intended to make it, this whole farce of an apology should have never occurred. I can't see it moderating the situation but only creating more divisiveness on either side of the argument.

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