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Posted in: Falling snow from Tokyo Skytree crashes through roof of home See in context

I wonder how the CN Tower in Toronto avoids problems of falling snow/ice

This is what their spokesperson says : "The monument is equipped with heating cable systems and heating installations on all horizontal surfaces to help melt ice quickly. Propylene glycol is sprayed on vertical surfaces to melt and prevent ice formations on an ongoing basis."

Any idea if any of this is done at the Sky Tree?

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Posted in: Hashimoto blasts education board over basketball teacher lapse See in context

i notice a scary trend of mob mentality that we see in places like the Middle East or India. I don't disagree with Hashimoto on this one but everyone is quick in blaming the school and the coach. While they are held accountable and punished , so should the 2 mute by-standing junior coaches and ALSO the mother. How could the mother let a 30-40 time slap fest slip by? Most mothers I know would have brought the roof of the school down for that

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Posted in: Legendary Indian sitarist, composer Ravi Shankar dead at 92 See in context

Sounds like a life well lived. RIP

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Posted in: Japan's anti-nuclear groups join forces ahead of election See in context

the winds of change are starting to blow..

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Posted in: Ozawa's People's Life First party disbands to join Shiga governor's new party See in context

this seems like an interesting development - from a non recognized 17th party, Kada-san has got sudden attention, plus the wily old game-maker Ozawa joins ranks. I'd lean toward this one and find out more about their poll campaign. Shame they won't let us vote, since this is so confusing to the public...

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Posted in: More opinion polls show LDP favored to win election See in context

wow, so many opinion polls... does anyone post the charter of the parties the people are going to elect? or should they just choose on the basis of these trends?

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Posted in: New magic liquid makes any pair of gloves touchscreen friendly See in context

And how about damage to any expensive leather gloves?

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Posted in: Drug trial begins for Japanese teen in Bali See in context

Hang him! What's a crime is a crime, no matter where you come from.

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Posted in: Boos for director Malick's 'To the Wonder' in Venice See in context

Isn't this 'opinion'? Doesn't warrant a valid comment.

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Posted in: Kan slams TEPCO over nuclear crisis video footage See in context

Kan must have done something right. Else, he wouldn't be asking for what almost all posters here have asked for - the complete footage

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Posted in: Japan's women soccer players likely to get flight upgrade home See in context

Why exactly does it matter which class they travel by? They've been assigned a job and get paid for it. As long as it is consistent, where all the athletes travel by the same class, no one should be making a fuss of how they travel for a couple of hours...

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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

It's good to see the parents standing up for action. However, does anybody else here feel like the parents should have noticed the burns sooner, or taken some action earlier, before the expulsion?

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant workers face stigma, threats See in context

for a change, I agree with basroil and not zichi this time. What's bad is bad - nuclear power, TEPCO and the incident. What's good is good - recovering from the loss, trying to make the place safer. Just like everyone there, zichi has mixed up the good and bad this time. these people there also need to be educated by the government, media Those workers fully deserve support and encouragement for what they are doing instead of getting the opposite of what they deserve They are being meted out with the opposite.

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Posted in: Hamilton says revamped McLaren have title shot See in context

Good to finally see some F1 news news here,JT.

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Posted in: Fund for Batman shooting victims hits $2 mil; gun sales soar in Colorado See in context

the gun-makers must be laughing their way to the bank... free advertising, president support, president-hopeful support, and support from few other commentators above too..

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Posted in: 42 India nuclear plant workers contaminated See in context

here we tsunami, no fault lines. Just pure human carelessness. Do note how they're ramping up nuclear power inspite of the rest of the world being more cautious. How safe is anyone really even if Japan gave up nuclear energy completely?

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Posted in: Indonesian arrested in S Korea for Japan tsunami fraud See in context

And what happens to the money? The Korean guy was in the scam all the same.

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Posted in: Gov't may intervene in forex market after dollar falls to upper Y77 level See in context

Azumi has done this about 4 times in the recent past. And it didn't help then. And I didn't notice anything change much that it will have an impact now.

Time for some innovative leadership...try buying foreign alternative energy technology, reducing the debt..anything else..

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Posted in: Woman found strangled to death in home; boyfriend commits suicide See in context

@ the-grouch:

You nailed it...

Ideally he should suffer for all he's done. But it would take ages for the law to work here and then he might just walk with only a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: Russia and China again veto Syria resolution at U.N. See in context

could eventually allow the use of force to end the conflict, and threaten non-military sanctions against the Syrian regime

I'm much confused. So does the resolution allow non-military sanctions AND use of force? Any experts on the issue? Enlightenment, please!

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Posted in: One killed, 40 injured in clashes at Maruti Suzuki factory in India See in context

It's just stupid that these workers, being employed and earning wages thanks to these companies, try to take the law into their own hands in guise of a mob, and risk their entire livelihood. RIP to the dead guy and hope these workers get their due

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Posted in: What are you doing to keep cool this summer, either at home or at your workplace? See in context

Totally agree with Cleo... It's summer...enjoy the heat while it's available folks!

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Posted in: 'Dark Knight' director Nolan says no to 'Justice League' superhero film See in context

I'm sick of reboots and comic movies. Does anyone really remember anything that happens in them?

@jforce - this is exactly what Nolan did with the Dark Knight. Granted, the most memorable quotes of the movie belong to the Joker...

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Posted in: What would they do without their cell phones? See in context

Nice click, JT!

the one at the back, though, doesn't even seem to be interested in hers. She seems to be looking at it just because everyone else is

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Posted in: No charges over Ghana deportee's death in Japan See in context


You seem to be ranting all along about the legality of the guy being deported. In the same sense, were the people deporting him and their procedures entirely legal? Sadly that is not known as of now, to any of us. Which is why their legality during the whole operation and his death has to be thoroughly investigated and consequently dealt with. I support the wife in finding out what happened.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested for stealing melons worth Y60,000 See in context

6 man? Really ?? like that makes a difference in Japan! How about 'nabbing' all the guv oyajis who get millions of yen on supporting TEPCO, the tax hike, other kickbacks? When will Japan set it's priorities right?

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Posted in: Balotelli muscles Italy into Euro 2012 final See in context

Heart-breaking game for the Germans. They manage to knock themselves out of competitions more often than not. Is it a case of saving too much for later??

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Posted in: 'Avengers' set to become third highest grossing film of all time See in context

hope it's better than the 'Amazing Spiderman' that came out last week....

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Posted in: Spain beat Portugal in shootout to reach Euro 2012 final See in context

Will be interesting to watch the game tonight (tomorrow?). Will it be a Spain/Germany or a Spain/Italy final....

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Posted in: The Lady See in context

This movie first premiered in Sept 2011, and Rotten Tomatoes has it at one & half stars. And they promote it now? Also, Luc does look like he's taken a beating for the movie....

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