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Posted in: Starbucks' sole sign-language outlet in Japan reaching out to locals See in context

Anybody know the actual address?

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Posted in: Fines paid in only 25% of parking offense cases by foreign diplomats See in context

noriahojanenToday  07:43 am JST

Too lenient. Just publish violators' name and country of origin.

In my home town of Washington DC we started doing this and it has worked well. Once the actual ambassadors saw they were going to be or were being put on blast, they put their foots down on their staffs and their staff's dependants.

Once the DC PD started posting the lists, it turned out that most of the offenders were not actual staff members/diplomats, but their families.

I agree with the idea of diplomatic immunity, it would be too easy to throw a diplomat in jail over a fraudulent parking ticket as a matter of protest over that countries actions.

In this situation I think the public pressure concept is the best way to go.

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Posted in: Elementary school group rescued from sinking ship in western Japan See in context

I do not doubt an object being out there, there is a lot of things in the ocean, especially in this area.

My interest is in why was the vessel was doomed by it? Sounds like something intrinsic to the boat failed. Structure, pumps, training, etc.

Great job for all involved!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

I'm not taking this seriously until they put back on the hard-hats and fancy coveralls. J/k

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